Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Boredom Sets In Deep.....Update

The Inner Circle
Paul makes it home and Karla is far to happy about him being home to be pissed. They embrace and she gives him a bit of hell of not telling her about the car accident and brings up the fact that the Conners are so closed knitted that they kind of muscle her out.

Paul goes into the factory and after the 'where the hell where you?' row with Liam, all settles down and at the end of the day the Connor boys and Karla enjoy a coffee in the staff cafeteria. Michelle comes in and again, after the 'where the hell were you' schtick, it's decided the family will go out for dinner on Paul's tab.

Karla, has now earned her place in the 'Paul killed Dean' inner circle that Michelle is not in. This may have more weight right now than the 'Blood Relatives that you can't infiltrate even if your hair as shiny black as ours' inner circle.

Deidre Barlow Investigates!
David calls Tracey, she has to go out into the street where he wonders when they are going to get jiggy with it and she tells him that he has to be patient. She sweetens the bit by saying some horseshit how she's glad he's her friend because she can really open up to him.

Deidre sees, confront Tracey, Tracey lies, Deidre believes it and Glacia falls off the wagon again just to make sure she's still alive.

Later Deidre asks Gayle if she can come around for a coffee. Once inside and at Gayle's table, she asks Gayle if it's okay to smoke. Gayle says 'Yes', but her eyes and that pause of silence say, 'Are you freaking kidding me?'*

Anyway, Deirde wants to talk to E.T. about David's nightmares (and bed wetting, but she's too polite to say) over the whole Charlie thing. Gayle informs her that David gets a good 18 hours of sleep a day and nothing has been bothering him.

"HMMMMMM.' thinks Deidre.

Later, in the pub she overhears Steve say how Charlie was telling him he was getting ready to leave Tracey. Tracey comes into the pub and her and Deidre sit down at one of the booths. Deidre asks her about this bit of info that Steve has provided.

Tracey leaves the pub and when Deidre comes after her, she tells her that she sucks as a mother and the one thing she needs right now is her mother's support. She turns around with that whole purse/hair action and storms off.

Peter asks Deidre if she's okay, and Deidre says she just doesn't know.

Claire is an Idiot
Claire has met up with Casey (the woman who called her on the suicide prevention line) and they go out for a friend cup of coffee. (The UK apparently is out of tea this week).

Casey tells her how hard it is to see babies on the street and basically bemoans her life. Claire shares with Casey that she had postnatal depression to which Casey proclaims Claire to be her friend.

Claire is deeeeeeeeeeeeelighted because since Tracey has stopped inviting her around for Peek Freens and Tetely's she has been sans amie.

In Other News
Marie and Peter seem to be an item, or at least becoming one.

Janice and Leanne shop.

Violet has gotten news from 'the clinic', she will be able to have babies, but she might not be as fertile as she once was.

* You know, I enjoy a cigarette now and them myself....but I got to say....Deidre's habit is getting really disgusting. Who even asks if you can smoke in a non-smokers home?


Debbie said...

Someone please be Claire's friend. I can't beleiev that an adult woman would think it is ok to make "friends" with someone she met on a help line.

I also like that she basically admitted that she doesn't have any friends. Oh Claire. Next she should give this woman access to all her bank accounts and totally trust her with the kids.

Debbie said...

P.S. Deirdry killed me at E.T.'s place. I laughd out loud at her reaction when Gail said that David is fine.

Debbie said...


Love the graphic.

You could have also written "clue" in the circle and "Claire" or "Deirdry" on the outside.

I swear that this is my last comment.

Rob Swizzle said...

Claire looked relaxed and pretty, instead of pinched for a change.

Anonymous said...

You know, when you ask someone if you can smoke in their home, and they pause for a full 10 seconds, that is them trying desperately to figure out a way to tell you no without being openly rude. Get a clue, Deirdre. (Of course, she's expending all her Sherlock strength trying to unravel the mystery inside and enigma inside something else that is Tracey Barlow.)

Gail's reaction to the "Poor David" schtick was pretty darned funny, though!

Glacia, LOVED the "shiny hair inner circle" comment!

Also, I concur. Claire is an idiot. I hope that dog doesn't end up getting boiled in a really large pot in a couple of weeks...

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


Come on, admit it...

It is more fun to break up one's comments into theme-based mini comments, isn't it?

Get loose, wild and free, man! It's... groovy, baby!


Anonymous said...

AH-HA! A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

Or something like that.

Oswald totally did it, though.


Anonymous said...

Some people drink -- Deirdre smokes.

Hmm, wouldn't you think Gail would get a clue that it is odd that David, who has witnessed a horrible, horrible murder and is a chief witness in a trial, can still sleep like a baby?

Claire is sad, really. I don't understand why she doesn't meet people by joining Emily in the good works department: she's organized, efficient, skin as thick as a plank, really quite suitable for wheeling and dealing on a church committee or two.


Trudy C said...

Deidre practically had the cigarette in her mouth when she asked Gail if it was OK to smoke. Gail's hesitation should have been a clue. But not Deidre - she always has her blinders on.

Tracey's getting very smug about everything. Her comment that she was only "friends" with Claire because she needed her testimony is a typical "the world revolves around Tracey"

My favourite line of the night was in the Corner Shop. Someone was talking about Liam having a woman in very port and a port in every woman and Steve says Dev is almost the same - 7 shops, and a baby in every shop. Boy, I love Steve.