Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Quick Update

Hi kids! Sorry, we have a suprise visit with Mr.Glacia's godfather (a rather intense Russian dude) - so I'll have to make this update quick. (I wasn't able to come up with anything nearly as clever as Papasmurf's update yesterday, anyway.)

18 Years Today
It's the Morton's twin birthday today and Jerry takes them out to see their brand new car. They aren't able to drive the car as it's not insured, but are allowed to start the car. Inside the car we find out that Darryl fancies Mel's friend 'Ang' (I think they said 'Ang').

Jerry invites the entire street to come to the party and most of the block turns up.

Gayle, Sally and Claire team up as a trio and immediately wonder where all the Morton's sleep. Sally takes it upon herself to go upstairs and take a boo - but is busted by Kayleigh when she wakes up Finely.

Later they go out to the backyard where they smell some kind of 'incense'. It seems to be pretty powerful 'incense' as it turns Claire into a sex maniac and she jumps on Ashley the minute he shows up.

Their antics wrap up when high on a bottle of merlot, they lean against the fence and bring it and themselves down in a fit of giggles. (They need to get out more.)

Other highlights of the party:
David hits on Mel, unsuccessfully.

Darryl gets his birthday wish and is seen necking with Ang.

Wilf comes in just long enough to get a doggie bag full of cheezies and beer.

Vern Sees a Manny About a Horse, I Mean a Job
Liz tells Vern he needs to get a job if he wants to keep playing the drums. She suggests he visit his friend 'Manny' to see if he can get a gig.

Vern goes off but instead of seeing Manny he runs into a couple of mates and has a pint with them....which he calls networking. Liz calls it pathetic.

Later, at the Morton's party, she explains that she doens't mean to come down so hard on him all the time, but she knows his potential and is just pushing him to stardom. Vern says, 'You're my rock, babe.' and she replies, 'You're my roll, man.' (Glacia remembers why she drinks so much.)

Factory Girl
Joanne is back from Guatanamo Bay and while she's not out of the woods yet, she says 'they' think she has a very good case. She does need some letters of reference and everyone offers to help. Liam even gives her the pay she missed while she was behind bars.

Janice tells her that she is sorry and she didn't mean for this to happen. (Vicky adds, 'to you.'). Joanne says it's all water under the bridge.

Baby Holly
The social worker comes to visit Eileen to talk about the facts of life. She says that Eileen should apply to be Holly's guardian until it's all sorted out...but she tells Eileen to prepare herself because after all, Emma is the mom.

Eileen is very stressed and just before Jason leaves for the Morton's party, she tells him that Emma says Charlie is the baby-daddy.


Jason is seriously pissed and mostly about the fact that Eileen didnt' believe him when he said the baby wasn't him.

On a related note, did anyone notice that the social worker probably gets her hair cut at the Magic Roundabout - same place Dougal does.


Anonymous said...

How come Gail got so drunk on a little bit of wine? She has been knocking glasses of the stuff back for years, as well as Sally, Claire on the other hand...

How did Jerry expect Finlay to sleep with a house and backyard full of people drinking, laughing and loud music?

Anonymous said...

I like that Jerry looks the other way while the kids smoke pot. I get the feeling that he's of the opinion that so long as it's not pills and powders, it's not so bad as he's no stranger to the lifestyle himself. And I can't fault a guy too much if he likes the Clash.

Some families with small kids still have loud parties (as my New Year's will attest). The kids get used to it. And I'm sure it beats being abandoned by Mum.

Anonymous said...

It was nice to see a bit more of the Mortons, even though I find Jerry sort of annoying. 'Drunk Claire' seems like a lot more fun than 'Sober Claire'!

Debbie said...

I remember my parents used to have rageing barnburners in the basement and all the kids were supposed to be sleeping in the master bedroom. My cousin Simone was in charge. But we didn't sleep. We just all tried to dance like Michael Jackson. I think that's the way it should be. How else is a kid supposed to learn to get their party on?