Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Update - January 2, 2008 - Not a Very Good Friday

White Americans, what?
Nothing better to do?
Why don't you kick yourself out?
You're an immigrant, too.

The White Stripes - "Icky Thump"

It's No Fun Being An Illegal Alien

It's Good Friday and the girls at the factory are on their way to work arguing if they get time and a half or double time. Vicky jokes and says "triple-time," which Hayley corrects to "treble-time."

Janice is dragging her feet, looking worse for wear. Joanne notices and asks if she's feeling well. Janice admits she's hungover as after the pub last night, she went home and drank a few more cans alone.

Later, some police cars arrive as an immigration officer, followed by a sixteen year old constable, advise Liam that they believe he may have illegal workers on the premises. Janice admits to Joanne that she may have made a call last night but it was a little hazy but she doesn't realise what this could mean for her friend.

They head inside and everyone is asked to produce their identifications and proof of citizenship (or at least, eligibility to work in the UK), starting with the Poles. Vicky tries to sneak out the back but is caught. Her work permit, she claims, is in her passport at home. Kasia and the other other Polish workers' papers are in order while Vicky is sent home, accompanied, to get her stuff.

Then they ask Joanne to see them and everyone (save Hayley) protests, saying she's British. Kelly says they're picking on her because she's black but Joanne goes along silently. In the office, the immigration officer asks Jo about her citizenship.

"English," says Jo. "Or British. Whatever."

"British," the officer assures her.

She's asked to produce proof of her citizenship but all she has is a social insurance number, which is not the same thing. She is vague about her background, admitting she was raised by her auntie but leaves out the circumstances that led to it. Liam tries to offer up as many papers as he can but it's not enough to satisfy the officer.

When it's clear that something's not adding up, she admits that she was born in Liberia, a country she barely remembers and doesn't even know how to spell. Her auntie flew there to bring her back when she was eight.

The officer arrests here on suspicion of being in the UK illegally but Joanne protests, asking how she could have broken the law when she was a kid. She asks if she'll be deported, as she has no family in that country. As she's led outside, Janice protests, saying she's more Manc than the people arresting her. Joanne says it's a little late for that now and is put in the car and taken away.

Janice stands there letting the full weight of what she's done sink in.

Mummy's Gone Now

It's another morning you'd think things would be a little cheerier, now that Satan's gone. But the sniping continues until Tracy (unseen on camera) calls and asks to speak to Ken only. She wants to see him alone.

Deirdre pops out her neck lines, blaming herself for Tracy's conviction and sudden "I'm not your daughter" routine. I swear she wore that top just for the occasion. Ken finally tells her that he'll tell Tracy that he won't see her without Deirdre present.

Meanwhile, Vern is told that today's student, a sullen goth girl, is his last at the pub as they have to think of Amy's needs first. The drums will have to go, Liz tells, him. But he's welcome to stay.

Steve tries to tell Amy that her mum isn't in Balamory after all. When Amy asks "When is Mummy coming home?" (her first line!) Steve tells her that she did a bad thing and she has to make it right but she won't back until Amy is much older but she still loves her and asked Steve and everyone around to take care of her until she gets back. He doesn't think she understood.

Oh, and Peter thinks it's time Adam gets the fuck outta Dodge and come down to Portsmouth with him.

Coronation Street Crap Mum #784

Kayleigh is back from her mum's and Jerry is worried about how she is being treated. He thinks her mum is using her as a babysitter for half-brother Finley and she's not being well fed. Later Jerry calls her mum, but Kayleigh grabs the phone, saying they'll just argue.

It's a good thing because it's Finley, who looks all of five years old, sitting at home alone with a face full of chocolate. After not being fed dinner, he got desperate and ate the Easter chocolate. Kayleigh makes as though she's talking to her mum and says she'll be home very soon. It becomes clear the reason she wants to stay with her mum is because nobody is taking care of her brother.


Jackie said...

It bothers me that Deidre is more upset that Tracey is in prision then the fact that she plotted and killed her boyfriend! I just want to smack her upside the head sometimes.

As for the trial, they did give forensic evidance that Charlie was sitting when he was hit, and the whole, none of Tracey's blood on the murder weapon thing.

Also, as far as witnesses go, I think David was much more hurtfull to Traceys case then Deidre was. I honestly don't know why they put her on the stand in the first place, she never saw anything, and didn't have a diary like Claire did.

Oh, and while I'm smacking people upside the head, Claire could use a good one too!

Anonymous said...

I often feel like smacking Claire, Gail and Dierdre upside the head! Is that wrong? The mothers all seem blind to their kids misdeeds - except Eileen - who seems more down to earth.

Ken seems to be speaking up to Dierdre a bit more now and it's about time she admitted it was Tracy's own doing that she's in jail.

Linus Roach was on Law and Order last night and reminds me of his father when Corrie first started.

Anonymous said...

The woman playing the immigration agent speaking with Joanne looked so familiar to me. Have we seen this character before or actress as someone else?

Anonymous said...

Amy can talk!!!!

All it took was Tracey being locked up!

Hurray! Be free, little one!

Michigander Fan

Debbie said...

"I often feel like smacking Claire, Gail and Dierdre upside the head! Is that wrong? "

No, that is not wrong, no matter what Jacqueline says.

Debbie said...

Sorry, I forgot to make this comment.

I wonder how the Joanne storyline would play out on the real world. She was essentially a refugee. Perhaps it is an expensive process and she must have been afraid to be sent back. Her aunt may have been remise in getting her some papers, but as an adult, I wonder if it would be difficult or prohibitively expensive to try and get legal.

My family is from Guyana. I remember my mom telling me that there are a lot of people who emigrated to Canada, but never sought citizenship for their young children (by the by, this also has lead to people having the real age and their 'Canadian age' as it may have been easier to get into Canada if their children were of a certain age. The difference can be up to 3 or 4 years). It is a dangerous position to put your kids in.

Anonymous said...

Refugees, or Asylum Seekers as they're called in the UK, often have a difficult time proving their case. Normally, they can stay if they can prove their lives are in jeopardy if they return to their country of origin. Things have calmed down in Liberia considerably since the days of Charles Taylor so an argument could be made that there is no threat to Jo's life. Mind you, all her living family is in the UK so she'd be deported to that country as a stranger.

Re: the actor playing the immigration officer. If you give her a red dye job, a bottle of red wine and a cigarette, she's Marsha the Landlady from a British sit-com called Spaced that runs on Showcase once in a while. But I don't think it's the same woman.

Anonymous said...

I am noting a huge difference in the little girl who plays Amy. When she is in scenes with Steve she seems to really perk up. She smiles and hugs him. Said her first line last night! I assume that Simon must spend a lot of off screen time with her. When she was in scenes with Tracey, she looked terrified! I was shocked at how young Joanne said she was she looks a lot older to me.

frank said...

The immigration officer reminds me, for some reason, of Penny King.

Anonymous said...

RE: The Gailsmack. She'd better take a note from Deirdre, or else in 10 years, we'll all be watching David's trial for murder. So, yes, I'd say a smacking is in order.

In other news, Janice discovers the Law of Unintended Consequences... I feel for Joanne, and wonder what the repercussions will be for the other "twin" and also the aunt. Perhaps there's some sort of grandfather clause, wherein they get to stay just because they've been there for so long. I hope.


Anonymous said...

And, I'm sorry. So far, I hate the Mortons. You don't POUR WATER on your son's head to instruct him how to politely ask for a bacon sandwich. The dad is an oaf and a 50 YO who never grew up, and the kids are awful. The dad only looks like a good parent in comparison to the mom. Blech.

I hope they either become more interesting or move.


PS: Glacia, amen to the "he doesn't need another bacon sandwich EVER" comment. Like I said, he needs to eat a few salads, STAT!

Anonymous said...


Thoughtful comments about the refugee issue. On a personal level (this isn't the same thing at all, this is just to make a point), my sister is marrying her Canuck next year, and they went to 1 meeting with an immigration lawyer. It was $200, just to review the process. So yes, I'd say the second you bring a lawyer into it, you're looking at money Joanne doesn't have.

Also, I wonder if there was a "don't poke the bear" factor. I mean, she's been here all this time with no one noticing, and if she goes to get her paperwork in order, they might deport her, and how horrid would that be? It may have seemed better to just tiptoe and hope you weren't discovered.


Mayfairgirl said...

Phenomenal update. I agree. I hate the Mortons. They are boring, irrelevant, lacking real personality.

Really, what is Janice's problem? Just because someone is more keen to complete their work? Vicki said the best quote the other day about her Roger the plumber.

I like Joanne, I hope that wasn't the last of her...