Monday, December 24, 2007

Magi Update

Glacia finally gets her arse into gear to provide the update for the last three episodes. It's the Christmas Miracle!

Oh well, it gives me an excuse to use a cheesy 'Three Wisemen' analogy.

Gold Episode

After much thought I'm convinced that this episode ranks as one of my top three Corrie episodes of all times. Both the acting and the tying together of this current Tracey and of Tracey past had me all a-giggle.

I posted this episode before on Corrie Canuck, although I don't think the Youtube videos are still available. It talks about a lot of history of Tracey and her relationship with Deidre.

Before I go into the episode, I'll give you a brief history of what happened back in 1995 to her. (I think it was 1995, but feel free to fill in any blanks I leave out.)

Waaaay back in the days of the Dawn Acton incarnation of Tracey, Deidre had gone on vacation and met a young Moroccan man called Samir. He was 20 years her junior and they fell in love and married.

She and Samir came back to Weatherfield to visit and Tracey,in her early 20s, didn't really approve of her marriage to Samir. Tracey at this time was 'troubled' but not more than I think any other young girl her age and certainly wasn't the spawn of Satan we see today.

BTW, there was an infamous scene previous where Deidre has left Ken, and Tracey with an absent mother, tries to bond to the only father figure she knows. Ken says in one of the all time classic Corrie lines, 'I don't want you, I want Deidre!' So you can see where the love is, right?

Anyway, during the Deidre/Samir visit, Tracey goes to a party and does some 'E' and in the process blows out her kidneys. Now she needs a donor and after an exhaustive and unsuccessful search, Samir offers up one of his kidneys which turn out to be a perfect match.

The day of the operation, Samir decides to walk to the hospital but on his way is attacked by a gang of 'yoots' in what is basically a race-related attack. He is killed however, the doctors are able to save his kidney to give to Tracey.

The operation is a success, but Deidre is too upset about Samir's death to go visit Tracey as she recovers. Ken goes for a bit, but is frustrated that Deidre won't come and tell Tracey the truth and plus because D and him are not together he kind of takes this, 'Tracey ain't' my daughter' attitude and stops visiting also.

The only people to visit her are Percy Sugden and, I believe, Emily.

Deidre completely blames Tracey and her drug habit for Samir's death. I can kind of see this logic in the beginning when she is still mourning Samir, but really, Tracey didn't' kill Samir...a group of skinheads did. This could have happened anywhere, not just when he was going to the hospital. Also, I don't recall Tracey being all 'Lindsey Lohan' about the drugs, I seem to recall this was the first time she tried it and just paid a big price.

So that's your on with the update.

The entire episode takes the Barlow's dining room with Deidre and Tracey. They start off having their typical blow out and Deidre wonders why Tracey is the way she is seeing as Deidre never turned her back on her. ('Bullshit' coughs Glacia. Just because you spoiled her and never said no, doesn't mean you weren't compensating for being a negligent mom.) She then confronts Tracey about her pills, which are a big part of her life, but you'd never know it. If Tracey can be so secretive about that, what else can she be lying about?

Deidre says that it's because Tracey took 'E' that she lost the only man she ever....(fill in the blank). Tracey is genuinely taken aback and says, 'Ever what mom? Ever loved? and what about him up there?' (referring to Ken).

Deidre can't take back what she's said and decides to go with that train of thought and tells Tracey that the only decent thing about her is Samir's kidney and goes on about Tracey's drug habit.

Tracey rebuttals by asking Deidre about her wine and cigarette habits and isn't that just as bad? She then continues on and tells Deidre that she took drugs to get away from her and:

- her geriatric house
- her glasses
- her neckline
- her moaning
- her smoking
- her kitsch wallpaper
- her tacky perms

(Glacia at this point is rolling around on the floor loving every-single-second of it. This needed to be said. As evil as Tracey is, I've been kind of thinking all this stuff for the last few years.)

She then continues on about how Deidre's loose morals (YES) made Tracey the laughing stock of school and how everyone made fun of her because of her slag of a mum.

At this point Deidre walks out to the back courtyard where Tracey follows. Tracey, realizing she may have gone too far, tries to tell Deidre that the perm wasn't all that bad. Deidre responds by advising her not to show the judge her vicious streak.

Tracey says that the only thing she resents in her upbringing is that Deidre raised her to resent Ray. Deidre tells her that she doesn't hate her, she doesn't like her most of the time but she doesn't hate her and continues on to say that she is willing to lie for her, but she wants to know what she's lying about. Tracey tells her 'okay' but inside the house.

Tracey fesses up that the whole Charlie abusing her story was fake and that no one ever saw anything. There's this weird moment in all of this that Tracey sees how hurt Deidre is and actually starts crying for hurting her.

Deidre wonders why David would be willing to lie for her and Tracey says, 'You know me mom, a way with the fellas. I must have got it from you, sexy specs.' (Glacia shudders). Deidre asks her if she slept with David and Tracey never actually tells her 'no', for some reason.

Deidre then has a moment where she thinks that Tracey is experiencing 'Battered Wife' syndrome and is making all this up to blame herself for what Charlie did. Tracey tells her to get real and asks if she really believes that she would ever let a man hit her.

Deidre realizes that Tracey is telling the truth and tells Tracey to leave her alone. Tracey sits on the hall stairs and weeps what I believe are actual tears.

So that's it, again, I think this is one of my all time favourite episodes. While I do think this version of Tracey is just as about as evil as all git out, I've been kind of frustrated the last few years because I don't think the writers ever talked about her upbringing. To the new viewer, it probably seemed like Tracey is just spoiled and that's why she thinks she can get away with murder (literally).

But the reality was, Deidre (and Ken, who let's face it, has to take responsibility as father for Tracey) were so wrapped up in their love triangles, quadrangles and pentagons that they neglected her so many times. I think the 'never say 'no' to Tracey' philosophy comes from inner guilt.

I love that they brought up all the Samir history and that Tracey responded the way she did. It's like I've been rewarded after spending 3 years of screaming at the television.

Frankincense Episode

Deidre has spent the night... get this....smoking and Ken tells her that she should have gotten him up. Deidre tells him what Tracey said and he loses...his....mind. He is furious and when Deirdre says something about Tracey not being a 'bad girl' he freaks and says that she's Ray's daughter through and through.

He asks why David is willing to lie for her, but Deidre says she doesn't want to discuss it. (I assume she still assumes that Tracey slept with him.).

Tracey sneaks into the room and can tell by the look on his face that Deidre has told him the truth. Tracey says that she feels bad that Deidre knows the truth and now has to make a hard decision about what to say on the stand, she's sorry for what she's done to the family and most of all she's sorry that Charlie did what he did that caused her to...wait for it....'act out of order.' (I LOVE IT!).

Ken blows his top at the 'out of order' comment, of course. Blanche walks in and says that she knows something's up, that they are keeping something from her, but that's okay because she'll get it out of them eventually anyway.

So off to the trial go Blanche, Tracey, Peter, Adam Steve and Emily. Deidre can't be in the room because she's a witness and Ken has decided to say home with her.

At the courthouse, Tracey is pissed that Maria is there and wonders how Peter could date such a moron. Her, Peter and Adam have a thoughtful discussion on whether men prefer brains or beauty in a woman.

Blanche says something about Danny Larue, but for the life of me I can't remember what it is. If anyone wants to add to the comments section, I'd appreciate it. When she meets Tracey's defense team she introduces the lot as family and friends, sort of the X-Factor without the banners.

Later in the courtroom, Blanche begins to recite a Hail Mary and Emily says, 'I didn't realize you were Catholic.' Blanche says that she isn't, but she's covering her bases.

We leave this scene with the judge coming in and Tracey trying to smile, but realizing she's in big trouble.

The Anti-Connors
Mel apparently is a jogger. I think Mel needs to put the shoes down and eat some cake...but that's just my opinion.

Kaliegh has had the begeebers scared out of her about her new school by Chelsey and Sophie who basically tell her she'll be robbed and beaten by the teachers, so she decides to just stay home.

When Jerry confronts her, she says that she didn't want to come to Weatherfield and that she'd be happier with her mom and her brother Finley.

Looks like Liam bought the house from under Leanne. He tells Jamie that now owns the house and that he doesn't have to leave, but that he's moving in with him.

Leanne still won't date him.

In Other News
Doreen and Rita give Norris advice on what to cook for Emily. He calls them 'Two Fat Ladies on a Budget'.

Molly teases Dev about being interested in him. She says he's handsome in a 'dodgy uncle' sort of way.

Anyone else notice the Moose head in the Morton's kitchen? Is this another reference to Canada, or am I just reading too much into it.

Myrrh Episode

Tracey's trial begins and the prosecution is up first they say that there are circumstances when a woman is not found guilty of killing a spouse/partner after being a victim of abuse. They argue that Tracey knows that and that she is trying to convince the court system that she acted in self defense when in fact she wasn't a victim. They call Jason as a witness and get out of him that Charlie didn't really care when Tracey left him after she found out about the Maria affair and that Charlie figured Tracey was just trying to get her own back with stunts like locking herself in the bedroom.

The defense argues that Charlie may have been putting on a brave front to save face and that hunky builders are not ones to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Maria is up and the prosecution get out of her that Charlie never hit her or was physically abusive to her, but that Tracey did attack her on the street. Theeeeeeeeeen it gets out that Charlie did try to drown David.

Peter is up on the stand and tells the court his side of the events the night when Charlie was killed. He described the house and Tracey's state. The prosecution takes some interest in the fact that Amy was upstairs, safe and away from the action.

Peter then answers questions about the night that Charlie attacked him and tells the court basically that Charlie was a psycho.

The prosecution brings in some expert who says that the evidence at the scene is all wonky. How could Charlie have held on to the knife while being knocked unconscious? (Something I thought weird myself). Why wasn't there any blood from Tracey's hand on the statue? Why were there no wounds on Tracey or Charlie (other than the blows to the head and Tracey's hand wounds) that would indicate a struggle.

The defense shoot down these theories by getting the expert to admit that it's not *impossible* for someone to hang on to the knife and that Tracey could have used her other hand for statue/head smashing time.

Personally, I think these are super weak arguments, but the Barlows are feeling positive that the dream team is dieing a great job....maybe not Ken so much.

In Other News

It is decided that Mel can go live with her mom, even though Jerry thinks Teresa (the mom) is a shit mom. Mel is pleased.

Candice is getting married in Greece!

Liam and Jamie are settling in together.

That's It for Me

So that's your big posting.....enjoy. Remember to watch or record the Corrie special tomorrow and to just take a quick boo at the schedule I posted earlier so you don't miss any good stuff.

To those of you who celebrate, Merry Christmas from all of us at Corrie Canuck. And for everyone, enjoy the next few days of peace.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Right, now where's my holiday vodka?


Anonymous said...

Deirdre was absolutely brilliant - really showed her acting chops. Terrific scenes.


Anonymous said...

I too loved the recap of the Samir business and Tracy's resentment of Dierdre's complicated love life. Tracy was too 1-dimensional - all evil without the background to show why she felt that way and they never seemed to show a good side. At least I can't remember anything good about her; maybe someone else can. I thought the 2 actresses did a good job but Dierdre practically ate those cigarettes!

So Samir was the only man she ever loved? What about Jon Lindsay, Mike, Ken, Ray? Dev was just a fling but she was really smitten by Jon - or gave a good impression of it and I thought she and Ken decided they loved each other after all those ups and downs.

Anonymous said...

Jacqueline, superb update! May I take this opportunity to let you know how much I love this website and to wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas!

Jacqui said...

Excellent update! Thanks so much for providing the background information. I've only been watching for 3 or 4 years so I had no idea the reasons behind Tracy's behaviour. This update clued me in way more than the episode itself. Thanks again, and Happy Holidays! :)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thanks for the update. The Evening with Coronation Street special that's on tonight has one of my favourite quotes, related to last week's Tracy-Deirdre duet: teenaged Tracy, from back in the day, yelling at her mother, "I HATE YOU, YOU ROTTEN COWY TART!!!"

And ever since then, Deirdre never said no to her daughter.

EPS said...

Remember Ken and D's reaction when Tracy first got married? That husband never got much of a run as a character - he did appear a few times but that story line was never developed and its potential didn't seem to be mined for much.

I saw the Audience with C St again last night and, once again, thought there was a clip of Claire only to realize that it was actually a young Dierdre. Has anyone else noticed how much Claire looks like the young D - especially when she is wearing (fairly) large glasses like she wore when she first started out in her nanny days?

Anonymous said...


Blanche said something to the effect of: You can't trust anyone wearing a wig. Just look at Danny LaRue.

This was in the context of the lawyers and judges wearing wigs, and the idea that she didn't trust them to do the right thing and let her Tracy off.

My first response was to laugh because both Blanche and Emily are clearly members of the Dolly Parton Wig of the Month Club.

Michigander Fan

Mayfairgirl said...

That was one stunning update!

Debbie said...

That update blew my mind!