Saturday, January 12, 2008

Update- Friday, January 11, 2008- The Insomnia Episode

Most of this was composed between 3-5 a.m., when everyone in the world was asleep. Except me. Onto the update.

It is early in the morning, and the seamstresses are wrapping things up in the Factory. Kasia finishes the last pair of dungarees needed to fill the order, and hands it to Carla. Carla holds it aloft, victorious. She is proud and happy of the lot of them. As everyone gets ready to go, Carla asks Vicky and Kasia to stay and help her load the stuff onto the van. Reluctantly, they agree.

At the top of the landing, Kasia is loaded down with three boxes. Although she can't see over top of them, she heads to the stairs. Vickie and Carla are waiting down below, watching her. She loses her footing on the first step, and falls down the steep, metal stairs. She does not rise. Carla tells Vickie to keep talking to Kasia, and she will phone an ambulance. She does place a call, but to Paul, not an ambulance. Paul tells her that he will be right over and that she should do nothing.

Once Paul arrives at the Factory, he takes control. Carla wants to phone for an ambulance, but Paul insists they shouldn't. Carla is bewildered until Paul points out that Kasia had just worked a 20 hour shift and it is likely that the police will blame her. A light goes on for Carla and she is beside herself with guilt. Or at least she is mildly perturbed by her role in the accident. Before she can even start to take responsibility, though, Paul assures her that Kasia exercised Free Will in accepting the 20 hour shift. Because anyone would jump at the chance to sit hunched over a sewing machine for 20 hours for a spoiled and nasty employer. Paul says they have to take their time and think about how they will deal with it.

Vickie, who has been in the bathroom feeling queasy, emerges, and Paul sends her on her way. She worries that the ambulance hasn't arrived, and that she should be there to answer any questions. He reassures, and, the big lug, gives her money for her cab fare. She leaves, a bit confused, but apparently mollified.

After Vickie leaves, Paul comes up with a brilliant idea. Kasia is on his pay roll, so they will say that she came in early to help out, and died on his watch. Although Paul has taken everything in hand, and has reassured Carla, she still is a bit rattled. She paces back and forth, and says that they will be found out, it is her fault and she will be blamed. Paul tells her that he will take the heat. At some point it also strikes Carla that what they are doing might even be wrong. Paul brushes this away, though, and Carla continues pacing.

Liam comes in and sees what has happened. Liam wants to know why they have not phoned an ambulance, and Paul explains the scenario they are going to put forward. Liam does not want to go along with the scheme, pointing out that it is not like they are fiddling with the books. Carla replies that it is not the first time Liam would lie about someone's death, and Liam lashes back at her, saying that she is using his brother-in-law as blackmail (I think Carla has made a fair point. Really, once you have covered up one person's death, why not another?)

As Kasia's mangled body lies at the bottom of the stairs, the Connors decide to play a rousing game of, "It's All About Me". Liam doesn't want to get dragged into it, but Paul points out that he already is dragged into it. After all, he allowed the ridiculous (and likely illegal) amounts of overtime to occur in his factory. Liam warns Carla that she will pay for this. She sniffingly tells him that she already is: she sees Kasia's death over and over again in her mind.

As 8 a.m. nears, we see Liam take part in the cover up. He punches in her card, and then the three decide to wait for 10 minutes before phoning the police.

As the Connors have been thinking about how to protect themselves, at the Websters Sophie has been anxiously talking about a role she wants in a play, and wondering how she can get an edge. Sally says that in the film version the character Sophie wants to play wore a shawl. She thinks that if Sophie wears a shawl as well, she is bound to stand out. She remembers seeing a piece of fabric at the factory that would be perfect for it, and she notes that Mr. Connor is already at the factory. So she decides to head over and get the piece of material.

As the three Connors stand around, a few feet away from Kasia's body, Sally strolls in and begins to ask about the piece of fabric. She stops dead, however, when she sees Kasia, and the otherwise airtight scheme the Connors have concocted seems to be lost.

Derek knocks on the door of the Rover's, and Liz answers. Derek explains that he had to come over to make sure everything was okay, as he had a wonderful time last night but didn't want to take advantage. Liz tells him that she too had a lovely time, and they will have to do it again. Derek wants to know where this is headed, and Liz says simply that they will see. She tells him to leave before Steve sees him.

As Liz and Steve eat breakfast, Vern stumbles in, looking worse for wear. He apologizes profusely, but says that everyone was offering him drinks and he thought that it would be rude to turn them down. Liz hardly has clean hands, but this does not stop her from getting onto her high horse. She tells him that she was humiliated, and she will not be humiliated again.

Later, Vern realizing he really has screwed up, is scrubbing the counter at the Rover's. Liz comes in. Now you would think that someone might realize that if she was kissing a man the same day she got engaged to another, then perhaps this engagement might not be prudent. She might realize that, given her fiance's huge mistake, it would be the perfect moment to say, "Uh, bub, we should talk." Apparently not. Vern begs forgiveness, and Liz accepts.

Much as when mild-mannered Bruce Banner gets consumed with anger he turns into the Incredible Hulk, so when Eileen Grimshaw gets consumed with the maternal instinct, she turns into "Self-Righteous Girl".

At the Grimshaw's, Violet and Eileen discuss Holly's fate. When Violet points out that returning Holly to Emma might be the right thing to do, Eileen accuses Violet of calling her selfish. Violet, realizing that there are some battles not worth fighting, says that she knows that Eileen is trying to do what is best for Holly. "Damn right," Eileen basically replies.

Neither the following story nor the Grimshaws' really warranted much more than a line of writing. But how could I resist when it gave me the chance to put up a picture of Bert doing the Pigeon?

Liam and Jamie wake up early in the morning to sounds coming from the back garden outside. The sneak out, ready to lay out the lout who is about to break in, only to find Jack feeding his pigeons.

They offer Jack breakfast, and Liam tells him he has to clear out the pigeon coop. Although Jack bemoans the loss of the pigeons, and Liam relates by recalling the fondness his grandfather had for pigeons, Liam does not relent, until Jamie suggests that Jack provide a few pints per week as rental payment. All leave happy.


Anonymous said...

Well done, 3-5 am or not, excellent update -- now carry these boxes downstairs please. ;p

Jack Duckegg was priceless, cadging a free (high fat!) breakfast was one thing, getting almost free rent for his pigeons was brilliant.

The Connor clan does not rate a comment today, I hate this storyline already.

S. Poole

Anonymous said...

What a callous bitch that Carla is! Any other person would call an ambulance right away - sort of a reflex action - but she calls Paul?! They must be grooming her as the next Tracy.

It just isn't very believable that Paul would do the same thing again after the first incident of covering up an accidental death. And Carla being nasty enough to use it to implicate Liam really shows what she's like. I suppose she's just a girl we'll all love to hate.

Eileen doesn't want to face the reality that Holly is not her grandchild and she has no claim. It will be hard to let her go but she probably will have to in the end. Jason is right this time.

pip said...

I agree, I don't like the Connor storyline and I don't think it's believeable, especially Vicki's response. You'd think she'd be close to hysterical about her friend's death, even if she feels it's not her place to tell her employer to call an ambulance (and isn't that out of character for her? She was pretty strong when it came to dealing with Janice). The Connors may have breached some employment standards law by making the girls work horrendous overtime, but that's not a criminal offence, and likely wouldn't put them out of business. So why are they willing ot commit such a heinous crime to cover it up.

I kinda like Liam and Jamie together - they might make an interesting pairing if Liam weren't going to get all angsty about being a criminal.

Jacqueline said...

Well done, 3-5 am or not, excellent update -- now carry these boxes downstairs please. ;p


Great update WH.

Through the whole episode I was screaming at the Connors, 'That is pure evil!'

It is a bit of an unbelievable storyline though. I really can't see Vicky, who was so strong about standing up for the other Polish girls, just nodding and saying 'Okay Mister Conner.' I would have thought she would have called the ambulance herself.

Also I can't *quite* see Carla calling Paul first. I can totally see her going along with Paul's plan in a panic - but to be that evil not to call an ambulance right away. That's evil. I mean really, really, really evil.

Not as evil, however, as posting a picture of Bert in an update so that Glacia spends her whole god damn day singing, 'Doing the Pigeon, brr, brr, doing the piiiiiiiiiiiigeon.'

You've sooooooo messed up your karma, WH...big time.

Jacqueline said...

Oh, and I'm doing the pigeon dance too, just so you know.


Anonymous said...

I might have missed the scheduling update post - but my PVR guide is showing Coronation Street on twice on Monday (7 and 7:30). I think there is no episode on Friday.

Whitehorse Fan said...

Jacqueline: You say you had "Doin' the Pigeon" going through your mind over and over again like it's a bad thing. I don't understand.

And I agree about the Connor storyline. Very far fetched.

Marie said...


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