Saturday, December 08, 2007

Update- Friday, December 7, 2007- Deirdre Grows a Brain, and Jason Loses His

This bit was cut from the episode: the Barlows return to their home after the hearing, and Tracy is extremely pleased and confident. Peter is off put by the fact that Tracy is nonchalant, but Deirdre defends her.

Tracy and Peter then go to the Rover’s. Steve is cool to Tracy. After Tracy sits down, Peter, who is up at the bar, offers to buy Maria a drink. She warns him that Tracy will not be pleased with that, just in time for Tracy to tell Peter that he should leave “that tart” alone as she might give him something. This from the woman who is promising to bed a 16 year-old in exchange for false testimony. I believe this is what they call “lacking insight”. As they sit together, Peter says to Tracy that something is up with Deirdre, and Tracy should speak with her. Tracy feigns innocence.

Back at the Barlows, Jason comes around and speaks with Deirdre. He asks her about the tape. Deirdre explains that David was getting “wobbly”, and Tracy has been helping him in his time of need. Jason is satisfied with the explanation, and leaves, not even asking about the tape.

Meanwhile, Tracy has spotted Jason talking to Deirdre and asks her about the conversation. She asks Deirdre about it, and Deirdre says that everything has been explained. Tracy is relieved, but not for long, as it becomes apparent to her that Deirdre is acting strangely. She asks if there is something wrong, but Deirdre denies it.

The “I wish I cared” Plot-line

The scene begins with Carla trying to contact Paul on his cell. He doesn’t answer. She questions Liam again, but he denies that there is anything she doesn’t know.

Outside the factory, the workers are trying to come up with clever chants. The buyer then arrives, and has to work her way through them to get into the building. As she is doing this, Liam and Carla are arguing about the strike and Paul. The buyer comes in as things get heated between them. She asks if she came at a bad time, but Carla assures her she didn’t.

Things do not get better, however, as, after showing her the empty factory Liam confesses that they do not have samples or figures: Paul had them in the car. Irritated, the buyer suggests that they phone her back when Paul is around. After she leaves, Liam and Carla continue to argue. Carla wants to know the truth. She also leaves.

Liam then goes out and tells Sean he has his job back. Hayley, master labour organizer, tells Liam that they will only go back if Vicky, the Polish worker, gets the same wage the rest of them do. Liam agrees.

Later on, Carla returns, worried about Paul. He is nowhere to be found. She gives Liam an ultimatum. She gives him ten minutes to tell her what is going on, or he, and Paul, are on their own. She leaves the factory once more.

Just as she is about to pull away, she sees Liam leave the factory and come to the car. He sits in the passenger seat, and confesses. He, Paul and Dean had been to a boxing match, and they were all drunk. Dean wanted to drive, but he was so wasted, that Paul drove. They crashed. As Dean was dead, Paul and Liam put him in the driver’s seat. It turns out Michelle doesn’t know. Liam doesn’t want her, or Ryan to know. Carla is disgusted, which, given that she is generally amoral, is a bit surprising.

In Other News

Liz offers Derek, the new deliveryman, a drink. He opts for orange juice, and she offers it to him in the back room. There, they sit and complain about their respective partners. Then they say, “but they are lovely.” Liz lies to Steve about why he was there for so long.

Oh the fashion horror. Dev and Peter wear the same shirt to the Rover’s.

Liz agrees that Vern can use the upstairs of the Rover’s for drum lessons. He gets his first client.


Jackie said...

ok, I might be the only one that thinks this, but this episode kinda made me like Carla for the first time since she's been on the show. And dispite my better judgement, I'm starting to like the Connors, mostly Liam and Michelle.

I am SO ready for the Tracey killed Charlie story line to be over, especailly the annoying Dedrie and creapy David parts of that storyline. I think this is getting draged out just as much as the Shelly/Charlie story line.

I wonder if they will get Shelly to testify on Tracey's behalf as a former woman abused by Charlie???

pip said...

Jackie, I agree with you, the Conners are finally becoming interesting and well-developed characters. Having said that, I don't know why Carla would even consider telling Michelle and Ryan the truth when they're just getting over the Sonny fiasco. Paul and Liam are going to have to figure this out. Just like it was Michelle's job to deal first with Sonny, and then with Ryan, so it is Paul and Liam's job (and not Carla's) to deal with the truth about Dean.

The Tracy/David storyline is boring because it's the same thing over and over. David creepily and pathetically demands sex and Tracy, looking disgusted and relieved, manages to put him off.

I don't think Tracy has told her lawyer about Shelley, maybe because she doesn't believe that Charlie abused her, but more likely because it won't look good if it comes out that Charlie got his old girlfriend pregnant while he was with Tracy, and Tracy knew it.

Jacqueline said...

Oh Carla's been growing on me for a while.

Anonymous said...

I think I could get more into the connors if they weren't in every scene. I like when corrie has lots of little stories going on and some more about day to day life. Not these huge dramatic stories all the time. I love corrie because is not an american soap and i don't want it to head that way.

kunzie said...

Agree with everyone - I am starting to find the Connors interesting. I do like Carla. Anyone who has ever under-costed a job or struggled with a business will at least get Carla. I think Liam has comedic timing and I find Paul believable.
And yes, what makes the Tracy/David storyline (or any) boring is exactly that - when the same scene occurs over and over.
Curious to see what Deirdre has to say next....

Anonymous said...

While it is possible to keep a secret between 2 people (especially when both people have a vested interest in keeping said secret), once a third person knows, it's only a matter of time before Michelle knows. I'm guessing she won't be pleased.

You know, it's funny: Michelle is my favorite Connor, but I started racking up the people she's had fallings-out with in the short time she's been on the show, and it's a lot. I realized that after she refused to serve Paul a drink until Paul apologized for Ryan for boxing his ear over the joyride.

My first thought was: huh. I don't know that she has the right to refuse service to anyone, since it's not her pub, and Liz and Steve may actually be in the business to, you know, make money or something.

But think about it. Every time you turn around, she's fighting with someone from behind that bar.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

And for the record, I think Ryan deserved having his ears boxed. Just not by Paul. He's at a dangerous age, and between this and the spray-painting incident, where he showed a near-David-Platt level of lying ability (to the cops), I think someone needs to reint this kid in, and fast. I realize he was hurt and upset, but that does not excuse committing a felony.

Re: the rest of the Connors. I like Liam OK, but he's been sort of limited. Carla at least is interesting. I don't like her, but then I didn't like JR either, but he sure made the show interesting. I'm hoping she will do the same. Paul is meh.


Anonymous said...

And yes, I agree about the Tracey and David storyline. David is capable of so many more interesting things than stalking Tracey, like robbing the Irish Mail train. (I hope that wasn't a spoiler.)

Shelley would only testify on Tracey's behalf as a hostile witness.

I have constructed a fantasy in mind, involving a Seinfeld-esque ending to this storyline, whereby all the people who have been mistreated by Tracey parade into court one at a time to show what a lying sociopath she is. They could bring Nathan back, and Shelley, plus you have Claire, Steve, Jayshun, David...and Baboo, all the way from Pakistan.

It probably won't go down that way, but I can dream, can't I?


Anonymous said...


You're absolutely right - it would not behoove Tracey to tell them about Shelley - Maria did enough damage to her tale of woe.

Can I just ask where Blanche has been? She shouldn't be missing the court case scenes. That's shoddy on the part of the writers. They make her a courtroom groupie, and then she doesn't bother to show up at court for her own grandaughter?

That dog don't hunt.


Anonymous said...

Other than Liam, for obvious good looking reasons, I am not a huge fan of the Connors.

I'll have to see how this develops. That Paul was driving the night Michelle's husband died reeks of American soap opera writing.

Leanne and Carla however, as sisters-in-law, would make for some great family dinners.


Anonymous said...

I was initially turned off by Carla. I just find the character of the snob who looks her nose down at the working classes kind of tedious but I've grown a little more sympathetic to her.

Now that we see what she has to put up with as the outsider looking into the sacred inner sanctum that is the Connor family, it makes me like her a little more. She's married to a prick and nobody in the family take her seriously. No wonder she is the way she is.

Whitehorse Fan said...

As is clear from my subtitle, I find the Connors boring. Michelle I like, Liam I liked before the rest of the family showed up. I would like dislike Paul and Carla in the same way I dislike Tracy and David. But I simply don't care enough. The best they do is irritate me.

And I am hoping the Tracy story picks up a bit now that Deirdre is suspicious of Tracy.

Anonymous said...


Exactly! You and I are completely sympatico about both the Connors and the Tracey/David storyline.

John, I get your point about Carla, but if she wasn't such a high and might witch to absolutely everyone, she might have friends, and Michelle might treat her a lot differently. She has the potential for all kinds of shiny hair bonding with Michelle, but she insists on treating her badly. Remember when Michelle was freaking out about the family coming over for dinner, and Sonny was trying to comfort her, and she said all Carla ever says when she cooks is "You could do better, Michelle."

Reminded me of my former fiance's grandma. She made this big deal about telling me how whenever she goes to someone's house, she always looks in the corners, because you can tell what kind of a housekeeper she is by how clean her corners are. My ex could not understand why I didn't want to invite this woman over. Pretty much because if I know you're walking into my house prepared to judge me, you ain't coming over. Period.



Anonymous said...

My horror of the past week was the return of Janice in all of her overacting, scenery-chewing, gum-smacking finery. Obviously the Polish worker will get the axe, and Janice will take her rightful place as head shrew on the Street. I hope the Connors will have the gumption to can her ass at the first sign of her perpetual sarcasm (she must be hugely popular in Britain for the writers to continue with that act). Rant over.