Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Update - December 4, 2007 - Happy Chanukah!

This song was playing in the Rovers tonight. It's Snow Patrol with Montreal gal Martha Wainwright.

The Family that Buys Black Hair Dye Together Stays Together

In the Rovers, Ryan has returned from a school camping trip. When he heads off to the bathroom, Steve asks Michelle if she'd like to take him home. Michelle snarkily replies that it would be a great idea to tell him that Sonny was having it off with Sean behind her back, there are no more Man City tickets, and the engagement's off. Steve thinks she'd only have to say the last part.

Michelle takes him into the back room and explains that it's finished between her and Sonny but doesn't fully explain why. Ryan thinks it's because Sonny didn't want to deal with him and storms off, saying he's going home.

Later, Sean arrives on Sonny's doorstep. He comes in and they talk about things and try to iron out their differences and come to an understanding about what has happened and try to figure this out as mature adults. For about five minutes. Then they go upstairs to have sex.

Ryan shows up at Sonny's door a bit later and it doesn't take him long to figure it that it wasn't Ryan that split up his mum with Sonny - it was Sean. Angry, he grabs the keys to Sonny's totally awesome car and peels out of the driveway.

Not too soon after at the Rovers, Michelle gets a call from the polis, telling that Ryan's been nicked joyriding. She finds him at the cop shop, where he's been let off with a warning. Sonny comes by and Michelle offers to pay for damage but Sonny says there was none and after a few words with Michelle, he leaves.

Michelle is angry at how Ryan lashed out but also admits she was scared because her late husband Dean died in a car accident and all this reminds her of that fact.

When she gets him back to the hotel, Paul, Liam, and Carla find him and Paul tries to throttle him but Michelle insists that she will handle this herself. Carla implies that Ryan is ending up like his father and will be drunk driving soon. Liam tells her she doesn't know anything and gets a little angry with her. It seems there is more to the death of Michelle's husband than has been explained.

Also, He Sucks His Thumb

Jason sees Tracy and David having another of their too-close conversations at the bus stop. When he joins Sarah in Roy's Rolls, he tells her of what he's seen but she thinks he's daft. Jason then takes her back to the office where he plays her the video tapes of Jason and Tracy's meetings at Charlie's old apartment.

(Someone explain this to me. Maria rented the flat from Charlie and when Tracy discovered their affair, she moved out. Presumably, the place would be empty so did Charlie move a bunch of stuff back there? Wouldn't Jason know this? Or did I miss something?)

Sarah confronts David about it and when he is cagey about things, she heads back to the café where she confronts Tracy about what's been going on. Tracy doesn't want to talk about it and leaves with Deirdre for the Rovers, the one place where Sarah will never find them.

Deirdre gets Tracy to spill the beans about her and David's relationship and Tracy comes back with a steaming pile of horseshit. She says that David has been having nightmares about what he saw, can't concentrate in school, wets the bed, and has nightmares about Charlie where he takes the form of a giant, toothy Barbapapa that calls itself "Mr. Fangy." Tracy says she's only comforting him. Sometimes she comforts him two or three times a day. Mostly he just comforts himself in the bathroom when he's getting ready for school.

Deirdre tells Tracy to knock it off.

In Other News

Vern finally comes back from the stag night fare and gets fired from Streetcars by Steve.

There's a new delivery man from Newton and Ridley's named Derek.

Leanne is still buying Jamie's house.

Original broadcast date: March 9, 2007.


Trudy C said...

Hola everyone! I just returned from a week of sun, sand and champagne in the Dominican Republic and am trying to catch up with what I missed last week. Thanks so much for the wonderful updates, they are really appreciated when you miss so many episodes.

One question though - how did Vern end up working at Streetcars (albeit very briefly it appears)?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why would Maria's former flat still be furnished (including wine glasses) and empty? Makes no sense to me at all.

Debbie said...

Vern started at Streetcars on Monday's episode. Steve and Lloyd were talking to Liz about how lazy Vern is and Liz said that he turned over a new leaf. So Steve said, that great news, I'm short drivers.

Regarding Charlie's flat it seems that fully furnished apartments are very common in Weaherfield. When the characters move, they generally only have clothes. It is almost like the only people who own furniture are the ones who own houses, Like the Platts, the Peacocks, Barlows, and Websters.

Jacqueline said...

I KNEW that bloody CCTV was going to come into play!

TY for the great update John. Thanks for filling in for me while I was drinking.

Whitehorse Fan said...

Picking up on what MF said in a post about Monday's episode, the best part of this new twist in the Tracy plot line is watching Jason and Sarah trying to match wits with David and Tracy. It is endearing to see them working so hard.

Trudy C said...

About the apartment left furnished. In England there is a law called "squatters rights". Now someone can certainly correct me if I'm wrong, but I believed that if an apartment is left unfurnished, people can move in and claim squatters rights and they don't have to pay any rent and cannot be evicted. So to avoid this, apartments are left fully furnished.

Debbie said...

Trudy, if that is true, you have unraveled a Coronation Street mystery.

kunzie said...

Now all we have to do is unravel the mystery of the mute children.

Is it possible that child actors are paid one scale for appearing, and another if they actually speak? Is it a labour law thing? Could that be why they basically don't talk, except for Joshua throwing in the occasional "car!" "yah!" or whatever.

Any actors have some insight?

Anonymous said...

The Land of the Black Dye....haaa! I loved that...Michelle's black eye makeup bothers me alot....It hides her pretty face....Liam needs to shave for chrissakes....
Did anyone see the sexual tension between Liz and the drayman?
Why do they call him a drayman (spelling?) anyway???