Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Memo to Darryl Morton

I'm an unlikely a person as any to advocate a lifestyle of clean living but when I first saw your mug on Coronation Street last week it flashed to me that you bear a passing resemblance a certain Irish singer.

With that in mind, I advise that you eat your oatmeal, stay away from fatty foods, don't smoke, and for goodness sake, stay off the booze. Otherwise, you'll look like this in twenty years:

And because it's Christmas and it just isn't played on the Rovers' jukebox enough, here's the newly uncensored version of his most famous seasonal ditty featuring the late and bloody brilliant Kirsty MacColl:


frank said...

You scumbag, You maggot
You cheap lousy faggot

The beautiful marriage of punk and traditional Celtic music.

I love the Pogues and when I first saw Darryl Morton it instantly occured to me that he could be Shane MacGowans illegitimate son.

Cheers John

Jacqueline said...

You know, amongst my own little tribe of friends, whenever one of us gets married, well into the reception when everyone's tanked...it's become tradition to play 'Fairytale of New York'.

This is probably the wrong way to celebrate the union of two souls.

Corrie Quebec said...

Nice clip.

Debbie said...

If I ever get married ...

Sorry, it's hard to type through the laughter.

I hope they play "the Ballad of Tom Jones" when everyone is drunk.

Anonymous said...

You are all old sluts on junk and I love you all.

MJ said...

Old sluts on junk? Why thank you!

I look like Shane in the mornings.

papasmurf said...

Back in my school days in Windsor we used to go to a lot of shows in downtown Detroit at a place called Saint Andrews Hall. One of the guys on my rugby team was the head bouncer there so we used to get to mingle with the band before the show. Anyways, one night The Pogues were playing and we drank our faces off with Shane McGowan to such an extent that he passed out on stage during the second song of their show.

That's my Pogues story.

Debbie said...

That is an awesome story!

Anonymous said...

My friend Irish Sean claims to have drunk so much with Shane MacGowan that he was kicked off his tour bus, right in front of his apartment. Yes, he claims he out-drank Shane MacGowan.

He also claims the The Mahones named their album, "Here Comes Lucky" after him. When I asked the lead singer about this, he claimed not only to barely know Irish Sean but also that his story was horseshit.

This made me doubt the veracity of the his Shane MacGowan story.