Friday, December 07, 2007

Update - December 6, 2007 - Only You

The Barlows

Peter has travelled from Portsmouth to Manchester to be with Tracey for her plea hearing. Tracey tells a nervous Deidre to relax - " It's a plea hearing, that's all. We walk in, I say not guilty and we all come straight home."

Tracy's barrister who seems very serious, introduces himself as Mark Sinclair. He sits to let her know her options. "Now Tracy, I understand that you are pleading not guilty on grounds of self defence." She confirms that is the case.

The Shop

Dev asks Leanne if she has remembered to bring the property details he asked her about the other day. Why am I feeling skeptical on that Leanne was a property mogul? She tells him she had forgotten them and that she will bring it over later.

Liam walks in the shop on his phone pretending to set up a date. Leanne mocks, "The number you have dialled has not been recognized, please hang up." He smiles and tells the caller, real or imagined who knows, "Hang on, you've got competition. Shall I put her on?" He holds the phone out to Leanne but she makes no move to take it.

Dev decides he needs a full makeover and goes clothes shopping. Dev arrives back from town and shows off his purchases to the girls, "Now is that a combination or is that a combination?" They assure him it is indeed and Molly announces she is going for lunch. "Is that the full extent of your enthusiasm then? I never know when you two are winding me up." As Molly leaves, Amber smiles, "Well if you want a general guide, pretty much all the time." He tells her he is going upstairs to try them on again, "Why? Because shop mirrors can be deceptive, like weighing scales and women!"

The Rovers

Vernon arrives back and Liz asks him how he got on at the job centre. He tells Liz and Steve that he has put up an ad in a record shop in the Northern Quarter in a shop called Beatniks. He has decided that he is going to become an instructor. His ad reads: “Feel the beat but got no rhythm? Drumming lessons from experienced teacher. Hourly rates negotiable.'" and cries triumphantly, "There you go. Pick the bones out of that."


At the factory they are all chatting about the latest, Fiz asks, "So was he worth it then Sean? When all's said and done, was he really that good?" Sean gets up, and says "Let's put it this way, he would never have married 'her'." Paul walks by and hears their conversation: "She's like 'You stay on your side of the bar and I'll stay on mine!' I mean, I love the girl to bits but for God's sake, admit defeat." Paul screams at Sean and says, "Get out!" Fiz tells him, "Oh come on. You can't do that. It was affectionate." They are all shocked as Paul flies across the floor, grabs Sean by his neck and hauls him out of his seat as he screams, "I SAID GET OUT!" He spits at Sean, "If you saw the state of her the night Ryan's dad died. If you had any idea..." Sean says that he knows but Paul screams, "No you don't. For one minute there we thought she might actually be happy again....."

Liam rushes out and tells him that's enough. Kelly says, "You can't just blame Sean. What about Sonny Boy?" Paul doesn't even hear them, "And then 'you' come along. A mate. Then you lie to her, ruin her life for her, ruin her trust and bring it all come flooding back." Sean wails, "I am so sorry." Paul grabs him by the neck, "Poncing round my factory? Laughing at my sister? Well this is a family business son, now get out!" and Sean finds himself out of a job. Law suit, anyone?

Another face from the past returns to Weatherfield. Janice returns to the factory and notices someone sitting at her machine. Fiz tells her it is her Polish replacement. They also tell her that Sean has been fired and they are going on strike.

Paul returns to the factory but spots Carla pulling into the street. He immediately jumps into his car and speeds off as she gets out of hers. She calls out to him but he ignores her and takes off.

Carla walks past the girls who immediately break into a chorus of 'Only You'. She pushes past them into the factory and asks Liam where Paul is gone.

He tells her not to worry and he has just gone out for a sandwich. She snaps, "Yeah right. The staff are on the doorstep and the boss is off his head. Yeah, sounds like a really steady ship." He asks, "Why do you always have to react like there is some kind of collusion going on?" She replies "Because there usually 'is' some kind of collusion going on Liam. He is worse than he's ever been and you know the reason why so it's time you stopped treating me like an idiot and told me the truth!"


pip said...

Great update.

Hmm, I think Paul was driving the car when Dean was killed, but said it was Dean so he wouldn't be charged with criminal negligence causing death or whatever they call it in England.

Sean was pretty shameless in his comments about Michelle (and completely out of character). He needs to grow a backbone and stop worrying about being popular in the moment and start doing what he knows is right, even if it's not easy.

Anonymous said...

Love the 'Only You' bit. I always liked that song, although I'm more familiar with the Yaz version.

Speaking of music, someone on the show loves the Jam, with a shout from both Peter and Tracy Barlow ("I love Paul Weller, me.").

The factory girls are pretty fickle about whom they'll strike for. When Hayley got sacked by Mike, nobody budged as it was too close to Christmas.

And Kevin's into weather girls on the telly. Who knew?

Anonymous said...


I'd venture to say you're right about that. Of course, he stole that bit from Homer Simpson, but still.

I also thought that Sean's behavior was out of character (and a complete 180 from how ashamed he had been acting). Methinks this is the writers trying to drive a storyline (one involving scab Polish workers, I'm going to guess).

You know, can I just say that this is the THIRD strike I have witnessed in the short time I have been watching Corrie: Janice, Hayley (well, sort of) and now this. That's a lot of strikes, don't you think? I mean, they either have a labor board and therefore can take grievances to them, or they don't have recourse, in which case, they better watch themselves.

Yaz! I loved them! Upstairs at Eric's - I think I wore out 2 or 3 cassettes of that.

Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...

Seeing as I'm a hundred years old, I actually remember the Flying Pickets version first.

You know, if someone had screw over my sister and then sat on the factory floor and made fun of her....they'd be fired.

Although, I'd fire them in a bit more of a sutble water tight fashion...but they'd be gone.

Of course, this is the same place that didn't fire Janice when she BURN IT TO THE GROUND.

haili said...

It really wasn't nice of Sean to gloat about Sonny in the factory - pretty stupid too with Michelle's brothers running the place. He kind of had it coming. But then he was doing the same thing with Sonny after their fling, in the Rovers last week; I felt sorry for Michelle then and no wonder she's livid.

His rant at Sonny was also uncalled for. He was the one who showed up at Sonny's door and then went to bed with him. Now why is he breaking up with Sonny when the damage has been done?

Hotshot said...

I hate it when the writer change the reactions of the characters and have them do stuff that their character would never do. Lets have some continuity in characters

Anonymous said...

I remember that Mike didn't fire Janice because it worked better for Mike to be able to grab insurance AND blame Nick, Gayle's son, for being manager at the time of the blaze.

I can't remember why he wanted to get rid of Nick, but he did.