Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Kinda Hurt that no One Responded to My Poll But I Ain’t Mad At ‘Cha Update Monday December 3rd 2007

UK Time: Wednesday March 7th 2007

Let’s all agree that the two most pressing story lines from last night’s broadcast were the Tracy and David testimony debacle and the Sonny, Sean and Michelle love triangle. The rest was just window dressing.

The show may have opened with Leanne talking about fringe real estate markets while Liam spat at her, but it really started with the Sean, Michelle and Sonny saga. Sean and Fizz were standing in the street together just before work discussing Fizz’s pizza diet when Michelle walked by giving Sean the daggers. Fizz notices and is surprised. Get used to it, sister, cuz it ain’t the last time you’re gonna see it. Later, in the pub, Michelle really gets her glare on and then tries to leave work by faking a headache. Steve offers to cover for her so she can take off.

But, nothing gets by Liz and later, after Michelle yells at Sean to change the barrels, she pulls her staff into the back for an impromptu meeting. Michelle reveals that Steve was right and Sean has been Sonny’s bit on the side. After making sure the staff can continue to work, she sends Michelle back in, while she and Sean agree that he should go home. Because, you know, he may have done the dirty on Michelle, but Sean just needs a break. Michelle can totally work while maintaining a stiff upper lip after her heinous Sean induced beak-up. But, Sean, he’s fragile and just needs time to cry it out.

It’s a good thing he went home because if he stayed at the pub he would have missed a very special visitor. Sonny and his set of huge brass balls swings over to Sean’s place. He suggests they continue to see each other despite the break up. For me, the most important bit of this scene was Sonny’s wording. He said to Sean, “just because Michelle and I have split up, that doesn’t mean we have to stop seeing each other.” Just because Michelle and I have split up … Now, I have been thinking about that one long and hard. It is kind of like saying, “Listen, baby, you were my bit on the side. But, since I have lost my girlfriend, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be my bit on the side. Please just know that you will never be my girlfriend. You will only ever be my bit on the side regardless of my actual relationship status.” But, maybe I think too much. Anyway, Sean gave him his marching orders. Will that last? I hope, but you gotta be strong to live through a love hangover.

Now, over to
David and Tracy. David is chomping at the bit to get into Tracy’s pants. She again tries to put him off telling him that there is nowhere for them to go and that they should wait until after the trial. David is not having it and Tracy has to sort something out.

Later we see Jason sitting in the builder’s office doing something when Tracy pops round asking for the keys to the flat. She tells Jason that she wants some pictures of the uni-browed dishwasher dweller, despite the fact that she is hideous and will most likely want to forget what she looked like as a child. It must be Jason’s new-found parental sentimentality, but he’s like ‘Here, Tracy, take the keys to the flat to get pictures even though you had moved out months ago.’ Tracy heads down with the keys and fully in view of Charlie’s stalker cam, she calls David to invite him over for a bit of afternoon delight, if he is still interested.

Later, Tracy finds Adam who must have just crawled out of the abyss and asks him to call her cell phone at precisely 5:30 and please don’t forget. She gives him some lame Cynthia Dale related excuse and he assures her that he won’t forget.

Later, on the stalker cam, Jason sees Tracy arrive at the flat, followed shortly by David. Interesting …

At the flat, Tracy pours some wine and David seems to really believe that he is getting somewhere. Oh, the ignorance of youth. He smacks her on the butt and Tracy may start drinking right from the bottle. After asking him about school, she heads for the bathroom for about 20 minutes. Upon her return, David asks what took so long. She tells him that she was making herself beautiful for him. As her face looks exactly the same, I find this hilarious and kind of want David to ask her to elaborate.

Well, since Adam is kind of drunk and listening to stories about his ex-girlfriend doing her boss he forgets to call at 5:30, but does finally call a half hour late. Tracy answers and pretends that something is wrong with the aforementioned uni-browed dishwasher dweller. She must go right away.

But, to give David something to dream about, she gives him a little cuddle outside the flat right in front of Charlie’s stalker cam while Jason watches. I think it is funny that Tracy has been caught with the camera that Charlie used to spy on his bit on the side. This is Street magic!

In Other News

Leanne is thinking about buying Jamie’s house with the money she got as a direct result of cheating on Jamie with is dad. She will, of course, rent it to Jamie. Jamie is totally cool with that. It’s like they both have really taken to the notion of ‘bygones.’

Vernon is now driving a cab for Steve. However, after a run to a lap-dancing club, he may now be a missing person.

Some of the factory girls are snubbing the new girl.

The Connors continues their stellar record as garment industry employers. How long will this go on for?

Steve made an ass of himself with Michelle once again.


Anonymous said...

What poll was that, m'dear?

I have been incommunicado, as I have been flat on my back (malheuresement, neither drink nor men were involved).

But I'm feeling MUUUCH better now, or at least I have prescription muscle relaxers now.

Excellent update.

My favorite part of the eipsode was watching the wittle hamster on Jayshun's wheel trying to fire up enough neurons to put 2 and 2 together. Hurray for little Skippy!

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

OH!!! and BTW, HELLO! I totally played that drinking game in college! I thought everyone did?!?! That and euchre.

So... are they just getting that game in the Old Country, or was this just very young folks getting initiated into an ancient rite?

Enquiring minds want to know...


Jacqueline said...

Um...Hello! I sent you an email about the poll. To that personal email.

papasmurf said...

Sorry Deb - I meant to reply to the New Year's Eve question - I would choose the Connor clan. No doubt there would be fireworks aplenty and lots of talk about footie.

Anonymous said...

I wish that the Corrie writers would not make Jaysun so thick....I like him and the actor.. Much better than his real life girlfriend who plays Sarah.
(hint in there....)


PS The newscasters hair on the CBC right before Corrie with the blonde streaks is still driving me nuts. She is a good castcaster with BAD HAIR!!!
I just may call the CBC...;)