Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Pub Night Reminder

Fionn MacCool's
489 King Street West (King and Spadina)

7 pm

Reseverations are under 'Jacqueline', but I'll try to give them 'Corrie Canuck' as a second password.

IF you are planning to come but haven't had a chance to let me know, make a comment below.

REMINDER: Trivia is Christmas based. I'll be asking about Christmas events on Corrie, mainly between 1995 - 2006. We've got a lovely Corrie present for the winner.

There will be a trivia warm up and the winner gets....a pint on me.


Trevor said...

Still coming! Monica sends her best from Regina!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for organizing the festivities! As always, I had a great time! I like the waitress's idea - let's make this a monthly thing! -Mrs.Green