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Update for Episode # 6531 January 7, 2007

A is for abandonment, which is what Eileen tells Emma she will report her to the police for.
B is for bag, and trendy coat that Eileen sends Emma packing with.
C is for custody, which Eileen and Emma debate at length.
D is for drunken, seedy, one night stand, which is what Emma had.
E is for Eileen, and the fabulous job Sue Cleaver did portraying her.
F is for fate, which brought Holly to Eileen's doorstep instead of Charlie's.
G is for gold digger, which Emma is revealed to be.
H is for happy, which Deirdre seems to be for a moment or two in the pub, before the questions begin at least..
I is for interest, which Jason is showing in Holly, the yard, and his romantic future with Sarah.
J is for jiggy, your ability at which apparently can be determined by your golf game.
K is for Ken, who is wondering if logic and objectivity are actually good qualities to have.
L is for love, which Ken now realizes that to love someone is sufficient reason to defend them.
M is for missing work, which Eileen rightly does to protect what is important in life.
N is for Norris the nosy neighbour, who rings the police when the Morton's 'new' washer gets nicked.
O is for obnoxious, which is how Steve and Dev behave towards Paul on the golf course.
P is for Portsmouth, where Ken is encouraging Adam to go to work with Peter and make his mark.
Q is for questions, which Steve has for Paul about Michelle's 'availabilty'.
R is for 'repossession', which is what the Morton's do to Theresa's household items - including Finlay.
S is for shopportunity, wrapped in a nappy, which is how Emma seems to view the baby.
T is for tent, which Finlay has set up in his room, where he goes to feel safe from his shite mom.
U is for ugly, which is one word that comes to mind to describe the behaviour of the Morton family.
V is for vile, which is the best way to describe Emma's outfit.
W is for wine with a lemonade top, which is the poncey drink Emma asks Eileen to bring her.
X is for ex-wife of Jerry, who gave her good genes to the kids, and was left with the dross ones for herself.
Y is for yard, which is Bill is buying with Audrey's money.
Z is for zebra, which when combined with a gnu gives you a gazebo, according to Darryl.

Original date this episode aired - April 9, 2007

This update is dedicated to Amy - the finest server at the finest local in the civilized world. Like Helen of Troy - whose countenance launched a thousand ships - Amy, with her intelligence, grace, and beauty, has launched a thousand pints and many a delightful evening.


Anonymous said...

Eileen did do a fine job of giving Emma the bum's rush. She didn't tell Jason though, or Children's Aid. Maybe she'll do that tonight - but do people ever do the practical things in soaps? Probably not.

Poor Ken is being disliked by Dierdre for his good qualities; the guy can't win. She is really living up to her Dreary nickname. Is it only a year since their wedding?

Maybe the Mortons will get more interesting; one can only hope.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Mortons got much more interesting in this episode. Gerry is a nicer Les with ambition and a better and smarter sense of humor.

F is for Fab update! Just Fab!

My bet is Eileen won't say a word. I'd say she's worried Jason will give Holly to social services if he finds out, and she loves Holly too much for that.

I love how on Corrie, having no money (i.e. Deirdre) means you can have two glasses of red wine at the pub! Everyone ALWAYS has money for booze!


Anonymous said...

Love the alphabet soup!

Michigander Fan

Debbie said...

Who is this Amy woman?

I was hoping for "C" is for Classy which is what Charlie told Emma drinking wine is.
I loved that so much, especially the way she punched the word "classy", like in the same way she'd say "brassic" or "piggy".

pip said...

I agree Ken has been nothing but supportive and honourable throughout this. But his problem is that he doesn't have any active listening skills. Instead of acknowledging Dierdre's grief and helping her work through it by reflecting back to her what she's feeling, he tries to talk her out of feeling bad, telling her that she'll get over it and Tracy will survive. So he comes across to her as 'cold' and 'the voice of reason'. It's kind of wierd that for all his erudition he's never read a parenting book or a book on relationships that would have explained this to him.

Are the Mortons the replacemnet Battersbys? Have we gotten to the point in the show when Bruce Jones was fired? If they are then I'm not bothered. I find them much more interesting than Les, with more room for development. I'd be sorry to see Chesney leave the street. Maybe Les is just going to disappear and Cilla won't notice?

E is for Excellent update!

Pink Lady said...

What are others' thoughts about the Mortons? I could smell a recycled story line any day when they first came on the street (rhymes with Matterbys!). But then with the ex-wife on holiday and leaving the child alone (again, Cilla and Les did that to Chez). Too much recycling too soon and at one time.

Does anyone else feel that they're bringing in Findlay because Chesney is getting older? Is Findlay going to be the "Cousin Oliver" of Coronation street?

Debbie said...

Pip, how dare you use a word like "erudition" this early in the morning? My god, it's not even 11.

Jacqueline said...

Glacia hauls down the abridged Webster Merriem Collins LaRousse dictionary from the very, very, very tippy top of her bookself. She flips the pages all the time saying to herself, 'Er...e...r...u...'

Anonymous said...

As much as I love Corrie. We seem to have inordinate amount of "crap" mothers. I thought Cilla was bad, then we have Teresa and Emma.(what a little slapper, if I were Eileen, I would have immediately called the police). She
abandoned that baby without a backward glance, not even telling them her name. In my humble opinion Emma has no rights to that child or her "father's" money. Eileen was right, Charlie and/or Tracey would have given her the bum's rush she had of turned up at their door.

Anonymous said...

This is roughly around the time Les/Bruce Jones got into trouble. If you recall, he was in hot water for getting drunk at a restaurant and telling people what Tracey's verdict was.

I think he got to go away for a while on the show, i.e. Les is 'working'somewhere, and then got the boot when his contact came up.

Could be why it's full-tilt Morton hijinks from the get go, to fill that gap.


Anonymous said...

Bruce Jones was suspended in late March of 2007 for, as missusmac says, spoiling the verdict of Tracy's trial. Shortly after, I believe, he got in hot water for allegedly making racist comments in public after a few too many pints. It's a pretty good reason for why we're seeing so much of the Mortons in recycled Battersby plots.

I won't spoil it more than that but Les' fate will be dealt with shortly.

Also, the scenes of Casey kidnapping Fred Jr. were hastily reshot when the Madeleine McCann story happened. The storylines was too similar and so the original Casey plot was nixed, even after some of it had been filmed (but not aired) already.

Real life can play havok with the storylines.

Whitehorse Fan said...

Papasmurf- that is one excellent update!

I have a question about the Mortons. I totally didn't understand what papa Morton was doing leaving the appliance on the front lawn, I think because I can't understand anything that family says. It's like having 5 Sophies all talking together. Can anyone elucidate? (I dusted off my thesaurus to look up that word. I wanted to look as smart as Pip.)

Anonymous said...

i thought the Morton's freezer didn't work so they nicked the ex-wife's along with whatever else they needed for Finlay and Kayleigh.

papasmurf said...

The Morton's took a new washer from the house of the ex-wife, and then put a broken freezer in the new washer box - which they then left outside in the hope that someone crooked like themselves would steal it, saving them the trouble of removing and/or recycling the freezer on their own.

Anonymous said...

What I got from the freezer thing was that Jerry stole his ex-wife's freezer because his didn't work. Then he took his crap freezer and put it in an empty appliance box, and left it outside for some chump to steal, so he wouldn't have to have it hauled away (which is actually a pretty genius move on his part - I had a glimmer of grudging respect for him over that).

John, thanks for clarifying the Mortons as the new Battersbys as well as the Fred kidnapping story. I thought they were both terrible storylines, and now I understand a little better why things went down the way they did. I appreciate the 411 on this.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


Great minds think alike. We were typing the same thing at the same time!


Whitehorse Fan said...

It is all clear to me now!

I have a freezer that doesn't work. Perhaps I should do the same thing...

Anonymous said...

Ok, so does this mean we don't ever have to see Casey again taking care of the Peacocks kids?

Anonymous said...

I think the Mortons are going to be an interesting addition to the street. I think Bruce Jones is an even worse actor than the two-car-garage-mouth whatsername that plays Janice. It'd be nice to see the two of them fall into a bad actor black hole vortex that hurled them all the way to Leighton Buzzard.
And by the way Whitehorsefan, what the hell do you need a freezer for in Whitehorse?


Anonymous said...

Anon: Casey will still be in the Peacocks' lives, just not as a kidnapper.

Jacqueline said...

Yes, she becomes their heroin dealer.