Friday, December 14, 2007

Update - Thursday December 13, 2007 - Property Development - The world's oldest profession

The Mortons work on the finishing touches on the take-away. A labourer installs the neon signs on the shop and tests them. Jerry is flabbergasted that the “Jerry’s” sign is pink and not red. He pulls this act for ages until the installer phones his boss and offers forty percent off. What a cheapskate.

A nervous Roy peers into the new eating establishment on the Street looking worried. Jerry sees Roy and invites him in to have a kebab and a flute of champagne. Roy hesitantly takes the kebab and promptly tells Jerry he does not drink. Jerry’s response?, “I don’t trust a man that doesn’t drink”

Leanne is the new Kirstie Allsopp and tells Janice she is going into town to work at a property exhibition in a posh hotel. She gets ready and puts on her best and is on her way to work to convince loaded Mancunians to purchase in Spain/Portugal/Ibiza. Later, Janice is with Fiz in the flat where she tells her how proud she is of her daughter’s new found success. Fiz convinces Janice she should surprise Leanne and see her at the hotel. Janice gives Leanne a ring where the call is directed to at phone hidden in the depths of their settee (I just love saying that word). It turns out Leanne has two phones, one for her work and one for her personal life. Impressive.

Leanne is at the hotel and seems to know the concierge by name but calls herself, “Rachel”. He tells her a gentleman is wearing a white shirt and black jacket is in the lounge. She meets him with a kiss and have a drink. The older man acting nervous mentions heading up…

Janice is dressed to the nines and makes her way to the bus stop where she is stopped by Les who tells her she is looking like a hottie. Janice tells Les where she is headed and Les is convinced she needs a ride in style. He mentions to hop in the front with him, but Janice is having none of it and accepts Les’ offer and rides in the back.

The proud parents arrive at the canal side hotel beaming from ear to ear, when Les is called away on a job and cannot see Leanne. Janice decides to head in herself where she goes directly to the concierge. She asks him where the property development exhibition is taking place and he tells her he doesn’t know of one taking place in the hotel but calls the front desk to ask.

Janice sees Leanne and the man heading up the elevator, just as they are going in, she gives the man a kiss on the side of his face. Janice looks in disbelief.


Jacqueline said...

Steve looked like a reject from Southpark.

Anonymous said...

I was laughing out loud at the Steve/Dev/Paul golf game. Nice to see some fun instead of gloomy looks and secrets.

Anonymous said...

The golfing trio was HIlarious! All I could think about was the Stooges poster - Golf with your friends!

Paul = Moe
Steve = Curly
Dev = Larry

I was laughing out loud

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

You know, this one:

Still laughing!


Anonymous said...

That kabab place looks greasy and garish and Leanne is not as pretty as she used to be....maybe it is her makeup or looking thin...Not surprised at all by her line of work antics!


Rob Swizzle said...

Jerry is a blowhard and a shit.

Anonymous said...

When the Battersbys first arrived on the street, the girls stole from a nearby parked van.

So the anti-Connors just use words to do it. I think this crowd is just a step up in smarts from the Battersbys, so are more dangerous and could be more hurtful.

(Although a scheme-off between Jack and Cilla could be quite entertaining!)

I am surprised at Leanne. Oh, there are lots of low down things Leanne would and has done, but I never thought she'd be a prostitute -- not even a 'high class' one. What happened to Danny's money?


Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to mention the golfing trio. They let Steve into the place looking like that??? He looks like a Canuck stereotype.

Meanwhile, Dev in Argyle print? and it's pink? Someone's been watching too many old movies. However, he does look to have slimmed down.


Anonymous said...

I just want to know if it is my TV....the scenes were sooo darkly lit.
I loved the golf scenes as well. Jerry seems to be very chatty and a schemer...but he may well have a good heart. His kids look like hellions though and that grandfather!!...he looks like he is out of one of a Peter Cushing vampire movie!
Janice is looking very chav with that fake tan and ratty earrings...still her hair looks like a professional hair stylist had a go at it finally! Some her hair styles in the past have been sooooooo ugly!!!


Anonymous said...

I think this is around the time Janice got married in real life. She'd looked like she lost a lot of weight in her wedding photos, and remember, she's been off the show for a while. Could be honeymoon time?

Anonymous said...

Vicki Entwistle, who plays Janice, did lose a bunch of weight. Two years ago, she was briefly fired, allegedly after drunkenly mouthing off to Ian MacKellan (who played Lionel Hutchwright), but was brought back.

Like every other Corrie actress, she has a work-out DVD. Included in this company is Deirdre's "Smoke Yourself Thin." Ok, not really.

Anonymous said...

John, Vicki Entwistle was fired by Producer Tony Wood. When Tony Wood lost his job, new Producer Steve Frost wanted Janice back.

I found an interview with Vicki Entwistle who said ...
"People assume I'm like Janice when I'm not... I was supposed to have been rude to Sir Ian McKellen at a party which I most certainly was not."


Mayfairgirl said...

my bad on the golf, sorry : (