Thursday, December 27, 2007

Scheduling Reminder

No Corrie tonight. Instead, viewers in the East will have the rare privilege of seeing the Montreal Canadiens on CBC in prime time in a special Thursday edition of Hockey Night in Canada.

Two back-to-back episodes of Corrie will air tomorrow night, starting at 7:00pm.

I'm not sure what the schedule is next week as there is a Just for Laughs Special at 7:00pm on Monday, New Year's Eve (CBC Holiday Schedule PDF file). However, I should point out that whenever the first episode is aired next week, it will be the one, I believe, that will contain Tracy's verdict so we'll try to find out the official schedule and post it here as soon as we know. I'm sure you'll all want to tune in or set your PVRs and VCRs for this important episode.

UPDATE - According to next Tuesday's television listings, there will be two back-to-back episodes, starting at 7:00pm, 7:30pm in Newfoundland and Labrador.

So January 1st, we'll see the verdict.


corrierules said...

We are unworthy....
Thanks so much for letting us know what's happening with the schedule. This time of year it's hard to keep track of all the scheduling changes. Thanks and best wishes for a very happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh lala, les Canadiens sont la..... go Habs go!

Rot Tracey rot!


S. Poole

Jacqueline said...

John....I'll find out from my super secret CBC contact (Jerome).

Jacqueline said...

Jerome was out, but Rusty says, ' episode on monday, man.'

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for the heads up on the schedule...But y'all know what the verdict will!

burn witch burn!