Sunday, December 30, 2007

Waiting for the Verdict Update

I was trying to find some Wapner episodes of the People’s Court for this update, but alas, they don’t exist on Youtube. I did find some Millian episodes however. I’ve never seen her before, but my god, she is a Godess! I’m hoping for such a scene during Tracey’s trial.

Okay kinder, we are winding up with the Tracey on Trial story and as mentioned before, Tuesday’s episodes will give us the verdict. I suspect that 80% of us already know what it is, but we’ll keep it a secret from thems that don’t and wish to find out on Tuesday.

Here’s your update covering the two episodes shown on Friday.

Don’t you love it? That’s what they’re calling Casey over at Corrienet – so I stole it.

I’m thinking the best scene of these two episodes is Claire saying goodbye to Ashley who has decided to dress like Waldo. Actually, he’s in green so it’s more of an Irish Waldo. Apparently he’s going to some sort of sporting event and begins to sing some song about the council and boys here to entertain us. I haven’t a clue. (Over to you Papasmurf).

While Ashley is gone, Claire has Casey over for a visit and while they are commenting on the ENORMITY of Freddy, Claire hears Joshua cry from upstairs. She runs up and it turns out that he has hit his head and Casey tells her it’s best to take him to A&E and she’ll take care of Freddie.

When Claire returns from the ‘hopickle, neither Casey nor Freddie are to be found in the house. After searching and trying to contact her, Claire calls the police to report her baby missing. Shortly after that Casey shows up at the Peacock’s door with baby in tow, she had taken Freddie for a ride because he was crying. She tried to call Claire but her mobile was dead. (Course there is always that note cleverly placed on the kitchen counter options….but never mind.)

Claire is upset but calms down after Casey apologizes and tells her that she’ll explain to the police when they get there. Casey is grossly offended that Claire would think that she had actually stolen Freddie and stomps off. The rest of the episode and next has Claire wringing her hands over the possibility of losing Casey as a friend.

Liam Asks Sean To Look At His Crack
Leanne has decided to torment Liam by telling him that she didn’t want the house because of what her survey turned up about the house. Now he’s worried that his survey wasn’t as thorough as hers and wonders what the hell is wrong with the house.

At one point he asks Sean if he can see a crack on the front of the house.

Oh yeah, I suspect he’s started to use Jamie as live-in help.

Lech Would Be Proud

Janice is giving the polish girls a hard time about working double shifts. Pretty much in the factory is telling her to give it a rest, except for Joanne for some reason. Oh, wait, Kelly does make some comment about Working Hour Directive, but Joanne says, ‘You should talk.’, which makes Glacia giggle.

There’s a collection going around for someone ex-factory worker and Janice says that the Polish ladies should put in twice as much. But Vicky says that Kasia (pronounced Kasha thankyouverymuchCorrienet) and Judy haven’t been around long enough to ante up and that she will definitely only put in what the others have.

After at the Rovers, all the other workers are bonding with the Polish ladies and Sean buys a round. Everyone, that is except Janice and Joanne who sit off the side refusing to associate with their Slavic sisters. Haley confronts them and Joanne says that she’s with Janice on this one and that Haley shouldn’t say Janice is racist because ‘Hello!’ and she points to herself. (Glacia is glad to find out that racism is just an uncomplicated quality in an individual.)

Tiger ‘Pimp Daddy’ Alahan
Dev has bought some super sonic shoes for the golf course that are guaranteed to improve his game.

Molly says they look like pimp shoes and that there’s no way he’s going to attract women wearing those. Yes, of course that is assuming that he wears them to the disco and not to the golf course.

Amber-man just calls him sad and tells him that golf is the most boring game ever.

Tracey on Trial

Deidre has transferred her panic attacks over to some sort of cleaning OCD and Tracey comments that Deidre can see herself in the sink it’s so shiney….but really, how can she bare to look at herself. Then Ken pipes in, Deidre cries, and Tracey storms out of the house.

While out and about she tries to bond with the community that she may not be a part of for a good 20 years. Saying “Hello’ to happy families in the park and expressing what might be real concern over Joshua’s head bump.

While she’s out she gets a message from ‘David X’, asking her to meet him. She meets him and basically lays it out for him that tells him that he just thinks he loves her, but he doesn’t. When he asks if she used him, she says, ‘Yes’ and tells him to stay away from girls like her. Why do I find this touching in some weird way?

Meanwhile back at home Ken tries to comfort Deidre by telling her that Tracey has to take responsibility for her actions. Deidre turns on him and starts screaming about his moralizing and coldness, again. Does anyone else wonder if Deidre actually loves Ken or she just ‘settled’ for him? It just seems like sometimes she has nothing but contempt for him.

Later, when the family (sans Tracey) is gathered in the sitting room, Peter suggests that they all go out for dinner. Ken and Deidre say it might not be appropriate given the circumstances, but Peter argues that if they relax over a good dinner it might allow them to relax and gain the strength to help Tracey through the rest of the trial. Everyone agrees and Deidre goes to get Tracey.

She finds her in the pub and when she asks Tracey to come to dinner, Tracey starts attacking Deidre and very loudly so the whole pub can here calls her a Judas. When Deidre touches Tracey, she screams, ‘Get your hands off of me. Get out!’

At this point Steve jumps in and tells Tracey to go to the back room and when he follows her, Rita and Betty comfort Deidre.

Steve tells Tracey that she needs to make up with her mom because she’s going to need her family more than ever right now. Tracey asks if she can spend the night with him at the Rovers, but when he tells her ‘No.’ she asks if she can just spend a bit of time with him anyhow.

Later that night she goes home and meets Deidre in the sitting room who is sucking back wine and smoking. She tells Deidre that she’ll never forgive her and that if she is found innocent she is planning to pack her bags and Deidre will see neither her nor Amy ever again.

The next morning Deidre goes over to the Rovers to tell Steve about Tracey’s plans and asks him to talk to her. He agrees and later at the Barlows, Tracey walks into what looks like an intervention. She reiterates that she will leave for parts unknown if she is found guilty and Steve asks when the hell she was planning to tell him, Amy’s father. She said that she was going to get through the trial first. When he says she can’t just run off with Amy, she says, ‘Just watch me.’.

As she leaves the room, Ken blocks her way and reminds her that everyone in the room has done nothing but give her support through this whole ordeal and how can she repay them like that. She says, ‘Remind me to say ‘thank you’ on my way out.’

Over at the courthouse, the prosecution says in their closing remarks to the jury that the strongest defense Tracey has was the testimony from a boy who had a grudge against Charlie and that his sworn testimony basically contradicts forensic evidence at every turn. She continues on that Tracey is an accomplished actress and an even better liar. She has fooled her family and friends and that the jury shouldn’t let her fool them.

The defense is up next and says that regardless of stumbled or confused testimonies, the ‘solid wall of reasonable proof (or did he say doubt?) has not been breeched.’ I think that’s British for ‘if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.’.

While the jury goes off to reach a verdict, Deidre goes out to have a smoke and fret. David tries to approach her, but both Ken and Deidre tell him to piss off.

As Deidre lights up a smoke, Ken asks her how many that is today. (oh ken….leave it.) Then he says, that it’s strange but that he is tempted to ask her for one himself. Deidre looks a bit shocked and offers up the pack to him, to which he smiles and says, ‘No thank you.’ in that kind of condescending voice of his.

Now, yes, smoking is evil and Deidre is really over the top with it, but I kind of think that one of the best things he could have done for her at that moment would have been to actually taken the damn smoke and choke it down. I’m not saying that he take up smoking, just have the cigarette with her; making that gesture would have given her a lot of support and shown her that he was on her side. I know that sounds weird but it would have worked.

As they go back into the courthouse, Deidre approaches Tracey who just all out says she’s not talking to her.

In Other News
Jason makes gravy and says the words ‘meat juice’ (ew.)

Norris and Doreen have a common interest in forensic science.


Anonymous said...

Again, thanks for the laughs.

Too bad Ken couldn't shut up about the smoking but Dierdre is getting quite disgusting with it and must really stink (and I'm an ex-smoker). I think having one with her is above and beyond the call of husbandly duty. Ignoring it for now would be more supportive IMO.

I loved it when Liz called David a little swine and when Betty made the comment about kids -"who'd have em."

That Tracy always finds someone else to blame for her out-of-order behaviour and usually it's Dierdre.

Claire comes across as such a dim wit - holier than thou and aggravating. This will all end in tears yet again.

The Mortons are no more likeable than they were last week!

Anonymous said...

I am hereby starting the first chapter of the I Hate Janice Club. Shrill, overacting, scenery-chewing, hambone of a character/actress. Extradite to Spain.


pip said...

I agree that Janice is an incredibly irritating, self-centered cow. What ever happened to her plumber boyfriend? I wish she'd go back to France with him.

Steve finally showed an ounce of common sense by not letting Tracy spend the night. If he had even more common sense he'd be making an emergency application to the court for an order restraining Tracy from moving with Amy.

Anonymous said...

I do think Deirdre has settled for Ken somewhat. She does love him but I think she would have preferred a long life with Samir. and corrieblog have a lot of great nicknames. Sarah-Love and Oh David, as well as calling the Mortons the Kebabs are among my faves.

Wait, are we sure Ashley isn't a fan of the Toronto St. Pats?

Nice to see that both Sarah and Gail enjoyed Jason's meat juice so thoroughly.

Jackie said...

at what point will dierdre stop blaming herself if tracey goes to jail? after all had tracey not plotted and planned and then killed him we wouldn't be in this mess. drives me up the wall, i just want to scream at her, "you have no one to blame but yourself!!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

I hope they stretch the Tracy storyline out a bit so I can continue to fantasize about legal wrangling with Jane, the super solicitor.


corrierules said...

Thanks for the wonderful update and Judge-y youtube clips. One can only imagine how Judge Judy or Judge Millian would have dealt with Tracey. On the topic of Judges, here's a bit of trivia. The judge in Tracey's case is played by the real-life wife of Bill Roache (aka Ken Barlow. She sends out a strong "stern schoolmistress" vibe, doncha think?

And I agree, Tracy is so deluded. Blaming eceryone else for the mess she's in -- the mess she created herslef.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if "headcasey" has a husband? I don't like this storyline at all. I find Claire super annoying for a trained nanny she seems awfully naive. I didn't think Joshua needed to go to the hospital.

You'd think that Tracey would want to spend her time with her daughter rather than walking around the street saying hello to strangers.

And wasn't Kayleigh's mother a hard faced cow.

pip said...

Dierdre's (and Ken's) continued support of Tracy baffles me. Tracy has:

1. Put them all through hell for weeks and weeks while pretending to be abused.

2. Killed Charlie while her own small daughter was in the flat and could have witnessed the murder.

3. Put them through hell for weeks and weeks since Charlie's murder by pretending to be an abused woman acting in self-defense.

4. Made them mortgage their house and use all their retirement money for her defense.

5. Treated them as if they have done NOTHING for her and all she needed was for Dierdre to do this ONE SMALL THING (that is, perjure herself so her daughter can go unpunished for pre-meditated murder).

Why, oh why, aren't Dierdre and Ken terrified at the thought of this monster of a woman raising their innocent granddaughter? They have an obligation to protect Amy. If Dierdre thinks she failed Tracy as a mother, and that's why Tracy is so horrid, then she should think how horrid Amy is going to be after being raised by Tracy.

I know all of this is pretty obvious but I had to get it off my chest.

Happy New Year everyone and many, many thanks for all the wonderful updates this past year!

Anonymous said...

Pip I agree with you 100%! I don't understand what exactly Deidre was supposed to have said in court? Was she supposed to tell the court how Tracey was being abused? I know Deidre can be annoying I really feel sorry for her...she is heading for a complete breakdown.

Anonymous said...

I think Dierdre was terrified of how Tracy would raise Amy away from them all; that's why she went and told Steve, who would be the logical person to take care of her if Tracy is sent down anyway.

Dierdre is "doing her nut" a lot lately as I suppose most mothers would. Maybe she'll have a breakdown when this is all over and she has the time. It will be a miracle if she and Ken hang in together after all this.

Anonymous said...

What has been bothering me about the trial is that firstly they didn't bring up much about charlie's treatment of shelley or any one else. he was a bully to everyone. Secondly everyone says they never saw charlie physically harm tracy but I distinctly remember him grabbing her face in the pub and if i saw that i would count it as violence. For such a high priced defence they sure haven't done much of a job.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the defence have done a lousy job. If this had been an American soap they would have dragged the trial on for months. We are lucky they speeded it up but I would have liked more of the trial and less of the Mortons.

The judge disallowed any comments about Shelley when Claire was on the stand as they were irrelevant to this case.