Friday, January 11, 2008

Update: Thursday 11 January, 2008 - Sweatshops of the World Unite and Take Over

Carla is on a deadline to get her order out the door Friday for her first big shipment to her supplier. The group of diligent Polish workers, volunteer to get the job done. After their time working for Paul and Liam, they decide to take a break and come back at 9pm and work through the night. Carla seems pleased. Paul inquires if isn’t too much and that Carla might be possibly breaking labour laws. She responds by covering her ears, and saying “I’m a new business, I don’t know anything about these things”.

The Grimshaws
Eileen is determined to get back to their normal routine but Jason's made up his mind not to keep baby Holly. Eileen refuses to listen to Jason’s comments and goes out with Violet for a walk with the baby. Upon their return they are greeted by wannabe chavettee Emma who demands Holly back. A screaming match ensues Eileen and Violet squeeze their way past Emma and slam the door in her face. Emma vows to come back for Holly. Jason’s alliances have changed and tells Eileen that he wants to tell Emma he is on her side. In the meantime, word is starting to spread around the Street as Sarah tells Gail that it has come out that Holly is in fact Charlie Stubb’s daughter. David listens to the conversation and has a good laugh , Satan's child that he is.

The Rovers

The ” new” Vernon decides he wants to treat Liz to a special meal out. He is determined to suss what music will be played on their special day. He plans to make a reservation at a posh restaurant, down on Market Street. Liz tells him that she has made plans to see a movie with Deirdre and does not want to cancel. They organize they will meet at the restaurant after her movie. Liz is thrilled that Vernon has made the gesture of making plans and is turning a new leaf which may lead to a actually getting a job . As Liz leaves, Vernon turns to Steve and asks for a loan of a hundred quid for this special dinner- is it just me or should you not ask someone out if you can't pay for it? Vernon is at the bar with Lloyd celebrating his engagement to Liz throwing back the pints that various patrons have bought for him . In the meantime, every time he asks Steve for a drink he calls him “son” and points out the fact he is going to be his dad. Steve cringes every time Vern points this out and looks like he wants to either punch him out or run and hide - can't say that I blame him!. Vernon has a few too many and Steve tells him to sober up in the back. Vern stumbles back to the living room and crashes on the couch .

Peter is sitting down having a drink with Maria. He tells her he plans to head back to Portsmouth. She inquires if they will continue to see each other. Peter’s face says it all, and he tries to skirt around the issue by saying that they should take everything as it comes. Very smooth Peter, very smooth.

Liz arrives at the restaurant with Vernon nowhere to be found. She sits down and orders a fizzy water from the waiter and scans the menu. Meanwhile, back at the ranch - Steve is starting to wonder what has happened to Vernon. Liz grows impatient and calls the pub, where Steve tells her he is flat out on the couch from far too much to drink. Disappointed once again, Liz rolls her eyes and is determined not to make her night a bust. The wheels turn in her head and she rings up Derek, who ends up being free and joins her at the restaurant. Derek tells her that he has told his wife he is out with a mate and that it is a pleasant surprise he gets to spend time with her. The pair make their way back to the Rovers after their romatnic meal where they are stopped at Liz’s door. They both look at each other and embrace in a kiss.

News story about baby Holly: no spoiler


Anonymous said...

I was disappointed in Liz's behaviour last night. I can understand her being pissed at Vernon but I find Derek creepy to say the least, and who paid for dinner in the posh restaurant? If Liz was looking to have an affair why did she agree to marry Vernon in the first place?

Jacqueline said...

RE: sewing machines and sleep deprivation - I see a potential new ad for Ontario Workplace Safety.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the working around the clock thing is going to end well for the Polish gals. I'm getting the same creepy feeling you get when the scary music starts in a horror movie.

I think Liz is behaving like a lot of emotionally immature people. Rather than telling Vern no, she didn't want to marry him, she allowed the situation to get worse by letting him announce it to the entire pub. Then, when he stands her up, instead of dealing with Vern, she seeks comfort from another man. (Another man who's bad news, IMHO.)

It's not adult behavior, but a lot of people over 18 cannot be considered "adult" in their actions.

Just my 2 cents.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

And yet, in a perverse kind of way, I was happy to see Liz call Derek. Serves Vernon right. I don't approve of her seeing a married man but it's good if she doesn't let Vernon walk all over her.

I know she's a silly cow for agreeing to marry Vernon but like many women before her, she thinks she can reform him. If only she would come to her senses! There must be a real man shortage in her age group but I wish Steve would have a talk with her.

The overtime at the knicker factory will only end in tears, I fear.

pip said...

Well, I think we see where Steve gets his tendency to childish, self-centered behavior with a mother like Liz. She's just digging that hole deeper and deeper and it's not going to end well. People might even start feeling sorry for Vern.

Hmm, maybe the factor will burn down again because one of the Polish girls puts the kettle on to make some coffee and then falls asleep.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to feel sorry for a man with no redeeming qualities (that we can see). Vern is a real waste of space IMO and that marriage is doomed from the start.

Anonymous said...

Pip, never say never, but I don't ever see myself feeling sorry for Vern! He's just creepy!

He doesn't have the rogue charm of that other lay-about Jack, who can at least tell you a story about Vera to make you feel sorry for him.

Wow, Maria dumped again. How ironic that a pretty, smartish, and usually sensible girl can't find a nice young man who will stick around? Hmm, could she and Jamie start something?