Friday, December 21, 2007

Corrie's Got Talent Episode Update - For Tues Dec 18th

Sorry for the tardiness of this update…Mrs. Glacia Claus is up to her elbows in bows, tofifee, sausage rolls and vodka right now.

So here is your Tuesday update – a bit brief to allow me to get a head start on today’s drinking.

But Who Will Save Yodelling?
The episode opens with Rita and Norris worrying about the lost art of yodelling.

I assure you, it is alive and well....for some reason.***

Boomerang Jewelry
Janice steals Leanne’s mobile in the hopes of getting her out of her new line of work. Leanne explains to her that all she’s going to accomplish is getting her sacked from this agency, but that she’ll just go on to another agency.

Later, Leanne brings Janice her hocked bling back to her. (We do find out that Danny gave her £ 50,000 and I got to ask ….where the HELL is that money?) Janice explains that she’s worried about Leanne’s safety and asks that Leanne provides names, places and times when she goes out with a client. Leanne doesn’t think it’s necessary, but gives Janice the info anyway.

Gramps and Mel (I think that one is Mel) do a little con with the corner store involving a twentie with a little flower on it. Gramps goes in and pays for 3 lollipops with a 20, a bit later Mel goes in to buy something with a fiver. When Dev gives her her change she tells him that she paid with a 20 and if he doesn’t believe him, look for one in the till with a flower.

I hate this family.

Dad finds out and tells Mel she has to do extra shifts at the kebab shop and that he’s going to buy Dev £15 worth of pints.

OOOOOOOOOr, you could take her sorry ass back to Dev's to confess, pay back the money and oh I don't know, make her face the consequences of her actions.

Acting Master Class
Deidre and Ken decide that it is best if she doesn’t take the stand seeing that she is under so much stress. Deidre is worried about there being a second murder charge when she tells Tracey this, but Ken says Tracey’s just going to have deal with it.

When Tracey comes back from the pub (after unsuccessfully trying to get Steve to give her a bit of stress reducing rumpy-pumpy) they tell her and the predicted hytersics begin and soon Deidre is doing her best Fred Sanford imitation with shorten breath. Tracey tells her that is a fine acting job.

Are we watching the same performance? (Note to John: I’ve set you up very nicely her to post the Master Class youtube you have posted on Facebook.)

She also suggests that maybe it’s the 100 cigarettes Deidre’s has smoked that morning. And thus begins the nice show down they’re going to have in the next episode.

This current conflict ends with Ken screaming at Tracey to get the hell out. Hurrah!

BTW – I really liked that sweater Deidre was wearing in this episode. I think that’s the first time she looked, you know….good.

In Other News
Doreen and her vodka have moved into Rita’s…along with her ‘bits’. No word on her ‘bobs’ yet.

Claire meets up with Casey and it’s decided that next time she’ll bring Freddy with her. Brillliant, BRILLIANT move Claire.

Fizz informs one and all that Dandie Dimont’s are a nightmare and live off a diet of skinless sausage. Hmmmm, I have a German Sheperd who would gladly subsist off of sushi and cucumbers.

I don’t know if this was shown in every region, but Valerie Bertandernie is 3 lbs away from her goal weight thanks to Jenny Craig. Glacia celebrates with a bucket of KFC.

***You know, last year when I was in France we were able to catch the French version of 'America's Got Talent'...'Incroyable Talent!'

I assure you, it's a HELL of a lot more sophisciated.

And failing on 'Incroyable Talent' does not hold you back from a later career.

Indulge me here....Mr. Glacia has forbidden me from 'Fait La Poule'ing at home.


John said...

Actually, we did hear about Doreen's bobs when Jamie, unloading her stuff from the taxi, exclaimed to Norris: "You should see the size of her bobs!"

I like that Jamie has developed into someone with the charm of his dad and the compassion of his mum, although with the wealth and taste of neither.

John said...

Sorry, step-mum. The one he slept with.

Debbie said...


The grifting Morton daughter is Kayleigh, not that anyone cares.

John said...

Couple of things:

I still think the Mortons would be more interesting if they were Travellers. It also took me a minute to figure out the word play involved in Jerry's Hat Trick, aka Geriatric.

The stuff with Claire is getting a little silly. When she was introduced, she was very straight-laced, save for a penchant for doing shots, innocent and yet she wasn't a fool. It seems they deliberately dumbed her down to make a few plotlines work. Claire of a few years ago would have seen through Tracy's act, not to mention whatever this Casey woman is up to.

I'd say Leanne's £50,000 is still around but dwindling a bit. The escorting may be earning her some money but she's neve been frugal, has she? Whatever nest egg she's trying to build will never get very large if she can't keep away from the shops.

Debbie said...

From your keyboard to my ears!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Clares actions are stupidity I think they have more to do with her need to be NEEDED and her thinking that she's a bit smarter then the rest. Plus ppd really does mess with your head, as does being a stay at mum :-)

That said the story is a bit blah.

papasmurf said...

I wonder if Janice is going to end up pimping for Leanne.

When I was a young smurf I spent a summer in the mountains of Austria and Switzerland doing a bit of climbing and learning to yodel a bit along the way.

Snogged a few alpine beauties along the way if I recall...

pip said...

That trick Kaleigh and Gramps played was straight out of Paper Moon, but I suppose Dev can't be expected to have watched such a wholesome family movie. :P

Didn't Claire's friend Casey say she found it hard seeing moms with their babies? Call me crazy, but I think she's going to snatch wee Freddie, I say I think she going to take the tyke!

Ken seems to have two settings: totally and frustratingly complacent, and full blown rage. He needs to find a middle ground.

Jacqueline said...

'Jerry's Hat Trick, aka Geriatric'
Whoa! I missed that!

What's PPD? rock.