Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Tears, the Laughter, the Sex, the Violence, the Boredom … The Update – Monday December 17th 2007

UK Time Wednesday March 21st 2007.

The Beginning of a Hot and Torrid Affair!

The show opens with Vernon slathering himself with Liz’s best lotion – which, in my opinion, is the equivalent of using your boyfriend’s razor to shave your armpits. Vernon is preparing for the drumming lesson and Liz thinks she is going to get him to unload a truck. Right. Vernon needs to be careful, as his hands are now a source of income. Perhaps he should insure them.*

Later he and Liz go out to meet the delivery. To Liz’s pleasure, Derek is there to unload, and I’m not talking about the beer. OK sorry, that was uncalled for. Anyway, upon seeing Derek, Liz lets Vernon off the hook and they arrange to have a tea or a couple shots of Jagger with a lager chaser before he gets back in the truck to drive away.

As they talk about Liz being an excellent and responsible landlady, she tells Derek that while she is sorry their plans got messed up, she thinks it is probably for the best. Oblivious to what’s happening in the back room, Vernon calls down for a cup of tea. Before Derek leaves he gives Liz his phone number just in case she changes her mind. She’s basically gagging for it.

* Call me crazy, but I am kind of on Vern’s side here. The man may be idle, but he loves drumming and wants to support himself that way. That is the man Liz fell for. If she wanted an industrious hard worker, she should have gone for Fred. Anyway, why shouldn’t he be excited to start the drumming lessons?

Bad Girl Out at Night!

Janice and Leanne
go walking down the cobbles together and Janice wants to know how Leanne got into the biz. Leanne tells her some BS story about working as an escort in Spain and meeting a real nice guy who she was gonna go home with anyway. And bing bam boom, she was getting paid for sex. Simple as that.*

Obviously Janice is very troubled by Leanne’s life’s work and she just can’t focus on her knicker stitching. She asks Liam for an advance on her wages. She gets denied like my VISA on December 27th. Then she asks Fizz for a couple hundred pounds. Fizz is skint. So, once again, thanks to Underworld’s extremely progressive flex hours, she takes off leaving the others to cover for her.

Amazingly, Janice locates some sellable jewelry and we see her clutching them at the buss stop. I guess Les must have given her something because she turns up at the pub with 400 quid and hands it to Leanne. Janice thinks that would be enough to hold her over until she gets a real job. I think that would only barely cover her battery of STI tests and rubbers. Leanne tells Janice that she makes that kind of money in a night. Leanne will remain a sex worker for as long as she likes.

*This makes me wonder if the writers on the street know anything about sex work or if they did any research. People don’t generally fall into it unless they fall off the wagon and onto a crack pipe. No one just starts prostituting because they only have 100 grand and need more. It is a far more desperate decision than that. There has to be something else that makes Leanne prostitute. Maintaining an upper middle class lifestyle simply isn’t enough. I think this is just bad writing.

Also, Leanne is WAY to flip about the whole thing, even if she is trying to play it down. She doesn’t seem conflicted about it at all. The hard fact about her line of work (regardless of how “classy” it is) is that ANYTHING can happen to her when she goes out. Unless she has an armed guard with her during her dates, she could end up beaten, drugged or dead quick fast and in a hurry. If you were to actually talk to “high-priced” prostitutes you would know that they are so conflicted about their work they betray that conflict in a million ways wile defending their decision to prostitute.

I know that soap writers have limits, but I think this storyline with Leanne is very weak.

Coma Kabab Shop

I guess they are trying to set Wilf Morton up as some sort of male Banche but I am wondering when I am supposed to start caring.

While Jerry now guides the residents of Weatherfield down the long wide road to morbid obesity, starting with Tyrone, Wilf is teaching Kayleigh the fine art of the graft. We learn that Wilf was a con man, and he spent a lot of time in jail. Unless he met Jim MacDonald in the slammer, I don’ really care. Anyway, Jerry intends to be a really solid dad for his kids. Good to know. I’m riveted.

Tracy Barlow Kills Again! Well, almost

It is a bad start to the day in the Barlow household and that seems to be the rule of late. It is a good thing all this rowing doesn’t wake Adam. It has totally upset Peter, although, who goes looking for some peace and quiet.

You know what will be nice and peaceful? A date with Maria, the woman who was sleeping with the man his sister killed in an art deco aided rage. And really, why try to relax when you can talk about the trial for ages while on this date?

So, Peter and Maria talk about the trial and Charlie and Tracy. Maria makes it clear that Charlie never hit a woman, even when he was with Shelly, and we all wanted to hit her. Also, she doesn’t think that Tracy seemed the type to be a “victim.” Maria needs to learn that anyone can suffer domestic abuse not just people who seem like victims.

In the pub, Ken, Deirdre and Ken get set to leave after they have yet another disagreement with Tracy. Once they step outside things get a little crazy. Peter is outside of Maria’s flat, thanking her for the night and kissing her because it is so nice to spend a nice normal evening at home with a woman who thinks his sister is totally guilty of killing her ex in a blind rage just after Christmas. Oh, life’s simple pleasures.

Tracy sees them and basically flies across the street and attacks Peter. That was a thoughtful move, Tracy. On the other side of the street Deirdre is left gasping for breath, and clutching her chest. Tracey and Peter stop scrapping long enough to call an ambulance. I pray that Deirdre dies here, because I simply cannot take the sight of her straining her neck with anguish while saying “oh Tracy” any longer.

Sadly, Deirdre lives and back at the Barlow bunker we learn that she has had an anxiety attack due to the stress. Tracy gets angry because she thinks they are implying that it is her fault. Once Ken gets her out of the room, Deirdre sums up all her doubts to Ken and admits to being “scared to death.” Then die, already.


Roy has started a sophisticated advertising campaign to fend of competition from the kabab shop.

Dev, Steve and Paul decide to go golfing again even though it is obvious you can’t trust that guy as far as you can throw him. Hands up if you think this golfing lark will end badly.


Anonymous said...

Debbi excellent update, loved the picture! I'm with you, I really don't like Wilf. I can't wait for the Tracey storyline to wrap up. I don't know how Ken can stand living in that house. I wanted to slap Tracey so bad! She acts like a spoilt 12 year old.

Anonymous said...

On the plus side, Janice took those earrings off!
Where did she get all that bling anyway? Not from Les; maybe the plummer.

Sadly the Mortons are not loveable so far - especially Wilf.

I wonder how much Steve and Dev will lose on the golf course.

Tracy continues to do herself no good with her screaming attack on Maria.

Anonymous said...

I really hate the Mortons. The only good thing about them is they sell donairs!!!!

That is a great after-drinking-your-face-off-for-8-hours food delicacy here in the Maritimes, and that Jerry sells a donair with fries and a drink is brilliant marketing. We NEVER get fries with our donairs here, and must start immediately.

Tracey is completely losing the plot; Janice never had jewelry worth $4 let alone 400 quid, and I'm extremly pissed that Liam showed up for work in paint-splattered t-shirt no less.

Liam, you own a freakin' factory and are considered a boss. Stop dressing like Jason on the job site for God's sake!

--there I too have officially turned into my mother.


Anonymous said...

Anon, I completely agree with you regarding Janice and the jewellery there is no way in hell she would own jewellery worth that kind of money. Liam's shirt I thought at first it was like the shirts my teenaged son wears with a pattern across the front (American Eagle type stuff) but no it looked like paint! He is still hot though! I am glad Janice took off those ass-ugly earrings!

pip said...

Wilf's personality is as attractive as his teeth, and his teeth give me nightmares. I bet he could never get a job as a department store Santa.

Steve and Dev are so stupidly vain that they deserve to lose big time to Paul when he finally starts playing properly. Maybe he's playing right handed when he's really a southpaw or something.

I agree that Vern has been nothing but a layabout since day one, and Liz knew that, but I really don't think he's going to make any money as a drumming instructor. He just likes to drum and it gives him an excuse not to work, to get all sweaty so he can take long baths, and to get Liz to get him a brew every half hour (no matter how many times they say 'brew' on the show I always think 'beer' instead of 'tea', is that just me or is it a Canadian thing?)

Debbie said...

I can't help but hearing the word "brew" in a Bob and Doug MacKenzie voice.

Whitehorse Fan said...

Pip: No, the brew is beer thing is not just you. It was only when I read the update that I remembered it is a cup of tea.

I echo everything everyone says about the Mortons.

The Liz storyline is somewhat annoying. She clearly finds Vern irritating, he lacks any redeeming qualities, and is a bit of a financial burden. Why is she keeping him around?

pip said...

WHF, I think I know why Liz is keeping Vern around but it gives me (and Steve) the creeps just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you on one point. Although ultimately, both involve sex for cash, there is a big difference between working the street as a prostitute and working for an agency as an escort. And while the former may sometimes be the last option for many desperate women, it is possible for the latter to just as often be a choice made by women who are not at all desperate or supporting some sort of habit. I do not find it difficult to believe that a well-adjusted woman from a comfortable, working-to-middle-class background would choose to work as an escort. I do suspect that Danny's treatment of Leanne has a lot to do with why SHE chose this particular career path, but a woman would not necessarily need to have experienced some sort of trauma to want to do it. I myself have worked in the adult industry, and if you ask me, the pretense of passion sure beats wearing a smile for Walmart.

Anonymous said...

The only difference I can see between the "escort" and "prostitute" is the price - and the decor of the room.

Leanne was really hurt by Nicky when he talked her into having an abortion after they were married and seems to have hardened a lot since then.

I did like the characters Janice and the Battersby girls and the way they developed and matured. Loved the storyline with Janice and Dennis.

Debbie said...

I really think the idea that there are women who choose sex work because they just like it or because they supposedly make lots of money doing it is romantic. I also think it comes as an odd reaction to feminism. The vast majority of women working as prostitutes regardless of of the level do so out of desperation, wether it be financial, emotional, or drug induced. Someone may tell you they started to work as an escort to pay off their credit cards, but they may not tell you they sufferd sexual abuse as a child, or P.S. they are addicted to Crystal Meth.

I think the Leanne story is especially weak because it really is out of left field. She was an addict for about 5 minutes in the past, she didn't protitiute then. A bad break-up after being with Danny for less than a year isn't enough to cement a sex for money relationship (Also, we were to believe that she loved him in the end). To me, it is like the writers wanted to continue her scandolous persona, so this is what they went with. It would have been much more believeable if they had her come back as a widdow of a rich old man.

Jacqueline said...

I don't think the Leanne/Escort story line is particularily believable.

She says that if she does it for 2 years that she can have a nice nest egg for investment.

What the hell happened to the money Danny gave her? Did I hear correctly that she got 50 grand? A 100,000 canadian....that would be more than enough to set up an investment.

I think Leanne is a gold digger and would probably look for something more long term...i.e. marry some rich old fart.

Anonymous said...

I really think the idea that there are women who choose sex work because they just like it or because they supposedly make lots of money doing it is romantic. I also think it comes as an odd reaction to feminism.

I hate to beleaguer the point, but you're completely wrong. I am a feminist, and most feminists I know support the decriminalization and destigmatization of sex work. Here are some links that might help raise awareness around here:





Get informed, folks.

Debbie said...

Yes, most femenists do support de-criminalization (in fact, prostitutaion is not against the law in Canada. Living off the avails of a prostitute, and running a bawdy house is). Also, most femenists would point out that laws around prostitution do nothing but isolate protitiutes and make it difficult to leave prostitution when they want and carry on their lives.

But that really isn't the point. They don't want sex work decriminalized to allow women to choose to be a prostitute as a viable career. They want it decriminalised so that women who are prostituting have protection under the law, so that they can gain access to services, so that they are not isolated in society. In many ways, it is a labour issue.

But wether it is against the law or not, that doesn't mean sex work is a viable avenue of employment for men and women.

Claiming the right to prostitute in terms of feminism as if it is a fair choice has more to do with false consciousness than women's rights.

Anonymous said...

I gather you didn't visit those links.

Yes, many feminists want sex work decriminalized and the stigma lifted so that those who do this type of work can do so safely, but also without shame. It is indeed terrible that many women must resort to selling their bodies out of desperation, but it is ignorant to assume that all sex workers do, and would choose to leave the business given the chance. Do not presume to speak on behalf of all feminists, thank you.

However, as this really isn't the proper venue for a debate of this sort, I guess we will simply have to disagree. I will continue to support those who choose to work in the adult industry, and may choose to return to it myself, not because I need to, but because I still consider it one of the best jobs I've ever had.

- A well-adjusted girl from a middle-class background with many employment options yet whom enjoys getting paid for getting people off.

...and loves corrie.

Debbie said...

I have read a lot of sex worker advocacy, I'm not talking out of my underware. And frankly anyone can do google searches to suport any opinion.

But, advocating for sex workers, supporting their rights and working to remove the stigma as I think most reasonable femenists do, doesn't magically errase the reality of most protitutes. As if once all those things are solved prostitution will become a carreer path much like administrative assistant.

Nor do I assume all prostitutes make the choice out of some sort of desparation. Just the majority do. Unless you can come up with evidence claiming that most protitutes are middle class women with no drug addictions, sexual abuse in their past and with lots of options to stand up against volumes of research to the contrary, you have to agree. And, perhaps not presume to speak on behalf of all prostitutes.

Anonymous said...

That is not my argument.

I never suggested that most "protitutes" (did you mean prostitutes?) are middle class women with no history of drug addiction or sexual abuse. I argued that many women who choose to work as escorts (and not on street corners) do not do so because they have a drug addiction or have been abused, and in fact are not desperate in the least.

I took issue with your generalization, and that continues to be my problem with your comments.

I do not presume to speak on behalf of anyone, which is why I provided links to other websites, to provide examples of women who defy your limited view of sex trade workers, and allow them to speak for themselves.

Jacqueline said...

I think it might be time to 'agree to disagree' on this point.

I know that we enjoy lively debate on Corrie Canuck, but I think there's a need to mindful of the tone of discussion.

Sorry to be Captain Bringdown, but I think this needs to be primarily a place for light hearted discussion about Corrie - with yes the occassional respectful banter on the side.

Thanks guys.

Debbie said...

Yes sorry, I should have spell checked before I posted. My spelling is terrible, and THAT really is the point here.

But as you suggested, and Jacqueline suggested, let's agree to disagree.

Anonymous said...

I'm not getting into the debate side of it but I think the story line is one of the more believable ones of late. I love the way Janice has been about it and feel like she's really had a chance to show her acting skills.

Can we lock the Mortons and the Conners in the factory and burn it down. Blahhhhh

Anonymous said...

I agree; it's about time Janice had a chance to show her acting ability. She can be really good when the writers give her the material. There was some great stuff years ago too with Toyah and Spider. It would be nice if they could come back.

Maybe we could just lock the Mortons in the factory and give the Connors another chance. They have possibilities - especially Liam!

Anonymous said...

Okay how about the Mortons and Paul and Michelle and the brat. I don't mind Carla (what am I saying!!) or Liam. But Liam he was when he first came not the one they're writting now.

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of the holidays, can we all just agree to start calling Wilf Morton "Marley's Ghost?"

And what's up with the Mortons, anyway? Are they Irish Travellers trying to go straight?

Anonymous said...

Marley's ghost sounds perfect!

But you could leave Carla in the factory with the Mortons and I'd never miss her - self-centered, nasty, selfish cow that she is! (so far, here, anyway)

Anonymous said...

I would just like to make a brief comment on how talented the actress who plays Janice is! I found her scene when she was crying in the hotel very realistic.