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Update- Friday, January 11, 2008- The Insomnia Episode

Most of this was composed between 3-5 a.m., when everyone in the world was asleep. Except me. Onto the update.

It is early in the morning, and the seamstresses are wrapping things up in the Factory. Kasia finishes the last pair of dungarees needed to fill the order, and hands it to Carla. Carla holds it aloft, victorious. She is proud and happy of the lot of them. As everyone gets ready to go, Carla asks Vicky and Kasia to stay and help her load the stuff onto the van. Reluctantly, they agree.

At the top of the landing, Kasia is loaded down with three boxes. Although she can't see over top of them, she heads to the stairs. Vickie and Carla are waiting down below, watching her. She loses her footing on the first step, and falls down the steep, metal stairs. She does not rise. Carla tells Vickie to keep talking to Kasia, and she will phone an ambulance. She does place a call, but to Paul, not an ambulance. Paul tells her that he will be right over and that she should do nothing.

Once Paul arrives at the Factory, he takes control. Carla wants to phone for an ambulance, but Paul insists they shouldn't. Carla is bewildered until Paul points out that Kasia had just worked a 20 hour shift and it is likely that the police will blame her. A light goes on for Carla and she is beside herself with guilt. Or at least she is mildly perturbed by her role in the accident. Before she can even start to take responsibility, though, Paul assures her that Kasia exercised Free Will in accepting the 20 hour shift. Because anyone would jump at the chance to sit hunched over a sewing machine for 20 hours for a spoiled and nasty employer. Paul says they have to take their time and think about how they will deal with it.

Vickie, who has been in the bathroom feeling queasy, emerges, and Paul sends her on her way. She worries that the ambulance hasn't arrived, and that she should be there to answer any questions. He reassures, and, the big lug, gives her money for her cab fare. She leaves, a bit confused, but apparently mollified.

After Vickie leaves, Paul comes up with a brilliant idea. Kasia is on his pay roll, so they will say that she came in early to help out, and died on his watch. Although Paul has taken everything in hand, and has reassured Carla, she still is a bit rattled. She paces back and forth, and says that they will be found out, it is her fault and she will be blamed. Paul tells her that he will take the heat. At some point it also strikes Carla that what they are doing might even be wrong. Paul brushes this away, though, and Carla continues pacing.

Liam comes in and sees what has happened. Liam wants to know why they have not phoned an ambulance, and Paul explains the scenario they are going to put forward. Liam does not want to go along with the scheme, pointing out that it is not like they are fiddling with the books. Carla replies that it is not the first time Liam would lie about someone's death, and Liam lashes back at her, saying that she is using his brother-in-law as blackmail (I think Carla has made a fair point. Really, once you have covered up one person's death, why not another?)

As Kasia's mangled body lies at the bottom of the stairs, the Connors decide to play a rousing game of, "It's All About Me". Liam doesn't want to get dragged into it, but Paul points out that he already is dragged into it. After all, he allowed the ridiculous (and likely illegal) amounts of overtime to occur in his factory. Liam warns Carla that she will pay for this. She sniffingly tells him that she already is: she sees Kasia's death over and over again in her mind.

As 8 a.m. nears, we see Liam take part in the cover up. He punches in her card, and then the three decide to wait for 10 minutes before phoning the police.

As the Connors have been thinking about how to protect themselves, at the Websters Sophie has been anxiously talking about a role she wants in a play, and wondering how she can get an edge. Sally says that in the film version the character Sophie wants to play wore a shawl. She thinks that if Sophie wears a shawl as well, she is bound to stand out. She remembers seeing a piece of fabric at the factory that would be perfect for it, and she notes that Mr. Connor is already at the factory. So she decides to head over and get the piece of material.

As the three Connors stand around, a few feet away from Kasia's body, Sally strolls in and begins to ask about the piece of fabric. She stops dead, however, when she sees Kasia, and the otherwise airtight scheme the Connors have concocted seems to be lost.

Derek knocks on the door of the Rover's, and Liz answers. Derek explains that he had to come over to make sure everything was okay, as he had a wonderful time last night but didn't want to take advantage. Liz tells him that she too had a lovely time, and they will have to do it again. Derek wants to know where this is headed, and Liz says simply that they will see. She tells him to leave before Steve sees him.

As Liz and Steve eat breakfast, Vern stumbles in, looking worse for wear. He apologizes profusely, but says that everyone was offering him drinks and he thought that it would be rude to turn them down. Liz hardly has clean hands, but this does not stop her from getting onto her high horse. She tells him that she was humiliated, and she will not be humiliated again.

Later, Vern realizing he really has screwed up, is scrubbing the counter at the Rover's. Liz comes in. Now you would think that someone might realize that if she was kissing a man the same day she got engaged to another, then perhaps this engagement might not be prudent. She might realize that, given her fiance's huge mistake, it would be the perfect moment to say, "Uh, bub, we should talk." Apparently not. Vern begs forgiveness, and Liz accepts.

Much as when mild-mannered Bruce Banner gets consumed with anger he turns into the Incredible Hulk, so when Eileen Grimshaw gets consumed with the maternal instinct, she turns into "Self-Righteous Girl".

At the Grimshaw's, Violet and Eileen discuss Holly's fate. When Violet points out that returning Holly to Emma might be the right thing to do, Eileen accuses Violet of calling her selfish. Violet, realizing that there are some battles not worth fighting, says that she knows that Eileen is trying to do what is best for Holly. "Damn right," Eileen basically replies.

Neither the following story nor the Grimshaws' really warranted much more than a line of writing. But how could I resist when it gave me the chance to put up a picture of Bert doing the Pigeon?

Liam and Jamie wake up early in the morning to sounds coming from the back garden outside. The sneak out, ready to lay out the lout who is about to break in, only to find Jack feeding his pigeons.

They offer Jack breakfast, and Liam tells him he has to clear out the pigeon coop. Although Jack bemoans the loss of the pigeons, and Liam relates by recalling the fondness his grandfather had for pigeons, Liam does not relent, until Jamie suggests that Jack provide a few pints per week as rental payment. All leave happy.

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Over the last while I've been thinking of upgrading our site to a blog server that can better serve our growing readership. Two weeks ago it was further driven home to me when I was asked where can someone find the notices we put up for schedule changes.

So after a lot of thought and consulation with Shatnerian and the other Corrie author, I opened up a wordpress blog for our site. This blogger will help us better organize our entries by categories, authors, etc. and provide us with stat information etc.

I know that corriestreet.blogspot has been our home for many years and moving, just as in real life can be a pain in the neck - which is why I gave it a lot of thought before going forward. I want our readers to be assured that moves to different blog servers won't be a common occurance and in fact, I seriously doubt we will move ever again.

Corriestreet.blogspot will stay up so that readers who haven't dropped in for awhile will know where we are, but the party will be going on over at wordpress. So set your bookmarks/links for, grab your drinks and just follow us over.

Although we won't be 'officially' posting to Wordpress until Monday, feel free to go on over and check it out. I've set up a contest for everyone as my way of thanking you for your patience and to celebrate the new digs.

Kicks for Kids with Cancer

This has nowt to do with Coronation Street but I thought I would make an appeal to the kind hearted readers of Corrie Canuck.

My local soccer club, the Lakehead Express, is hosting a 24 soccer game in an effort to raise money for pediatric cancer research through the Canadian Cancer Society. The goal we have set for this event is a thousand dollars per hour.

If anyone wants to contribute please contact me at


Update: Thursday 11 January, 2008 - Sweatshops of the World Unite and Take Over

Carla is on a deadline to get her order out the door Friday for her first big shipment to her supplier. The group of diligent Polish workers, volunteer to get the job done. After their time working for Paul and Liam, they decide to take a break and come back at 9pm and work through the night. Carla seems pleased. Paul inquires if isn’t too much and that Carla might be possibly breaking labour laws. She responds by covering her ears, and saying “I’m a new business, I don’t know anything about these things”.

The Grimshaws
Eileen is determined to get back to their normal routine but Jason's made up his mind not to keep baby Holly. Eileen refuses to listen to Jason’s comments and goes out with Violet for a walk with the baby. Upon their return they are greeted by wannabe chavettee Emma who demands Holly back. A screaming match ensues Eileen and Violet squeeze their way past Emma and slam the door in her face. Emma vows to come back for Holly. Jason’s alliances have changed and tells Eileen that he wants to tell Emma he is on her side. In the meantime, word is starting to spread around the Street as Sarah tells Gail that it has come out that Holly is in fact Charlie Stubb’s daughter. David listens to the conversation and has a good laugh , Satan's child that he is.

The Rovers

The ” new” Vernon decides he wants to treat Liz to a special meal out. He is determined to suss what music will be played on their special day. He plans to make a reservation at a posh restaurant, down on Market Street. Liz tells him that she has made plans to see a movie with Deirdre and does not want to cancel. They organize they will meet at the restaurant after her movie. Liz is thrilled that Vernon has made the gesture of making plans and is turning a new leaf which may lead to a actually getting a job . As Liz leaves, Vernon turns to Steve and asks for a loan of a hundred quid for this special dinner- is it just me or should you not ask someone out if you can't pay for it? Vernon is at the bar with Lloyd celebrating his engagement to Liz throwing back the pints that various patrons have bought for him . In the meantime, every time he asks Steve for a drink he calls him “son” and points out the fact he is going to be his dad. Steve cringes every time Vern points this out and looks like he wants to either punch him out or run and hide - can't say that I blame him!. Vernon has a few too many and Steve tells him to sober up in the back. Vern stumbles back to the living room and crashes on the couch .

Peter is sitting down having a drink with Maria. He tells her he plans to head back to Portsmouth. She inquires if they will continue to see each other. Peter’s face says it all, and he tries to skirt around the issue by saying that they should take everything as it comes. Very smooth Peter, very smooth.

Liz arrives at the restaurant with Vernon nowhere to be found. She sits down and orders a fizzy water from the waiter and scans the menu. Meanwhile, back at the ranch - Steve is starting to wonder what has happened to Vernon. Liz grows impatient and calls the pub, where Steve tells her he is flat out on the couch from far too much to drink. Disappointed once again, Liz rolls her eyes and is determined not to make her night a bust. The wheels turn in her head and she rings up Derek, who ends up being free and joins her at the restaurant. Derek tells her that he has told his wife he is out with a mate and that it is a pleasant surprise he gets to spend time with her. The pair make their way back to the Rovers after their romatnic meal where they are stopped at Liz’s door. They both look at each other and embrace in a kiss.

News story about baby Holly: no spoiler

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Update - January 09, 2008 - Weatherfield Primary Results

Winner of the Baby Mama Party Primary - Eileen Grimshaw

At the Grimshaw's, Jason sits brooding, looking at Holly/Chloe - let's call her Chlolly, shall we? - and no longer seeing a daughter but Charlie Stubbs. Given that the baby was given to wearing wife-beaters, smirked a lot, and had a 3 day stubble, it's a wonder that the possibility didn't present itself earlier.

Eileen makes the case that the baby is still theirs, but Jason isn't so sure.

Later, he tells Violet that they'll have no real way of fighting Chlolly's hoochie mama Emma from taking her back. Eileen says she's going to apply to be Chlolly's guardian. Jason gets steamed and heads out.

At the yard, Bill gives Jason the good news that his and Audrey's (well, Audrey's, really) offer on the yard has been approved. He notes Jason won't have to worry about providing for baby Chlolly now but Jason isn't in the mood to hear it.

Later at the café, Jason tells a sympathetic Sarah about Chlolly's true identity. She understands his conflicted feelings on the subject and asks what he wants to do now. He isn't sure, having never faced such a choice before.

Later, Jason tells Eileen that, in reality, they simply have no right to the baby. She isn't theirs. He quite reasonably points out that DNA tests will see to that. Eileen maintains that Emma is after Charlie's money, causing him to lose his cool.

"Holly is the result of a drunken fumble between Charlie and some woman I don't know," he tells her. "I'm not going to give 20 years of my life because of that. And if you want to fight for her, that's fine. But you'll be doing it on your own!"

Winner of the (Fight for Your) Right to Party Primary - Jerry Morton

It's the morning after the night before, at the Mortons. The bodies have hit the floor and Young Shane McGowan is on the couch, vowing never to drink again. Jerry whips up his famous hangover cure of raw eggs, eggplant, HP Sauce, Yop, nutmeg, and an olive. Young Shane is almost sick just looking at it. Meanwhile, Mel is preparing for her run to "detox" by 11:00am. Remember when people didn't use foolish terms like detox in reference something as minor as a hangover? I miss those days.

Next door, Gail is rather hungover herself and has no memory of going arse over kettle through her own fence, blaming it on the neighbours to a bemused David. She threatens to get an ass-bow. Wait, is she getting married now? Does she want an ass-bow for her dress?

Oh, ASBO. Anti-Social Behaviour Order. Right.

Later, David goes out and gets his chub on for Young Shane McGowan's new car. They go out for a spin together, to the annoyance of Betty. Don't mess with my Betty!

Later, Gail comes out to the back garden, hearing the sound of an electric drill. It's Jerrry, fixing the fence as his father, Marley's Ghost looks on. Marley points out it was Gail who fell through the fence but also notes that she was too drunk to remember. Maybe I was too drunk to remember but I thought Marley's Ghost grabbed a bag of hot wings, a few cans, and absconded long before the party got that fun. Oh well, Gail is well embarrassed and that's always fun to see.

Winner of the Labour Party Primary - Vernon Tomlin

Vernon is a changed man today. He's made breakfast for all and sundry and claims he has a woman who believes in him and as such, he believes in himself. He also says he has a special errand today which Liz takes to mean he's going to look for a job.

Later, after Vern's cleaned the basement, he heads out. Shortly after Derek the beer delivery man comes and Liz perks up. Michelle mentions this to Betty who says, "There are some things it's best not to notice. How do you think I've kept my job these 38 years?"

Vern comes back and rushes Liz into the back room. He says he has something to tell her. Liz thinks he means he got a job but - surprise! - he goes down on one ring and produces a teeny, tiny ring and pops the question, along with a few bars of this song.

"Oh, all right then!" says Liz.

Vern takes her back out the bar and announces his engagement to Elizabeth Jane Macdonald, along with champagne on the house, to both Liz and Steve's silent dismay.

"Don't worry. You won't have to call me Dad," Vern says to Steve, who says nothing but his face says it all.

Originally Broadcast, April 13, 2007

Quick Update

Hi kids! Sorry, we have a suprise visit with Mr.Glacia's godfather (a rather intense Russian dude) - so I'll have to make this update quick. (I wasn't able to come up with anything nearly as clever as Papasmurf's update yesterday, anyway.)

18 Years Today
It's the Morton's twin birthday today and Jerry takes them out to see their brand new car. They aren't able to drive the car as it's not insured, but are allowed to start the car. Inside the car we find out that Darryl fancies Mel's friend 'Ang' (I think they said 'Ang').

Jerry invites the entire street to come to the party and most of the block turns up.

Gayle, Sally and Claire team up as a trio and immediately wonder where all the Morton's sleep. Sally takes it upon herself to go upstairs and take a boo - but is busted by Kayleigh when she wakes up Finely.

Later they go out to the backyard where they smell some kind of 'incense'. It seems to be pretty powerful 'incense' as it turns Claire into a sex maniac and she jumps on Ashley the minute he shows up.

Their antics wrap up when high on a bottle of merlot, they lean against the fence and bring it and themselves down in a fit of giggles. (They need to get out more.)

Other highlights of the party:
David hits on Mel, unsuccessfully.

Darryl gets his birthday wish and is seen necking with Ang.

Wilf comes in just long enough to get a doggie bag full of cheezies and beer.

Vern Sees a Manny About a Horse, I Mean a Job
Liz tells Vern he needs to get a job if he wants to keep playing the drums. She suggests he visit his friend 'Manny' to see if he can get a gig.

Vern goes off but instead of seeing Manny he runs into a couple of mates and has a pint with them....which he calls networking. Liz calls it pathetic.

Later, at the Morton's party, she explains that she doens't mean to come down so hard on him all the time, but she knows his potential and is just pushing him to stardom. Vern says, 'You're my rock, babe.' and she replies, 'You're my roll, man.' (Glacia remembers why she drinks so much.)

Factory Girl
Joanne is back from Guatanamo Bay and while she's not out of the woods yet, she says 'they' think she has a very good case. She does need some letters of reference and everyone offers to help. Liam even gives her the pay she missed while she was behind bars.

Janice tells her that she is sorry and she didn't mean for this to happen. (Vicky adds, 'to you.'). Joanne says it's all water under the bridge.

Baby Holly
The social worker comes to visit Eileen to talk about the facts of life. She says that Eileen should apply to be Holly's guardian until it's all sorted out...but she tells Eileen to prepare herself because after all, Emma is the mom.

Eileen is very stressed and just before Jason leaves for the Morton's party, she tells him that Emma says Charlie is the baby-daddy.


Jason is seriously pissed and mostly about the fact that Eileen didnt' believe him when he said the baby wasn't him.

On a related note, did anyone notice that the social worker probably gets her hair cut at the Magic Roundabout - same place Dougal does.

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Schedule Change for B.C. Only

Just a quick heads-up:

Next Sunday, January 13th, Corrie will be seen half an hour earlier at 7:00 a.m. in the Pacific time zone only.

All other locations will air at the usual time.

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Update for Episode # 6531 January 7, 2007

A is for abandonment, which is what Eileen tells Emma she will report her to the police for.
B is for bag, and trendy coat that Eileen sends Emma packing with.
C is for custody, which Eileen and Emma debate at length.
D is for drunken, seedy, one night stand, which is what Emma had.
E is for Eileen, and the fabulous job Sue Cleaver did portraying her.
F is for fate, which brought Holly to Eileen's doorstep instead of Charlie's.
G is for gold digger, which Emma is revealed to be.
H is for happy, which Deirdre seems to be for a moment or two in the pub, before the questions begin at least..
I is for interest, which Jason is showing in Holly, the yard, and his romantic future with Sarah.
J is for jiggy, your ability at which apparently can be determined by your golf game.
K is for Ken, who is wondering if logic and objectivity are actually good qualities to have.
L is for love, which Ken now realizes that to love someone is sufficient reason to defend them.
M is for missing work, which Eileen rightly does to protect what is important in life.
N is for Norris the nosy neighbour, who rings the police when the Morton's 'new' washer gets nicked.
O is for obnoxious, which is how Steve and Dev behave towards Paul on the golf course.
P is for Portsmouth, where Ken is encouraging Adam to go to work with Peter and make his mark.
Q is for questions, which Steve has for Paul about Michelle's 'availabilty'.
R is for 'repossession', which is what the Morton's do to Theresa's household items - including Finlay.
S is for shopportunity, wrapped in a nappy, which is how Emma seems to view the baby.
T is for tent, which Finlay has set up in his room, where he goes to feel safe from his shite mom.
U is for ugly, which is one word that comes to mind to describe the behaviour of the Morton family.
V is for vile, which is the best way to describe Emma's outfit.
W is for wine with a lemonade top, which is the poncey drink Emma asks Eileen to bring her.
X is for ex-wife of Jerry, who gave her good genes to the kids, and was left with the dross ones for herself.
Y is for yard, which is Bill is buying with Audrey's money.
Z is for zebra, which when combined with a gnu gives you a gazebo, according to Darryl.

Original date this episode aired - April 9, 2007

This update is dedicated to Amy - the finest server at the finest local in the civilized world. Like Helen of Troy - whose countenance launched a thousand ships - Amy, with her intelligence, grace, and beauty, has launched a thousand pints and many a delightful evening.

I Got a Question For You

Corrie Canuksters, I don’t know if it is the climate change inspired warm weather in my neck of the woods or my super hot boots that have put me in a good mood. But does it really matter? So, to celebrate my lift in spirits, I think it’s time for some fun Street Trivia!

Coronation Street has had some memorable couples in the forty-some-odd years it has been on the air. But, can anyone tell me which couple, after missing a trip to Paris, spent the day at the airport and then pretended they actually went abroad?

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We are almost at 10,000 comments.

Who will make number 10,000?

Try your luck.

Update - January 4, 2008 - Pointy-Eared Blokes

I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back.

Eileen opens the door to Emma, a young woman she hasn't seen since Christmas day when she dropped a baby in her arms, claiming it was the offspring of her son, Jason.

She comes in and shows her the newspaper which Charlie's picture. It was the news of the verdict. She said it was wrong that the papers called him Charlie was his name was ... Jason Grimshaw. Eileen shows her a photo of Jason and it becomes clear to Emma that Charlie gave her a false name so the father of Chloe, not Holly, is in fact the late Mr. Stubbs.

Eileen says she can't just abandon her baby and decide she wants her back but the young mum counters that Eileen is a stranger and she's taking the baby back, no matter what.

Chesney's Theatre Career

Scott Baio is 8 years old ... and single!

In the café, Cilla finds Chesney reading a musical. His school is doing 'Bugsy Malone,' and he fancies trying out. Cilla then asks if he likes Abba, wants to be a hairdresser, the television programme Project Runway, interior design, Coldplay, etc. He says no, he just wants to try out. Cilla reckons there are worse things, as the homosexualists do love their mums, so there's that.

Later, he meets up with Sophie and asks if he has a chance. She says he needs loads of charisma. He asks what charisma means. She answers that if you have to ask, you ain't got it.

Soon this will be Zachary Quinto.

Ken and Deirdre are still trying to cope with life after Tracy as Ken takes up some cooking. He suggests to her that they try to move on. Deirdre says he sounds like that pointy-eared bloke off Star Trek.

The Bore-tons.

Kayleigh shoplifts a tube of toothpaste from Dev's but is caught by Molly. Dev takes her back to her father over in Grecoville to talk to him about it. Jerry tries to smooth things over and gives him the money for the toothpaste and a bunch of chocolate.

He then drives Hayley back to her mums and, seeing the mess and poor lonely little brother Finley, it's clear the toothpaste was for him after his dinner of Easter chocolate. Mum's gone away for a few days, it seems. Jerry packs the pair of them up to look after them at his place.

In Other News

Sarah wants to go to Greece for Candice's wedding. Jason fondly remembers her high heeled slippers.

Bill wants to get the yard ship-shape for the new owner Audrey. Sarah is bitter that she's spending her inheritance.

Janice and the gang are trying to figure out a way to help Joanne and make up for what Janice did in the first place.

Not A Farewell, A Goodbye

Last night we saw the final scenes of the baddest of bad girls, Tracy Lynette Langton Barlow Preston Cropper Barlow. As she exits stage left, let’s take a moment to appreciate this gift of a character. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

Tracy Barlow – A Retrospective

January 24th 1977 – A Child is Born

Now that Tracy is in jail, one has to wonder if that Parish Priest was right when he refused to baptize young Tracy Lynette Langton. Her mother kept at it and eventually the deed was done. However, not even a ceremony and the most boring godmother on earth, Emily Bishop, could keep the evil at bay.

Listening to Tapes

With her parent’s relationship over and Ken Barlow stepping in as an adoptive father, on paper everything was ok. However, in real life, it was a bit more difficult than that. Notoriously selfish and fatally inept, Deirdre and Ken did not, exactly, provide a stable emotional environment for Tracy to grow up in. There were break-ups and affairs. Tracy often came last in Deirdre’s life and the best thing you could say about Ken was that he was consistently around (which is more than Daniel Osborne can say of him). As a result she was a well stroppy teenager.

But when did the real trouble start? When did she go from your standard troublesome teen to evil vixen? Well, Deirdre and Ken broke up in 1990. So began the parade of men in Deirdre’s life. Tracy found out about the love triangle of the century and confronted Deirdre with her affair with Mike Baldwin. Tracy said some things to her mom that, while possibly true, should not come out of the mouth of a teenager. So, she got slapped. Shockingly, hitting Tracy didn’t solve any problems, because Tracy soon hit the bottle. Then she hit on her mother’s boyfriend, Doug Murray. They didn’t have an affair but he did involve her in a bit of petty fraud. Take THAT mom!

Things really started to go downhill when Deirdre decided to marry Samir Rachid. Tracy wasn’t big on the idea, maybe because Deirdre met Samir on Vacation? Or, he was about 3 years older than Tracy? Or, Deirdre managed to mess up her relationship with the only stable person in Tracy’s life? I don’t know which reason stood out, but Tracy was pissed! After Deirdre’s pleading, Tracy attended the wedding, only briefly.

Know what else she did briefly? Ecstasy. That didn’t go so well. Tracy got a bad batch and ended up in a coma. Now, follow this chain of events.
Tracy goes to rave, takes Ecstasy, ends up in coma
Tracy comes out of coma with massive kidney failure
Tracy chooses kidney transplant over life-long dialysis
Samir volunteers to donate kidney
Samir is attacked enroute to hospital
Samir dies but kidney is still good
Deirdre blames Tracy for Samir’s death?
That’s not irrational at all. No wonder Tracy legged it to London as soon as she was well enough.

Tracy, Girl, You Look Good!

By 1996 Deirdre found it in herself to forgive Tracy for killing Samir and stealing his kidney. That’s nice. Tracy returned to the cobbles for a short time. She was 19, engaged and a florist.

On Christmas Day 2002 she came back to the Street. Her marriage was over. The details are unimportant but suffice it to say she cheated on him and told everyone that he had done the dirty on her. Oh yeah, something remarkable happened in London. While she was always pretty, she came back super hot and way bitchier.

If Tracy Barlow has an Achilles heel, it’s men. Testify! They really inspire her destructive behaviour. Her messy relationships with blokes started as soon as she got back to Weatherfield. Tracy was home for about 15 minutes before she hoped into bed with … wait for it … Dev Alahan. P.S. he had previously had an affair with Deirdre. Take THAT mom!

This is when she started the relationship that would be the hallmark of her life in Weatherfield. Tracy may have been evil. Tracy may have been mean. But after that one-night-stand Tracy loved Steve McDonald and she would stop at nothing to have the opportunity to be with him. Which was too bad, because he didn’t love her and wanted to get back with his ex-wife, Karen. Tracy’s feelings for Steve were probably the only thing about her character that made her seem human and relatable. She was just so bad, and in some cases for no real reason. But, we have all chased after people who don’t want us and it has made us do crazy things.

Crazy things like betting Bev Unwin that she could get Roy Cropper to cheat on his wife. She succeeded with the help of the date rape drug. She didn’t actually have sex with Roy, but she did get him home and undressed. He believed they did have sex and when Tracy found herself to be pregnant, she immediately claimed Roy as the father. Wanting a child of their own, yet unable to conceive for obvious reasons, the Croppers bought the baby from Tracy. In order to secure the deal, Roy required that Tracy marry him, which she did. Tracy regretted that decision and successfully fought to get her baby back. She re-named her Amy. We call her ‘Unibrow.’

She and Steve had tried a couple of times to have a relationship, but it was mostly for Amy’s sake, or because Steve was lonely and often did one stupid thing after another. He also ended up playing some custodial tug of way with Tracy. This just made her more and more bitter and for a while everything she did was aimed at upsetting Steve, including getting him arrested for kidnapping after she convinced him to take Amy to the airport to “look at the planes.”

As a mom, Tracy is almost as responsible as Deirdre. I think like a lot of young women who get pregnant before they planned, she still yearns for her freedom as a young single person, but does love her child. We saw Sarah Platt go through this … at 14. Mind you, Tracy was in her mid 20’s. Tracy has been known to leave Amy alone to go out at New Years. She constantly left Amy in other people’s care and regarded her parents as live in baby sitting. Also, Amy spends most of her time in a dishwasher with Bethany Platt where they have ugly contests. It is always a draw.

A Girl Can’t Be This Bad and Get Away With It

For a woman who was always so proud of her power over men, she really let Charlie Stubbs unhinge her. If evil was a tornado, those two would have been the eye of the storm. I guess his murder was the best way for the Street to dispense of the two meanest characters to walk the cobbles. And it was shocking.

Tracy killed him with a very heavy statue. Yes, it was a work of art. For that crime she went down for 15 years and this is how we said goodbye to Tracy Barlow.

Really, I think her leaving the show in this manner was the only way the writers could satisfy the viewers. She has been so bad for so long, something had to be done. Just leaving town wasn’t good enough. She needed to be punished for all that she had done, all the pain she had caused and, incidentally, for killing Charlie Stubbs.

As sensational at the Street can be, a long-term prison sentence isn’t typically broken for the show. So, chances are, we will not be seeing Tracy again. So ends an era.

CBC Apologizes

So my inner source at the CBC has asked me to pass on some information to the Corrie fans who check out the Corrie page on the CBC website.

The upshot is, they know that website is out of date and doesn't always carry info on schedule changes. They've been working on it, but a technology update is required which is also in the works. (Working in IT, I can actually sympathize here, it takes a lot of man hours to revamp websites.)

I guess they've been getting a lot of letters about this - so wanted me to spread the word amongst the Corrie Canucks.

Meanwhile, Corrie Canuck is getting fed info on schedule changes so you can always check here for that. (Just do a search in box at the top left hand side of the blog for 'schedule changes' for entries regarding changes.)

We will try to post them as we get them.

Update - Thursday 3 January, 2008 - Stripes are in Style

Blanche decides she needs to get out of the house (who can blame her) and plans to visit a friend in Ilkeston for a couple of weeks. As she leaves out the door, she gives Ken and Deirdre an anniversary card. How thoughtful - who would think she was such a softie! Ken and Deirdre have been so distracted by the trial and imprisonment of Tracey they have forgot themselves they have an anniversary to celebrate. Everyone else thinks about moving on and Peter is heading back to Portsmouth. He asks Adam in the pub whether he would like to join his growing bookie’s empire down south. Adam thinks it would be best to stay in Weatherfield for the moment.

Jason and Bill are in the street and are discussing the future of Charlie’s business. Jason thinks the best idea is to put up the business for sale. Bill immediately decides that he would like to purchase it. He talks Kevin into going to the Rovers and asks him if he would like to go into partnership with him, after more than just a few pints. Kevin is persuaded it would be good idea and just as they raise their glasses Sally overhears the plan she puts a stop to it. She explains that they do not have ten thousand pounds for this new venture. She drags Kevin out of the pub and away from Bill. Bill tells Audrey about the business and Audrey offers to put the money up for him on the basis of a loan.

Ken and Deirdre visit Tracey in prison. She is dressed in a black and white stripe top (get it?) and red pinafore. They discuss Tracey’s appeal where she gives the biggest guilt trip and begs for more money to pay for a top barrister. Deirdre and Ken do not looked moved by her plea (thank goodness they learned!) but tells them it is it’s for Amy’s benefit and not hers. She is worried how Amy will grow up without her mother and that she will be teased and bullied in the schoolyard. Ken’s and Deirdre are not moved and think the best option for her is legal aid. Tracey returns to her prison cell where she sits at the desk and picks up a picture of Amy. She stares at it – and her cell mate comments how she is a lot like her. Where she replies, “I hope not”, in despair. It's a little shocking to see Tracey express GENUINE emotion.

Janice, Leanne and Hayley are having a pint, where Janice admits to Leanne it was her that called immigration to Underworld. Hayley convinces her to come clean to Paul, who is also in the pub. She strolls over to Mr. Connor that it was her who called immigration. He tells her she is sacked, where Leanne clarifies he cannot do that as it is not a “sackable offence”. Finally! Carla tells Paul that Leanne is correct and takes it all back. Janice feels badly about the whole situation and admits she did not know that Joanne was an illegal immigrant.

Noteworthy prison shows: