Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Actualización De Diciembre El 5 De 2007 - Todos miente

¡Tracy miente a su madre!

Deirdre's in the back garden, having her 117th smoke of the morning when she overhears Tracy and David talking about "doing it" and "sneaking around" and "people are watching" and "how much longer" and "it's different for guys. It's like we need to do it."

Deirdre goes to see Jason at work and asks him about what's going on. He hands her the surveillance tape. When he later runs into Tracy in the Rovers, he asks her if she's spoken to he mum recently.

Tracy finds Deirdre at home where she's been going over the Stalker-Cam footage like it was the Zapruder film ("She strokes his cheek. Back. And to the left. Back. And to the left.").

Tracy tells her no, seriously, I, who murdered my boyfriend, thus causing David Platt's mental trauma, am providing comfort. Deirdre is beginning to wonder if it's true and yet, against her better judgement, she agrees to destroy the tape.

¡Sonny es bisexual! ¡Pero no bisexual con Sean más!

Sean is feeling dreadful about his past actions but Jason tries to cheer him up, telling that it will all work out in the end, like when he ditched his wedding to Sarah-Love by jumping out the bathroom window. Then Sonny shows up and, despite the mojo he tries to work, Sean gathers the strength to tell him to take a hike.

When he tells Michelle of this in the Rovers, she tells him he should have been honest from the beginning. She also tells him of the time he kept mum about Jamie and Frankie's affair while Jamie was dating Violet. He said he was in a dilemma but Michelle counters that his "dilemmas" are ruining people's lives.

Meanwhile Paul is still in a foul mood over clipping Ryan on the ear but when Liam and Carla press him on the issue, he storms out. But it all has to do with Dean's car accident.

¡Leanne vende las propiedades inmobiliarias para una compañía española grande!

Leanne is still with the property selling and Dev thinks he might look at an apartment in Spain himself. She also displays her new mastery of the Spanish language by offering to buy Roy and Hayley a drink, which Roy declines, to Hayley's dismay.

¿Quién es más atractivo? ¿Devendra Alahan o Enrique Iglesias?

Molly and Amber have decided that Dev needs to get over Sunita and get himself back on the market, particularly after learning that he still keeps a little black book.

A beautiful woman comes in for a few things and Dev puts on his best Carlo Rota act and tries to seduce her with some advice involving olive oil (ew!) which the woman tells she'll give to her husband.

Amber suggests he buy some new clothes and lose a little weight if he wants to be more successful with women who don't work in his shops.

¡Devendra perdió su mojo!


Anonymous said...

Te amo los titlos espanoles, Juan!

OK. Random thoughts.

Deirdre REALLY likes smoking. She smokes like starving people eat.

I knew Jayshun was no match for Tracey. Instead of turning the tape over to the Poe-leece, getting Tracey's bail revoked, and seriously screwing up her defense, the tape is now on the way to the landfill. Good job, doofus!

I cannot believe Deirdre. And don't tell me again about how guilty she feels because she was a crap mother to Tracey. My mom was a crap mom too. Trust me, she doesn't feel guilty about it at ALL. And she would certainly never stick her neck out for me like Deirdre's doing.

You know, I'd like to care about the Connors' secret. But I just don't.

Dev's attempt at Fonzie-hood was embarrassing to watch. Ouch.

Steve was funny (and a scene stealer) as usual.

Sean/Michelle/Sonny get their own post.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

First of all, Sean did the right thing (finally). I know it can be hard to let go. We've all had that guy (or girl) who really messed with our heads. But it seems Sean has stepped up now. Good for him!

We really saw everything we needed to in the way Sonny reacted to the whole Ryan debacle. (It was unfortunate, but it's not like we planned it.) Seriously selfish. I'm not really surprised, but still. It was validation.

And Michelle had the best line of the show, hands down, with her "Your dilemmas are messing up people's lives!" line. It's a little more "grey" with the Jamie thing, since he wasn't directly involved, but this one is really on him.

Of course, if people told the truth, there wouldn't BE soaps at all!

Oh, and Vern, with his "some of the best rockers are friends of Dorothy" line was laugh out loud! I guess he DOES know about Freddie Mercury (aka Eddie Murphy)!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, and John, this was hilarious!

Tracy finds Deirdre at home where she's been going over the Stalker-Cam footage like it was the Zapruder film ("She strokes his cheek. Back. And to the left. Back. And to the left.").

I'm still laughing over that!! (Of course, that may be the muscle relaxers..)


Trudy C said...

I love Amber. She has Dev totally figured out. I do have a question though - is she living with Dev? The last I remember she went away for school break, but I don't recall if she went back to live with her Mom or not

Anonymous said...

I am hoping last night was the end of Sonny. I have never liked his character at all. I found him smarmy. I agree with M.F. fan regarding the tape, I so wish Jason had of turned it over to the police. I am getting really tired of smart assed Tracey and hope that she gets what's coming to her.
By the way where is Amy?

kowy said...

Mr. Hottie Little Mosque cooks too?

Skeezix said...

I'm glad that Sean did away with Sonny and all. But I do think that some of the anger Sean directed Sonny's way is a bit misplaced.

It takes two to tango, Sean. Don't go getting all huffy at Sonny. Yes, he's scummy, but you were all but chasing after him ("Sonny, we need to talk!") And you feel bad about Ryan? Then what the heck were you doing at Sonny's house in the first place?!

Debbie said...

Enrique kina looks like a woman, a really beautiful woman, but a woman none the less. I am all about Julio.

I can't even believe that Deirdry would have a doubt in her mind about Tracy's guilt. After last night's display, she has to know the truth.

Get in the felucca, Deirdry, cuz we all know you are headed down de-nile.

Anonymous said...

I believe Carlo Rota was a chef first and an actor second.


pip said...

MF, I totally agree about Steve, he's scene stealer and I love to watch him.

Yeah, it's a bit much Sean getting all huffy with Sonny. First he goes over to Sonny's house and makes eyes at him until they go up to bed, and then when someone comes to the door he decides he'd better peak and see if it's someone who shouldn't see him there. Huh? At the same time he's trying to convince Michelle that he didn't mean to hurt her and it just 'happened'.

I can't wait until Ken finds out how stupid Dierdre has been, and realizes they used their life savings to defend a guilty daughter and Dierdre knows it.

Anonymous said...


Could this be the END of Ken and Deirdre? (say it like a soap announcer, full of drama.)

I just know that a bedsit is going to be mighty small with Ken, Deirdre, Blanche and Baby Amy (assuming Tracey ends up in the pokey, where she belongs).

BTW, what happened to Peter? He just dissappeared. Is he in the dishwasher with Amy? Perhaps he and Adam are the same person - like a split personality thing. You never seen the two of them together!


Anonymous said...

Ummm. Ok. After using Babelfish, I must amend my original statement.

Amo los títulos españoles, Juan.

Thaaaaat's a little better.

Sorry about the whole Bridget Jones moment there, John! I wasn't actually declaring my love for you.

Looking back at the original post, though, am pretty impressed at what I was able to bluff out, considering that I had 2 years of Spanish over 20 years ago, and I really wasn't paying attention at the time.

Hope Mrs. John isn't preparing to duel at the BIS.


Anonymous said...

That's ok, MF. I used Babelfish to get the titles in the first place. I've no idea if they're grammatically correct.

Every time I wrote the titles, I kept thinking I was reviewing a Telenovella on Telemundo.

Whitehorse Fan said...

Re: Spanish titles. They are close enough, except "¡Devendra perdió su mojo!" means Devendra lost his wet.

Now about Deirdre. Her actions yesterday were simply not believable. No matter how much guilt she feels, I don't think that she would choose to believe Tracy.

And really, the destruction of evidence is not going to help Tracy. What happens when she gets on the witness stand? Will she lie about the tape's existence?

Whitehorse Fan said...

And by "she gets on the witness stand" I mean Deirdre, not Tracy. Tracy clearly will lie about anything, anytime.

frank said...

Just as there was more then one will, me thinks there may be more then one tape.

Anonymous said...

WHF, I was trying to say Dev lost his mojo, a la Austin Powers.

My word verification is shigcfkr. I feel so dirty.

Whitehorse Fan said...

John, I thought you were, but it looks very funny in any case.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. And I thought mojo was one of those international words, like nova...

(That may be a Detroit joke.)

Frank, it would be AWESOME if there's another tape. Unfortunately, I don't think Jayshun is that clever. Let's hope you are right, because I really want to see Tracy to get hers.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Tracy, I remember reading an article in some British mag all about how people were yelling at Kate Ford in the street, that they were unable to separate her from Tracy Barlow. The article referred to "Charlie's murder and the subsequent trial."

I remember thinking, well, murder is bad, mmmkay, but it's not like Charlie is a prince of a guy. Other than Glacia and Jayshun, I don't even know anyone who likes him. Now that I'm witnessing more of her behavior (like putting her parents in the poorhouse and doing the nasty with a 16 YO) I can kind of see why people in the UK were getting so upset.

Now, that's still no reason to yell at poor Kate Ford. The fact that we all hate Tracy so much just shows that she's a good actress.

Just my 2 cents on that.


Anonymous said...

Kate is in good company. The man who played Alan Bradley, Mark Eden, once said in an interview he had a lorry driver waving his fist at him yelling that he better leave poor Rita alone.
Trivia: Sue Nicholls who plays Audrey Roberts is married to Mr Eden.
If it is not considered blasphemous, you can read about it on another CDN Corrie blog here:

Debbie said...

There is another Canadian coronation street blog?

Jacqueline said...

There's a few, love.

Anonymous said...


I scoff at that.


Anonymous said...

This is off topic, but I noticed the CBC has a new Corrie DVD package (Audience with Coronation Street, Farewell Mike and A Family Album DVD). It is all packaged together - but I've noticed the individual DVDs are being sold at Future Shop and Best Buy. Which is great b/c both Audience and Farewell Mike has already been aired. I also notice they are still selling the 'Corrie Secrets' DVD - but for over $40 now! I think I paid $25 2 years ago.

Anonymous said...

This is the ONLY GOOD Canadian Corrie Blog....pishaw to the rest...;)

I hate watching Deidre and the actress smoke...You can hear what it has done to her voice. If you see old Corrie episodes, she has a much prettier voice. Maybe the character will get cancer in an storyline. That would make more sense than the storylines now...
Dev is kinda chunky and Amber rocks!