Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Verdict for Tracey Update


Episode One (originally aired April 2)

What you’ve all been waiting for has arrived; the verdict in the Tracey Barlow murder trial.

Initially I thought the episode would draw out the court scenes and that we would find out guilty or innocent at the end, but no, they coughed it up right away.

As the jury enters the courtroom, Claire tells Ashley that she has ‘a good feeling’, however Blanche says that she doesn’t like the look on the jury’s faces. The jury gives their verdict to the court and it is, oh wait, I forgot to tell you something. Tracey’s middle name is ‘Lynette’ – strange name non? I wonder where they got that name from? Maybe Ray’s mother’s name was Lynette or something. Still it sound more Texan than Manchurian which is why I thought it was kind of an odd name for her.

Oh right, she’s found guilty. She gets life, with a minimum of 15 years in the slammer before parole.

Screams of disbelief go up and Steve says something about it not being right. Tracey cries that they must have made a mistake and that ‘I have a child!’. Claire exclaims that it is a miscarriage of justice.

As Tracey starts screaming at the entire world for this sin against her, the jugde orders her taken from the courtroom, ,which she is, but not without a fight. Kicking, screaming and trying to break free…that’s our Tracey!

Outside the building, Blanche complains that they weren’t even allowed to say goodbye, while Deidre is all but catatonic and Claire decides this is a wonderful opportunity to approach her with some new ideas about campaigns and petitions to get Tracey out of the big house. Ken tells Claire that they need to get back to the house and Ashley comes to pull her away. Claire is devastated like her raison d’être was been taken from her.

I really like how they did everyone’s reactions, it was very believable…..from Steve shouting out, to Tracey trying to persuade the jury to change their minds and especially, especially that very sad, yet wonderfully acted scene of Deidre looking outside the window of the car as it pulls away. Cheers all around to the writing and the acting on this scene.

Back on the street, the McDonalds approach the Barlows and Steve says that he’ll take care of Amy for the next while. (Um, like 15 years….cause dude…you are the baby daddy.). Back in the Rovers he rings the last call bell and tells the punters that Tracey was found guilty and everyone seems generally shocked.

Meanwhile over at the Barlows, Ken tells Deidre to take the smoking outside which leads to yet another round of ‘Ken you emotionally devoid zombie bastard.’ accusations from Deidre. She stomps out to the backyard and Ken follows. Deidre blames herself for Tracey’s situation wishing she had pulled Tracey out of her relationship with Charlie. Ken tells her to get real that Tracey has only herself to blame and that there’s no way anyone could have gotten Tracey out of that situation if she didn’t want to go.

The last shot of the evening is Tracey being thrown into the paddywagon and the doors closing on her as she cries out once again, ‘I have a child!’.

Liam pays 150 to Leanne to see her survey – and he finds out that it’s the exact same info that he had. He’s a bit pissed but not so pissed to not try and get her out for dinner. She refuses…again.

Jerry is looking forward to the bacon sandwich that Mel is making….Mr. Glacia comments, ‘Dude doesn’t need another bacon sandwich in his life.’ It looks like it’s the twin’s 18th coming up and Jerry approaches Kevin about getting a car as a gift for weasel-boy.

Jerry is also worried that his wife is using Kayleigh as a free babysitter for Finley.

Mr. Liar
Sarah is hassling David about LYING in court, Mr. LIAR! Gayle defends him until over at the pub Sarah convinces Jason to tell Gayle about the video of Tracey and David.

Gayle confronts David about what he said at the trial and Mr. LIAR sticks to his guns and adds that the fact no one believes him is EXACTLY why he didn’t come forward in the first place. Note also, Mr. LIAR has a big zit between his eyes.

Other News
Claire obsesses about the verdict over drinks with Audrey and Ashley. They finally say, that she can’t be sure of what really happened, and that they wouldn’t put anything past Tracey. Claire is offended.

Janice continues to give Vicky a hard time and Vicky throws it back.

Episode Deux (originally aired April 4)

Mad Girlfriend Guilty in Smashing Boyfriend’s Noggin!
The papers are out with Tracey’s verdict and this brings countless expressions of joy over at the Barlow’s place. Peter says that Claire is starting a petition for an appeal and is curious why Ken and Deidre aren't on top of that. Me thinks he's starting to wonder if Deidre and Ken really believe Tracey was innocent.

Later at Rovers, Blanche and Adam also begin to wonder what’s going on with those crazy kids Deidre and Ken. Blanch has decided to spend a few days with her friend to give them some room

Even later back at the house after Ken and Deidre have visited Amy, they sit down with Blanche and Peter for some fish and chips. They wonder what is going to happen to Amy. Ken and Steve are working what to tell her and that gives Deidre a chance to attack Ken once again. She says that Ken with his bastardly moralizing ways would just have Amy told the truth, that her mom is a stinking low down murderess.

Blanch responds by asking for someone to pass the HP. (or as we say in the Glacia house, ‘Haych Pay’ in tribute to our Quebecois ancestors who had a great love of the brown sauce.)

Daddy and Amy Time
Steve is doing all he can for Amy and worries what he is going to tell her.

Vern, Steve and Liz are sitting around the table with Amy in earshot as they discuss Tracey. Steve has to remind Vern to keep quiet around Amy. He then tells Vern that he’s going to have to move his drums out of Amy’s bedroom. Vern wonders why because they aren’t bothering her.

(Glacia wonders when exactly Jim is coming back to the street to hand out some Vern asswhooping.)

Meanwhile, Michelle is being super supportive of our Stevo. She even tells him that if he feels ready to start dating again that she'd be willing to....babysit. HA!

The ‘Does Anyone Really Care’ Morton Story Line
The twins don’t want dad to be in charge of the playlist for their 18th bday party…this being decided after he promised that they would ‘bop till they ‘drop’’. Do ex-punks actually say ‘bop’?

Liz finds out that they aren’t 18 and stops serving them even though Dad argues it’s only 7 days away.

The Really Super Cool Story of this Episode

Janice and Joanne are really on the polish girls backs and finally Vicky has had enough. She yells at Janice that she is a hypocrite because both Roger and Leanne have worked in foreign lands.

This does not stop Janice, and neither does the dressing down that Liam gives both Vicky and Janice for arguing in the shop.

All the other girls in the shop are sick of hearing Janice go on about it, including Haley. However, she can’t figure out why Joanne is on Janice’s side and confronts her a few times, saying that she knows Joanne isn’t a bigot or a bully.

Joanne runs into the bathroom, where Haley follows her. Joanne is crying at this point and says something about if those girls are illegals they shouldn’t be working at the factory. Haley agrees, but says she still doesn’t understand why it’s so important to Joanne.

Joanne says, ‘Because I’m an illegal’.


Turns out that Joanne was born in Liberia, not Manchester. During civil war in Liberia her dad wanted to send her, her mother and grandmother to Leeds to live with his sister. Unfortunately, her parents were killed and it was her grandmother who brought her over.

And get this….sit down for this one….Jessie is NOT her twin. Jessie is her cousin! (I almost died laughing over that one. That was brilliant. I know…bad timing thorugh such a dramatic and tragic story, but come on….’Jessie’s not your twin? Shut up!’)

Anyway, it turns out that this is why Joanne wants the Poles out of the factory, just in case the authorities come sniffing around for work permits.

Later, at the Rovers, Vicky buys Janice a drink….a ‘bitter’. Janice slams it down in front of Vicky and says, ‘That’s right, I am bitter!’


Anonymous said...

Wonder why Janice is so bitter? And mouthier than ever - even after being fired before for mouthing off.

Liam sure likes his women hard-to-get; the guy just must love a challenge.

Poor downtrodden Ken is being picked on yet again by Dierdre and even Blanche is noticing it. This is starting to get tired and he must eventually snap. Isn't it time to tell the other Barlows that Tracy is really guilty?

Debbie said...

I also wonder why Janice is so hateful. She was always kind of bitter - remember when she shaved her head? But, this anti Polish immigrant thing, I never thought Janice was ignorant. I mean the wage thing is a pretty thinly veiled excuse, especially since the Polish workers are not pricing them out of the job market. The joanne bit of the story line is very good, I think. It is a good thoughtful story line.

Regrding the Barlows. I am SO tired of Dierdry right now. She is being ridiculous. Even Blanche is telling her to pack it in. I have to say that when Blanche said she would go away for a few days, I was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

I also have to tell you that it is really difficult for me to watch Gail without yelling "You stupid stupid cow" at the screen. Is that wrong?

Is it me or did Amy kinda look like she was planning everyone's murder in her tiny little mind?

Anonymous said...

I loved the interaction with Steve and Amy last night. In my opinion Amy is far better off living at the Rovers where she is receving lots of love and attention. I hope Steve retains custody. Ken and Diedre don't seem that interested in Amy's welfare. I am getting so tired of Diedre's smoking and continually blaming herself. As for Janice her behaviour towards the Polish workers is appalling, I don't understand why Liam doesn't fire her.

pip said...

Liam is doing a crap job as an employer, treating his staff like children, and allowing Janice to keep bullying Vicki.

I think Ken has been a saint through all this with Dierdre, and as far as I can recall has never once mentioned how Tracy has ruined them financially because of her selfish desire for revenge against Charlie. Amy is far, far better off with Steve. Oh, and I do hope he and Michelle get together. She appears to be genuinely attracted to him, despite his frequently childish behavior. There's a dimond in that coal mine called Steve, Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Love the update.

My theory about why Janice hates the Poles so much is that she's been acknowledged in the past as the best stitcher in the factory. Because of this, she's somewhat bulletproof when it comes to her behaviour and she has to really, really fuck up to get fired.

Now these Poles come in and are twice as productive. Suddenly, she can be let go quite easily when a more pleasant, more productive worker like Vicky or Kasia is waiting to take her place.

The twist with Joanne as an illegal is an interesting one. There's some info on Liberia here and it's pretty clear why her family had to escape. Former President Taylor is now on trial for crimes against humanity.

Somebody once commented that Mike Baldwin truly loved his job and often boasted "I know the rag trade, me!" Paul and Liam treat it as a way to make money that would be much easier to deal with if they didn't have to deal with all these employees. This stuff would have been nipped in the bud under Mike Baldwin's watch.

The only Connor who has any interest in the business itself is Carla. It's too bad she isn't running the factory.

Jacqueline said...


"I also have to tell you that it is really difficult for me to watch Gail without yelling "You stupid stupid cow" at the screen. Is that wrong?"

Yes, it is. Very wrong.

Anonymous said...

I am really glad the Tracy storyline is over. I enjoyed her plotting againgst Charlie but did not enjoy the trial. Even though Tracy is a horrible, twisted person, I still find it hard to believe that she would be so stupid to plan to murder Charlie knowing she could be sent to jail for life. That is the only thing that doesn't ring true to me - she thought about it for so long, I find it hard to believe that she didn't truly understand the consequences. I just don't feel the writers lay the ground work well enough for her to actually want to kill him with so much riding on it.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they found her guilty. They maybe proved she was bitch but they did't prove she did it on purpose. Maybe they left the parts with the evidence out??

Who will take over as the main bag. I miss karen still. I hope they don't try to put leanne in that role. I can't stand her, the only part of her storyline I can't believe is that someone would pay to sleep with that!

pip said...

I hear what you're saying anonymous but I didn't have that much trouble believing that Tracy thought she could literally get away with murder. There are lots of people in this world who think that if they can come up with a somewhat believable alternative to the truth then their lie will have to be believed. Tracy had so far been very successful at manipulating and lying to get whatever she wanted (with the primary exception of Charlie's faithfulness). So she set up a believable alternative scenario that the jury, unfortunately for her, didn't believe.

pip said...

Whoops, I was replying to the first 'anonymous' post before mine, not the second.

The way the trial was presented was a joke. The prosecutor barely cross-examined Tracy or David. We never saw any forensic evidence, or heard from the 911 operator or the investigating officers, etc. etc. Real trial aren't run that way. It's impossible to say whether the prosecution really was able to prove Tracy guilty of murder beyond a reasonable doubt.

Anonymous said...

Good update - thank you. I think the kebab family should be given time to develop. Potentially interesting characters. The youngest one may end up as a female David character(?). As the founder and president of the I Hate Janice Society I must say that she continues to drive me wild. Doesn't have a subtle acting bone in her body - her two car garage mouth agape, squinted eyes, spitting, snarling, ... She could be just as nasty, but a lot more interesting if she had more range instead of the constant shreik/venom routine. Whew .. feel better now.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Steve is Amy's father and this will be played out in about 10 years or so!!! Tracy fooled around with other men and Steve just took it at face value when Tracy told him she was pregnant with HIS child. She is really a nasty piece of work. Simon Gregson is very good comic character and his interaction with little Amy was so touching! Simon is a new father I hear so his kiss on the actress's cheek was so sweet and touching!!

Here is a YouTube with Kate Ford playing another character....(in EE)

Anonymous said...

OOps...I put that last post...about amy not being Steve's daughter...(CorrieLoverUSA via why didn't Windsor get any snow? Not fair!!!)

Also to tuck in sometime...Betty's Hot pot!

Betty's Hotpot
(To Serve 4)

1 lb scrag end or best end neck of lamb, chopped and fried quickly until golden
1.5 lb potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced
1 large onion, thinly sliced
Salt and pepper
1 to 1.5 cups chicken stock
1 oz lard or dripping
(optional, slice or dice a couple of carrots or add some corn or peas if you like)

Preheat the oven to 375F. Put the fried meat into a casserole dish. Arrange potatoes and onion on top of meat. Season. Overlap the top layer of potatoes. Pour in the stock. Melt lard and brush over top of potatoes. Cover dish. Bake in oven for 2 hours. Uncover dish and turn oven up to brown the top. Serve with chutney, red cabbage or beetroot.


Debbie said...

"Doesn't have a subtle acting bone in her body - her two car garage mouth agape..." OK, that was hilarious.

Regarding who will be the new street mega bitch, the word is that young Ms Rosie Webster is poised to take that role.

EPS said...


"I also have to tell you that it is really difficult for me to watch Gail without yelling "You stupid stupid cow" at the screen. Is that wrong?"

agree. It is wrong. "stupid" and "cow" are way too mild to describe this total idiot of a mother.

Tvor said...

Deirdre wanted to call her baby Lynette and Ray wanted it to be Tracy. Ray ended up filling out the birth forms so he named the baby Tracy Lynette.

It's a soap. There was never any question about her getting away with murder. Soaps are very moral when it comes down to it. the baddies always get theirs in the end. Someone that plans a murder will definitely get caught out and pay for it, either going to jail or like Richard Hillman, get killed.

Anonymous said...

vera duckworth is dead at last