Friday, January 04, 2008

Update - January 4, 2008 - Pointy-Eared Blokes

I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back.

Eileen opens the door to Emma, a young woman she hasn't seen since Christmas day when she dropped a baby in her arms, claiming it was the offspring of her son, Jason.

She comes in and shows her the newspaper which Charlie's picture. It was the news of the verdict. She said it was wrong that the papers called him Charlie was his name was ... Jason Grimshaw. Eileen shows her a photo of Jason and it becomes clear to Emma that Charlie gave her a false name so the father of Chloe, not Holly, is in fact the late Mr. Stubbs.

Eileen says she can't just abandon her baby and decide she wants her back but the young mum counters that Eileen is a stranger and she's taking the baby back, no matter what.

Chesney's Theatre Career

Scott Baio is 8 years old ... and single!

In the café, Cilla finds Chesney reading a musical. His school is doing 'Bugsy Malone,' and he fancies trying out. Cilla then asks if he likes Abba, wants to be a hairdresser, the television programme Project Runway, interior design, Coldplay, etc. He says no, he just wants to try out. Cilla reckons there are worse things, as the homosexualists do love their mums, so there's that.

Later, he meets up with Sophie and asks if he has a chance. She says he needs loads of charisma. He asks what charisma means. She answers that if you have to ask, you ain't got it.

Soon this will be Zachary Quinto.

Ken and Deirdre are still trying to cope with life after Tracy as Ken takes up some cooking. He suggests to her that they try to move on. Deirdre says he sounds like that pointy-eared bloke off Star Trek.

The Bore-tons.

Kayleigh shoplifts a tube of toothpaste from Dev's but is caught by Molly. Dev takes her back to her father over in Grecoville to talk to him about it. Jerry tries to smooth things over and gives him the money for the toothpaste and a bunch of chocolate.

He then drives Hayley back to her mums and, seeing the mess and poor lonely little brother Finley, it's clear the toothpaste was for him after his dinner of Easter chocolate. Mum's gone away for a few days, it seems. Jerry packs the pair of them up to look after them at his place.

In Other News

Sarah wants to go to Greece for Candice's wedding. Jason fondly remembers her high heeled slippers.

Bill wants to get the yard ship-shape for the new owner Audrey. Sarah is bitter that she's spending her inheritance.

Janice and the gang are trying to figure out a way to help Joanne and make up for what Janice did in the first place.


Pantagruelle said...

Just have to say that I predicted the Charlie/Jason baby mix-up when Emma first dropped Holly off on the doorstep, but I thought that once Charlie was gone, that would be the end of the story. I'd never have guessed that they'd figure out that Charlie called himself Jason from his photo in the paper after he was already dead! So far, we haven't heard anything about Charlie's estate or what is happening to it. Presumably, if he had no family, it would go to the govt, but now that he has a baby... There's the house and now the building yard that have both been sold off, so there must be a lot of £££££ sitting around in an in trust bank account somewhere.

pip said...

I must say I'm disappointed that Holly is really Charlie's spawn. Now she and Shelley's baby will be his closest kin and can fight over the estate. I don't think Jason is going to want to have much to do with Holly now that the truth is out. Eileen owes him an apology, doesn't she, for all her accusations that he wouldn't take responsibility for his own child.

Anonymous said...

Have these people never heard of DNA tests?

It would be nice if we heard something about the settling of Charlie's estate.

I love the name Bortons - it really fits - and I wish the kids would take some elocution lessons.

Debbie said...

It was dissapointing that Holly wasn't Jason's. I think it did a lot for his character. Plus, he's hot, but that has nothing to do with this.

kunzie said...

Does anyone else see potential for a love triangle brewing between Emma, Jayshun and Sarah?

Anonymous said...

OMG, I live in Grecoville! That's right, the commercials for this donair/pizza place ask "Do you live in Grecoville?".

If you live in Atlantic Canada, you live in Grecoville. Very nice reference.

Anyhow, I am in snore zone over the Mortons, sad that Adam will probably be leaving -- he and Blanche are pure gold together -- and sad that Shelley, Bev and Sunita aren't around to have a really good gab about Charlie and Tracey.

Now I'm just gonna call 310-30-30 and talk to someone in Grecoville. Oh, and get a donair.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure not sad that Shelley and Bev left. Their storylines were done to death. At least we'll never have to hear Shelley say: "I'm sorry Charlie" ever again!

And thank God they finally scattered those ashes!
We have to appreciate these little things in life!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I don't want them back to live on the street -- except maybe Sunita, who I do love.

I just want to hear the post mortem comments on Charlie from that trio. Throw in a little Liz take on that too, and it could be good drunken evening in a closed Rovers!


Anonymous said...

OK - that's a good idea - a girly night in the Rovers for them all! I like Sunita too. There really hasn't been much talk about the trial and Charlie's death among the regulars.

Jane Thomas said...

I totally agree with pip.

great blog btw.