Sunday, December 30, 2007

Obscure Football Reference of the Day

Ashley, looking like the Irish Waldo, is dressed in the green and white hoops of Glasgow Celtic, often called the 'Bhoys' by their supporters. Celtic are the Catholic team in Glasgow, while their cross town rivals Glasgow Rangers are the Protestant side. With the proximity to Northern Ireland and the history there, the games between these two clubs, referred to as 'The Old Firm', are usually intense affairs between the players on the pitch, and between the supporters in the stands and streets around the stadiums. Songs about the council would be referring to the neighbourhood that you live in, which were often divided along religious lines.

Mo Johnston, the coach for Toronto FC, was one of the first players to have played for both Celtic and Rangers.


Anonymous said...

I think Ashley was singing "meet the County, cause the boys are here..". I wonder if there's a lower league team in or around Manchester with green and white strip ?


Anonymous said...

Actually my guess would be the green and white Stockport County, except that their supporters wear blue and white. But it was Ashley's "county" line that got me to googling.

nwtrunner said...

Yeah, I can't imagine someone from northern England wearing Glasgow Celtic colours - likely a county game as John suggested, but I guess not Stockport County. And as Anonymous R said - Ashley was singing "meet the County."

However, if Ashley was wearinh green and white for Glasgow Celtic then maybe it's a way of showing appreciation to Scottish viewers similar to Jim Mac wearing his Blue Jays shirt all the time. Better that to show appreciation to Scotland than bringing on Adam!

Anonymous said...

There's a huge Celtic following in 'Pool due to proximity to Ireland and the number of immigrants (Catholic) in the area, but there's not a particular connection to Manchester (as far as I know). It's good to see a few footie fans strewn amongst the Corrie crew, eh?


Anonymous said...

My friend's dad was a shipbuilder from Glasgow. When applying for jobs, the prospective employer would ask, offhandedly, what team he liked. It was their way of asking his religion as Catholics didn't always get hired for certain jobs back in the day. A lapsed Catholic himself, he'd evade the question by answering the much more non-denominational "Thistle."

The first time I went to Glasgow, I saw a police horse demostration. The chief of police brought the horses out to show how they do crowd control at football matches. He also pointed out two young boys in the crowd, one in a Rangers kit, the other in a Celtic kit, both sitting together as friends, and said he wished he could see more of that at the games.

That said, I still think Ashley is really a Toronto St. Pats fan.

papasmurf said...

I didn't see the episode with Ashley dressed in green and white, so I mostly was guessing based on the info from the update, so it may well be a club other than Celtic.

Mind you, Ashley and Claire were all set to move to Scotland to hide from Matt Ramsden, so he might be comfortable supporting a Scottish club.

Trudy C said...

I'll stick with Stockport County, 'cause that's where my family lives. ;)

papasmurf said...

Celtic, Celtic thats the team for me,
Celtic, Celtic on to victory,
They're the finest team in Scotland, I'm sure you will agree,
We'll never give up till we've won the cup and the scottish football league.
They come from bonnie Scotland, they come from county Cork,
They come from dear old Donegal and even from New York,
From every street in Glasgow they proudly make their way,
To a place called dear old paradise and this is what they say.

Here are the lyrics to a classic Celtic supporters song - just to add some confusion.