Friday, January 04, 2008

Update - Thursday 3 January, 2008 - Stripes are in Style

Blanche decides she needs to get out of the house (who can blame her) and plans to visit a friend in Ilkeston for a couple of weeks. As she leaves out the door, she gives Ken and Deirdre an anniversary card. How thoughtful - who would think she was such a softie! Ken and Deirdre have been so distracted by the trial and imprisonment of Tracey they have forgot themselves they have an anniversary to celebrate. Everyone else thinks about moving on and Peter is heading back to Portsmouth. He asks Adam in the pub whether he would like to join his growing bookie’s empire down south. Adam thinks it would be best to stay in Weatherfield for the moment.

Jason and Bill are in the street and are discussing the future of Charlie’s business. Jason thinks the best idea is to put up the business for sale. Bill immediately decides that he would like to purchase it. He talks Kevin into going to the Rovers and asks him if he would like to go into partnership with him, after more than just a few pints. Kevin is persuaded it would be good idea and just as they raise their glasses Sally overhears the plan she puts a stop to it. She explains that they do not have ten thousand pounds for this new venture. She drags Kevin out of the pub and away from Bill. Bill tells Audrey about the business and Audrey offers to put the money up for him on the basis of a loan.

Ken and Deirdre visit Tracey in prison. She is dressed in a black and white stripe top (get it?) and red pinafore. They discuss Tracey’s appeal where she gives the biggest guilt trip and begs for more money to pay for a top barrister. Deirdre and Ken do not looked moved by her plea (thank goodness they learned!) but tells them it is it’s for Amy’s benefit and not hers. She is worried how Amy will grow up without her mother and that she will be teased and bullied in the schoolyard. Ken’s and Deirdre are not moved and think the best option for her is legal aid. Tracey returns to her prison cell where she sits at the desk and picks up a picture of Amy. She stares at it – and her cell mate comments how she is a lot like her. Where she replies, “I hope not”, in despair. It's a little shocking to see Tracey express GENUINE emotion.

Janice, Leanne and Hayley are having a pint, where Janice admits to Leanne it was her that called immigration to Underworld. Hayley convinces her to come clean to Paul, who is also in the pub. She strolls over to Mr. Connor that it was her who called immigration. He tells her she is sacked, where Leanne clarifies he cannot do that as it is not a “sackable offence”. Finally! Carla tells Paul that Leanne is correct and takes it all back. Janice feels badly about the whole situation and admits she did not know that Joanne was an illegal immigrant.

Noteworthy prison shows:


Anonymous said...

Where to begin?

1. How is Charlie's business Jason's to sell?

2. Did anyone else have a really hard time with the dialogue last night? Not in every scene, but in the Rovers scenes, the background music was too loud or something and I couldn't understand what was being said. And I completely missed the scene at the Websters. All I got was that Sophie thinks she can sing, and she SO CAN'T.

3. Tracy could give my mom guilt trip lessons, and that's saying something. Anyone else notice that the awesome solicitor, Jane Whoever, is no longer on Tracy's wishlist now that she's on to Tracy? All of a sudden, the barrister is the one she wants. I'm glad Ken finally put the foot down about the money.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

And no, Paul can't fire Janice for being a whistleblower. However, Liam could have fired her when she started ethnically harassing Vicky and the other Polish girls. That was racist behavior on her part, and considering that Liam hired her back like 2 weeks ago, after she ditched her job with no notice to go to France, he would have been in the right to have done it.

I don't know much about labor laws in the UK, but I would imagine that ethnic intimidation is a no-no.


Anonymous said...

Excellent update! But you forgot one awesome prison show "Bad Girls" it starred Debra Stephenson as "Shel Dockley" and she was something else!

I also wondered who is selling Charlie's business?

I also didn't understand why Liam didn't fire Janice last week when she was harrasing the polish ladies.

Anonymous said...

I got the impression that Jason was relieved that someone he knew would be buying the yard and willing to employ him. I imagine bill will buy it from the estate, which should go to shelley's baby.

Anonymous said...

Okay, let's discuss that. If I keeled over tomorrow, there are tons of people who would be available to take over my affairs and settle them. But let's pretend for a minute that (like Charlie) I was all alone in the world. Who would be in charge of the estate? I mean, Charlie's closest person is the woman who killed him, so not her. Shelley may or may not know Charlie is dead (remember, her 3 closest people are gone from the Street as well: Fred's dead, Bev's gone and Sunita's gone) and even if she did, she may not want to get involved. She sure as heck didn't want Charlie named as the father back then. (Although if it's just money coming to her, she may feel OK with that - she certainly took enough aggro off of Charlie while they were together.

So, again, I ask the question: who is this mysterious "they" handling his estate? Someone put the house on the market. Someone is handling bank accounts. Who?

Does anyone have a definitive answer to the question? Has the government taken over these things, since he died intestate?


Jacqueline said...

I think we might have to let this go as one of those mysteries of television, like where did Chuck Cunningham go?

However, if I can offer a solution, Charlie was a fairly successful business man and I *assume* he had a lawyer, an accountant, etc. He most likely even had a will going on, although he probably didn't expect to kick so abruptly.

His death certainly wasn't quiet so I'm also going assume that the professionals involved would work with the government to clear up his estate. I'm sure there's a precedent for when someone kicks it without a clear next of kin - with or without a will.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the input. I guess he could have had a lawyer or something. It bothers me because (a) Jayshun is dumb enough to do something like sell a business that doesn't belong to him and/or (b) I keep expecting Charlie's long lost fill in the blank to show up and claim everything. Possibly an evil twin. (Well, that's how it would work in Port Charles!)

BTW, Chuck Cunningham is probably somewhere hanging out with the first wife from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


Anonymous said...

I hardly understand a word when Sophie Webster is talking and the Morton kids seem just about as bad. I thought it was me going deaf.

The Morton mom seems about as bad as Jackie Dobbs and Cilla, gramps is an ex-con. and Kaylie (or whatever her name is) steals. A fine upstanding family.

Please, Ken - get some backbone and tell Dierdre some home truths!

Anonymous said...

Anon, I agree with you, I can barely understand a word Sophie says. I think the actress is much older than the age of the character she is playing.