Friday, January 11, 2008


Over the last while I've been thinking of upgrading our site to a blog server that can better serve our growing readership. Two weeks ago it was further driven home to me when I was asked where can someone find the notices we put up for schedule changes.

So after a lot of thought and consulation with Shatnerian and the other Corrie author, I opened up a wordpress blog for our site. This blogger will help us better organize our entries by categories, authors, etc. and provide us with stat information etc.

I know that corriestreet.blogspot has been our home for many years and moving, just as in real life can be a pain in the neck - which is why I gave it a lot of thought before going forward. I want our readers to be assured that moves to different blog servers won't be a common occurance and in fact, I seriously doubt we will move ever again.

Corriestreet.blogspot will stay up so that readers who haven't dropped in for awhile will know where we are, but the party will be going on over at wordpress. So set your bookmarks/links for, grab your drinks and just follow us over.

Although we won't be 'officially' posting to Wordpress until Monday, feel free to go on over and check it out. I've set up a contest for everyone as my way of thanking you for your patience and to celebrate the new digs.

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