Friday, January 04, 2008

CBC Apologizes

So my inner source at the CBC has asked me to pass on some information to the Corrie fans who check out the Corrie page on the CBC website.

The upshot is, they know that website is out of date and doesn't always carry info on schedule changes. They've been working on it, but a technology update is required which is also in the works. (Working in IT, I can actually sympathize here, it takes a lot of man hours to revamp websites.)

I guess they've been getting a lot of letters about this - so wanted me to spread the word amongst the Corrie Canucks.

Meanwhile, Corrie Canuck is getting fed info on schedule changes so you can always check here for that. (Just do a search in box at the top left hand side of the blog for 'schedule changes' for entries regarding changes.)

We will try to post them as we get them.


Anonymous said...

I do not accept their apology! I want a Cadbury Milk Tray delivered to my door, and an agreement, in writing, of how they are going to at least get us within 6 months of the UK air dates!

I'm a little peeved with CBC since Windsor keeps going renegade and not showing movies which (apparently) the rest of Canada is watching. I get set to watch, say, Bridget Jones a few nights ago, and guess what? It's not freaking on!

Also the Racicot Chrysler commercials really bother me a lot. One the other hand, we haven't heard that next summer, China is hosting the Olympics in a while. (Perhaps they've been canceled?)

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

However, as always, thanks for passing on the info!