Sunday, December 16, 2007

Update- Friday, December 14, 2007- All's Fair in Love and Whore

First, I apologize for posting so late. My internet has not being working, am I almost lost my privileges on my friend's computer when I disclosed that I would be posting a picture from "Pretty Woman", but with some fast talking I was able to get onto my friend's computer. Onto the update...

Janice, looking a bit stunned, speaks with the Concierge, who asks her if she is all right. She asks if she can have a drink at the bar, and he assures her she can.

Sometime later, Leanne comes back down into the lobby, and Janice finds her. They go to the bar, where Janice confronts Leanne, telling her she knows that she is not selling real estate, but is simply a prostitute. Leanne defends herself, pointing out she is not just any prostitute, she is a high class prostitute. Janice thinks Leanne is getting into semantics. Janice's belief that Leanne is ashamed seems to be confirmed when the Concierge calls Leanne by the name of "Rachel". Their conversation then ends, however, as Leanne's taxi has arrived.

Janice then returns to Coronation Street, where she runs into Less, and has to have an uncomfortable conversation with him about how proud she is of Leanne. She then goes to the Rover's, only to see Leanne there. She leaves, and Leanne follows. She catches up with Janice at the apartment, where they have a proper fight. Janice once again tells Leanne how vile her new career is. Lenne, who has, in the time she has left the Street, become pro-sex feminist, explains that what she is doing now is no different than what she had with Danny, or what Janice had with Less, except her pay is now better. When Janice does not buy the argument, Leanne tells her that Janice is broken down and going nowhere, and Leanne doesn't want to turn out like her. Janice decides mybe she doesn't need a roommate after all. Leanne agrees. She leaves.

Leanne then ends up at Gerry's, where she nurses a cup of coffee and stares mournfully out the window. Gerry tries to cheer her up, but nothing doing. Janice walks by, and Leanne motions her in. They kind of make up, and Janice invites her back to her home.


Gerry continues to welcome the people in off the Street, tells Cilla that they have run out of booze, and then unaccountably offers Hayley some. He charms Hayley, but Roy is a bit sullen.

Once the rush is over, Gerry pops over to the Rover's for a drink. There, he runs into Gayle and Sarah, and offers them a drink. Gayle pauses even longer than she did when Deirdre asked if she could light up, and then very reluctantly agrees. They talk about the neighbourhood, and Gayle says that they try and be considerate of each other, for instance, by keeping the music down. Gerry assures her that David can turn up the music as loud as he wants. Gayle is silent, but clearly not amused.


Apparently, Ken has not been wondering if Tracey is guilty all along, as, when Deirdre discusses his concerns about Tracey, he suggests that Tracey was only trying to "wind him up".

Meanwhile, Tracey discusses her concerns with Peter about Deirdre playing Columbo. Frankly, I didn't pay much attention to what they said because I spent part of the scene wishing Tracey would get her bangs out of her eyes, and then spending the rest of the scene mourning the fact that I have indeed turned into my mother.

In Other News

Steve, stilling wearing the touque, wins the golf game. Dev is second, and Paul comes in a miserable third.

Peter and Maria agree to go on a date.

Rita asks Doreen to move in with her. Doreen agrees. Norris' knickers get twisted even tighter.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Vicky Entwhistle chewed up the scenery in that bar...I was so impressed with her acting.

Now I can better buy Leanne's sudden career change. Her philosophy that "men have always used me as a whore anyway, so I might as well get paid for it" does fit that character's thought process.

So let's look at her philosophy and how it's worked for some other folks on the street:

Tracey -- slept with Charlie, thought she'd get a house out of it

Deirdre -- sleeps with Ken, I think only so she can have a house

Cilla -- moved in on Les, see above about getting a house

Maria -- slept with Charlie, got a break on the rent, and many unneeded handyman repairs

Bill -- sleeps with Audrey, getting free rent and good time out of it

Anyone else?


Anonymous said...

Then there's Sal and her fling with Ian which got her lots of income.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the whore theory. In my mind Tracey was the biggest one of all, she really believes she was entitled to Charlie's house. I don't understand how come Charlie's house got sold so fast yet Jason is still running the business?

Jacqueline said...

Ah, we all become our mothers darling.

Personally, I want to become my grandmother who would refer to Mrs.Wallace Simpson simply as, 'that whore who stole our king.'

Anonymous said...

Now see, your gran also recognized someone who was just sleeping with a guy for a nice house, or palace....


Anonymous said...

I have to say I like the new Leanne. I think her decision to become an escort is actually quite pragmatic, from her point of view. She wants more out of life than to end up as a knicker stitcher, hoping for a nice bloke who'll take out for a nice meal now and again.

I think it's burned her a little that her predecessor, Frankie, came from a similar background and lucked into a marriage with a well to do guy. With that came the cars, the trips, the bling. When that lifestyle didn't pan out, and it was clear that he didn't care about her as much as she did him, she got herself a golden parachute out of Danny another way.

In her mind, the wealthy husband just wasn't going to happen to her so she's taking matters into her own hands.

Debbie said...

Or for is connections to Adolph Hitler...

MJ said...

Hailey -- sleeps with Roy for bacon butties.

Anonymous said...

To add to Deidre: who else would put up with her besides Ken? She cheated on him, blames him for all her problems, smokes like a chimney, lives with her super-annoying mother, and wears extremely unflattering belts. She's lucky Ken hasn't come to his senses.

Anonymous said...


Ken HAS come to his senses. He's just too lazy to leave at this point.

Watch his face whenever he interacts with her or Blanche. He has that resigned male look.


Anonymous said...


I also agree - Vicky Entwistle did an amazing job, especially Friday. I was really impressed.


Anonymous said...

Re: sleeping with men to get summat out of em, here's a question:

What does Vera get from Jack?

Or is Jack getting from Vera?


Anonymous said...

You guys forgot one of the biggest offenders on the Street -


1. Free place to live
2. Job which he blows off
3. "Wife" who does his laundry etc.
and now
4. Free drumming studio


Anonymous said...


BTW, I completely agree with you regarding Tracey's bangs - it drives me nuts too!

I keep wanting to show up in Weatherfield with a pair of nail scissors and just chop them...


Rob Swizzle said...

Vera and Jack are in love! Curmudgeonly but unbreakable love.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Deirdre has had many a man. Just ask Dev....

Mike and Ken fought each other for decades over her. (I know, difficult to digest, isn't it?)

And it was she who was hit on when they went out for some hen night, can't remember whose, and she had the big snog with that guy at the bar.

Really, I need to get me some belts.


Jacqueline said...

Glasses, a hair cut that 1989 forgot, a 'Lucy' smoker's voice, and don't forget the sundamaged chest.