Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Update - December 26, 2007 - "Ask one who's known me, if I'm really so bad..."

Originally broadcast Wednesday, March 28 and Friday, March 30, 2007

A criminal mind is all I've ever known

At the Barlow's, Tracy is preparing for her day in court, carefully applying her makeup. Ken notes that she appears to be preparing for the stage. Tracy says that, in a way, she is. A lot rests on how she comes across. Ken asks if she's worried about flubbing her lines. Tracy says that she needs to stay focussed but Deirdre asks if that means standing up there and telling a pack of lies. She adds that not everyone can lie as easily as she does.

Tracy turns to Ken and accuses him of planting second thoughts into Deirdre's head with his moralizing and hand-wringing. Ken says she has another option: to tell the truth so that the jury will see her as someone who knows right from wrong, rather than a calculating murderess.

Tracy counters that if she gets put away it means that they're not on her side but Charlie's. And if she loses, Charlie wins. And, continuing in that logic, if Charlie wins, then the terrorists have already won.

Later at the court, Tracy tells Deirdre to do whatever she thinks is best and they hug as Ken goes off to buy Deirdre's daily carton of smokes.

In the court, Tracy is called to the stand, her barrister asks if she would recount the events of the night she planned to leave Charlie. Tracy starts in on the "I should never have provoked him..." spiel and Ken starts rolling his eyes more than the losers on a Survivor jury. Tracy says Charlie went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and cut her on both sides of her hand. That's when she grabbed the statue, claiming she wasn't aiming for his head and only wanted to catch him off balance.

Outside, Claire takes a break from her sudoku to tell Deirdre that she's not only fighting for her daughter but victims of domestic abuse everywhere. Deirdre makes a wonderful face that's one part eye roll and one part irony.

Tracy is cross-examined. The prosecutor asks about her bleeding hand and why there wasn't any blood on the statue. Tracy says she must have used her undamaged hand. The murder weapon is placed in front of her and she is asked to show the court how she raised it with one hand to murder Charlie. She attempts to lift it with her right hand but almost drops it. The prosecutor notes that she is struggling but Tracy says she didn't struggle at that time.

Later, Claire takes the stand, noting her meticulously detailed notebook, The Trials of Tracy Barlow at the Hands of the Coward Charlie Stubbs - November 2006 - January, 2007 (direct quotes by Tracy are written in green ink, bordered by Claire's Care Bear stickers). The prosecution gets Claire to admit that she never actually saw him harm Tracy (and his past dealings with Shelley Unwin are apparently not relevant to the case) and that she was on anti-depressants at the time, and was once sectioned under the Mental Health Act on account ofher post-natal depression, which nobody outside her immediate family knew until today.

At home, Ken starts doing the slow clap for Tracy's master class performance. Deirdre meanwhile, assures her daughter that she's not on the terrorists' side and will testify in her defense tomorrow.

The next day, Ken and Deirdre are preparing to leave as Hayley wishes them luck in court. Because whenever anyone is stressed out on this show, it's taken out on Hayley, Deirdre snaps, "Why would we need luck?!?!"

Outside the court, Deirdre is shaking and smoking and David is smirking. Oh this is going to go well, I can tell.

In the court, David is on the stand telling his version of the events. The prosecutor starts taking apart his story: That he heard Charlie say "I'm going to kill you Tracy Barlow" despite the loud music. That he kept it to himself for two weeks before saying what he saw. That Charlie grabbed a knife in his right hand, despite the fact that he was left-handed. The prosecutor says he made it up and it's telling that he and Tracy have the exact same story, despite his story not being supported by forensic testimony.

When he gets back to his seat, Gail says he looked cocky and deceitful.

Meanwhile, it's Deirdre's turn to testify but she's having a panic attack. When she finally calms down enough to take the stand, Tracy's barrister starts asking about Tracy's relationship with Charlie. Deirdre doesn't get very far with the prosecutor, who catches her in a contradiction, before she has another panic attack.

Court is adjourned as Tracy yells "Mum! What are you playing at?" Tracy's solicitor Cynthia Dale finds Deirdre and Deirdre breaks down and tells her Tracy planned it from the beginning and that she knows this because she told her. Cynthia Dale reminds her of the legal consequences of not testifying the truth.

Back on the stand, the prosecutor asks if Deirdre has any reason to doubt Tracy's version of events.

No, I haven't. She's my daughter. She wouldn't. . ." is about all Deirdre manages to get out and there are no further questions. The judge says she will reconvene on Monday when both sides will give closing arguments.

As they prepare to leave, Jane tells Tracy she disgusts her, taking the abuse women have actually suffered and using it for her own murderous ends.

Tracy meets Deirdre in the hall and is less than sympathetic to her.

"It's not good enough that you had a little word with my lawyer, but you... you've stuffed my case!" she exclaims. "They think I did it. I'm going to be found guilty. I'm going to rot in jail and miss my daughter growing up and for what? For Charlie Stubbs, that pig. . . I asked you to do one thing for me, one thing. If I get sent down for this, this is going to be your fault. Your fault. Thanks a lot."

Deirdre weeps.

Secret Diary of a Weatherfield Call Girl

Leanne, in her best real estate agent fishnets, meets Janice at the factory just before opening to tell her she has a client in Bolton and to not wait up. As she leaves, Janice sees she forgot her handbag and tries to chase after her but the taxi is long gone.

Janice tracks Leanne down the restaurant where she is meeting her client.

"You forgot this." she says. "Can't work without your whip and leather balaclava." The businessman is scared off and Leanne is furious, claiming if she ever does something like that again, Leanne will leave and never come back.
Lubię swoją pracę
Two new Polish girls from Carla's late shift, Kasia and Wendy, have come to work the day shift at the factory. Hayley welcomes them and Janice treats them like crap. Vicky tells them there is a downside to the day shift and its Janice.

Later, Kasia's knittted a huge pile of underwear already as Janice reminds her that nobody likes a crawler and that she's showing everyone up. Kasia smiles nervously. Vicky comes over and reminds Janice that if she bothered to get to know Kasia, she'd know she didn't speak very good English. She then says something to Kasia in Polish that makes her laugh.

In Other News

Kayleigh is preparing to go live with her mum. Young Shane McGowan claims dibs on her room. When the former Mrs. Morton arrives, she appears to be another in a long line of crappy Coronation Street mums. She doesn't seem to even want Kayleigh to live with her, claiming she can't afford her. Jerry hands over a wad of bills he says is for Kayleigh, not her.


Anonymous said...

I was surprised when David messed up on Charlie's left handedness. I thought there was a scene when Tracy fed him his story and specifically mentioned his left hand. Does that ring a bell with anyone? I know there was a scene that somehow informed us Charlie was left handed shortly after the murder

Jackie said...

ya it looked to me like David was messing up on purpose. Like he smiled when Gail told him how bad he looked.

Anonymous said...

Hard to tell if David messed up on purpose since he's always like that - a cocky smart alec! He always seems to have a smirk on his face - much like Tracy. I don't remember her telling David that Charlie was left-handed. It would be hard to believe he could hear Charlie threaten Tracy from outside a closed window and that she had time or a reason to turn down the music.

There being no blood on the statuette would make the jury stop and think.

Isn't it annoying the way they keep cutting to the Mortons just as things get interesting? And the millions of commercials and promos don't help.

I must thank the person who writes the updates for all the laughs; I really enjoy reading them.

Jacqueline said...

TWENTY HI-FIVES from bring freakin' GOWAN into Corrie Canuck. Solid gold, mon ami!!!

There's a Larry Gowan/David Platt resemblence, non?

Lubię swoją pracę - translation please.

Anonymous said...

Lubię swoją pracę = "I like my job."

Anonymous said...

Random comments:

We have seen some A-1 acting from Deirdre, Tracy and Ken, as well as folks in other story lines recently (I'm thinking specifically of Janice, when she discovered Leanne's Path the Riches is paved with condoms).

I have to admit I haven't appreciated Deirdre as a character (or Anne Kirkbride as an actress) until the last few episodes. She has been so limited to the "Oh Trace-eh" bleat that I had dismissed her. My mistake.

On a lighter note, has anyone else noticed that Old Man Morton (the dad, not the grandpa - the... stout one) has BLUE LIPS. Look at the color around his mouth. That cannot be healthy. I think he needs to eat a couple of salads, stat.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

I loved Tracey's attitude when she realized her lawyer knew she was guilty and she reminded her that she was paying her 200 pounds an hour. I think she's realising that she should have staged a few public rows with Charlie, I'm sure it would have been easy enough. On another note, I've always had a crush on Simon Gregson (Steve), but after seeing him sing Sweet Child of Mine on Christmas, I am full head over heals for him lol. I've never laughed out loud at a show as much as i did with that one. I could go on and on, but i'll stop.....for now *wink*

Mayfairgirl said...

Can I just say that for a person who doesn't work and seems destitute - she has a really nice wardrobe. That blouse she wore in court was gorgeous. IMHO

Anonymous said...

When David told his story for the first time at the police station, he motioned with his left hand when describing seeing Charlie with a knife.

I can't remember when Tracey was coaching David what to say whether she told him to remember Charlie was left-handed or not, but I know for sure he motioned with his left hand at the police station.


papasmurf said...

I enjoyed watching Vicky from 'Walsall' give Janice some stick in the factory.

The new Polish workers are looking good - the smurfman has some lederhosen that need mending...

kunzie said...

Having trouble getting into the Morton kids...I partly think this is because we have yet to see one of them bond with anyone else on the street. Jody's first scenes with Jayshun made her out as atrocious. And the Ratatouille twins haven't been outside much...

Many thanks to the faithful updaters who have kept up with great writing in spite of the festivities....

Anonymous said...

Tracey absolutely told David about Charlie's left handedness -- that was in their conversation in David's house when David first said he saw everything, and Tracey was worried he actually had and was trying to find out!

Tracey reminded him about the left hand, about the music playing, etc.

Some fantastic acting this week, and oh yeah, the Mortons too. Blaaah... don't care about them yet.


Tvor said...

I wrote something over on my blog about the trial though the outcome is spoiled so be warned. Basically i tried to put myself in the jury box as if i didn't know anything about Tracy other than what was presented in court. I'd written about it before, too, from a veteran soap watcher's experience with trials.

David's testimony was a hoot. He was so smug and smirky, and because he was so cocky, he er... cocked it up. Mixing up the hand and insisting Tracy stopped to turn down the music? Realistically that would never ever happen. It was fun to see him taken down a peg or two.