Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The you CAN get blood from a stone Update: November 19th 2007

UK Time Wednesday February 21st 2007

The show opens
with murderous Tracy Barlow walking down Coronation Street after dropping Amy off at the dishwasher. She stops to talk with Steve who offers to get Amy out of the dishwasher at the end of the cycle due to Tracy’s scheduled appearance at the court of William Roach’s Real Life Wife. No need, says Tracy, it is just a hearing to find out about legal aid for Cynthia Dale, oh and if David Platt can testify in court.

Speaking of the Demon Seed, he comes down the street playing all, maybe I will maybe I wont testify. Meanwhile, the kid has insisted on testifying in court so he could be the star witness. It’s pretty clear what David is after.

As the Barlow elders get set to head to court, we hear the concerns over money for Cynthia Dale and Demon Seed. Ken is being intellectual, Deirdre is being irrational and Blanche is being Blanche.

In court, Blanche takes the time to remind the viewers that Deirdre once stood in the defendants box, albeit in another court room – however, most likely, in the same pair of glasses.

Judge William Roache’s Real Life Wife comes in to read her decisions. Claire’s nosey-neighbour memoir is admissible, Demon Seed can testify in court. Cynthia Dale, however, can not be covered by the crow as judge William Roache’s Real Life Wife can find no evidence that the previous lawyers were Muppets as Tracy claims … in court, at the top of her lungs.*

After the court hearing, the Barlows and Cynthia talk about the outcome and they agree to talk more once the Barlows have come to a decision. That is after Blanche and Deirdre put enough pressure on Ken through insults and jibes to do whatever it takes to pay for the lawyer.

After court Tracy hits the street and runs into Demon Seed who is still playing his will I/wont I game. Tracy, obviously still thinking that she can outsmart a petulant 16 year-old who can out smart a judge, jury and several hot shot lawyers, tells him to meet her at number 8 – also known as the place Tracy bashed Charlie’s head in. It’s a date!

Meanwhile Tracey has left her parents and grandmother at home trying to figure out how to pay for Cynthia Dale. They can cash in a pension and put the house up. That’s awesome. Who needs any sort of financial security for the future when you are already 55? It’s nice that Tracy isn’t around to hear these conversations. Later, when Blanche goes to sell her blood for the rest of the dosh, Tracy can wait while doing some shoe shopping around the corner.

I can’t help but wonder if Steve couldn’t pitch in a few bob. He sort of thinks she is innocent and she is the mother of his child. Corrie Canuksters, is it unreasonable of me to think that Steve should help her out?

Later over at the crime scene, Tracy meets David and puts the tease on pretty hard core. David loves it, Tracy looks like she wants to barf, but you gotta do what you gotta do. It looks like David falls for it, for now I guess.

Tracy gets home to find out that while she was seducing a 16 year-old psychopath, her parents have sorted the money and will put themselves in the poorhouse to pay for her defense. Awesome.

Canuksters, I have a question about this equity release scheme. So, does this mean that not only is Ken and Deirdre prohibited from moving, but when they die the house will become property of that equity release company? That would mean that the house Ken was born in and grew up in would not be passed to his offspring. Am I right here?

*I have to say, I agree with Tracy on this one. Her last lawyer needed a bath and was clearly not as effective as Cynthia Dale.

At everyone’s favourite local Liz has had it up to her two-tone hair with Vern’s lackadaisical behaviour. His pants are everywhere, he doesn’t do any actual work and he can’t be asked to get dressed. Liz gets real angry with him and he tries to smooth things over by loving her up. It’s pretty cute, actually.

Later, it seems that Vern has been doing at least some hard work, but Liz isn’t finished cracking the whip. Looks like her wingeing has paid off, until Mr. Jack Duckworth takes Vern under his wing and teaches him the art and science of slacking off. Good on ya, Jack. You have made a lazy man, lazier.

In other news

Hailey goes to some sort of rooming house to apologize to Becky. In a nice heart felt scene we see the two women decide to put everything that has gone on behind them and move on. Very nice.

Sonny goes to the rovers and is right charming to Michelle. Steve is well jealous.

Lloyd is the voice of reason when talking to Steve saying, “you have been trying to avoid her for the last three years, but now that she’s bashed her boyfriend’s head in, you can’t seem to get enough of her.” Thank you Lloyd for saying what we have all been screaming I our heads.

The Streetcars boys are excited about their night out sans Les Battersby.


Anonymous said...

Debbie excellent update, but I must disagree with you regarding Steve pitching in the money for Tracey's defence. No disrespect but she is GUILTY OF PREMEDIATED MURDER. Sorry, but she deserves to be punished by the full extent of the law. It breaks my heart to see Deidre browbeat Ken into jeopardizing their future for that cold hearted bitch who doesn't give a toss about anyone including her own child. Sorry if I offended anyone.

Debbie said...

Oh I fully acept that she is guilty and should be punnished. However, if Steve does believe that she is innocent, seeing as she is the mother of his child, and, in is eyes, the victim of a very bad man, do you think he should chip in to help keep the mother of his child out of the slammer?

I wonder how nasty she will be if she gets off. She'd be so full of bravado!

pip said...

I agree that Steve shouldn't be ponying up any money for Tracy. Even though he doesn't KNOW she is guilty, and probably hopes she is innocent (though I think he has some doubts there), he isn't under any obligation to pay for her defence.

Can you imagine how choked Dierdre and especially Ken are going to be if the truth ever comes out about what Tracy did, and they believe it. She murders Charlie and then she makes paupers of her parents (depriving them of a decent retirement), so that they can hire a lawyer who might be able to get her off. I can see this leading to the breakdown of Ken and Dierdre's marriage.

Sean is really beginning to irritate me. He needs to either be a man and tell Michelle about Sonny's past, or let it go and stop making snide jokes about 'gaysians' that only he understands.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Debbie, but Steve is off the hook as far as I'm concerned. Forget about whether he thinks she's innocent or guilty, remember he's LIVING WITH HIS MOTHER because he couldn't afford to put up the bucks for the pub AND maintain a separate flat for himself.

I'm not sure, but I'm hearing this "home equity" thing as being similar to a reverse mortgage. Those things can be quite dangerous if not handled properly. I know someone who got badly burned with a reverse mortgage.

Not to mention if Tracey is found guilty, they won't be fiscally secure enough to keep Amy.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


Otherwise, I completely loved your update! Loved the nicknames for people and places!

Other highlights of the show: no Connors (except Michelle).

Vern getting lessons in sloth from the Master. I wouldn't be surprised if Jack didn't call Vern "Grasshopper" at least once in the conversation!

Hayley and Becky making up. That was a sweet scene. I just hope Hayley doesn't end up regretting it.


Anonymous said...


THANK YOU! Sean's snarkiness is really beginning to be annoying. It's very passive-aggressive.

Plus, he's still going to pay the price for keeping the secret from Michelle.


Anonymous said...

One more and then I'll stop:

Pip, you know, I thought the same thing about Ken and Deirdre's marriage as a result of this trial.

Tracey is really being horrid (even for her), but Ken and Deirdre will be able to spend the rest of their lives sniping at each other, no matter what happens in court. (I think she'll be found guilty - this David thing is NOT going to end well.)

Then I thought, "Hold on. Blanche will still have her pension - how's that for spending the remainder of your life in hell - having to ask Blanche for money all the time!?!" (I love Blanche, but can you imagine her holding the purse strings?)


Whitehorse Fan said...

I agree that Steve need not chip in for Tracy's defence. His ties to her based on the fact they have a child together only extend so far. And, she could have gotten a free defence counsel, but didn't want him.

And yes, it appears that Lloyd's stint in rehab has done him well. He said more clearly not only what we the audience was thinking, but what likely everyone on the street has been thinking too. Thank you Lloyd. Thank you rehab.

Whitehorse Fan said...

I am also left wondering if this isn't the beginning of the end for the Barlows on the show. Tracy looks more and more likely to go down for this murder, and as other people have noted, the home equity scheme Ken and Deirdre are entering into seems to be a recipe for disaster.

Maybe Ken wants to retire?

Debbie said...

MF, if Tracy is found guilty Amy would go live with Steve. They don't need to worry about supporting Amy.

I am sure Steve has savings. I just think that if I had a child with a guy who was put on trialfor a crime I didn't think he committed and he could go to jail, I wouldn't want my kid to have a dad in jail. So, I'd probably help with the defense.

pip said...

Ooh, it would be fun to watch Steve cope as a full time single dad. I like the way he interacts with Amy - like she's a person.

Speaking of offspring, when is Shelley due with her own demon spawn. It should be pretty soon now, shouldn't it?

pip said...

Is Steve even aware that Tracy needs help with her legal fees? He's a pretty clueless guy, so unless they've discussed it (and maybe they have and I've forgotten - I can be pretty clueless, too), he wouldn't necessarily think to offer.

Anonymous said...


Do you think so? Remember how funny Deirdre got when Amy spent Christmas with Steve? I wonder if that would be a custody battle... of course, Ken & Deirdre won't have any money left for a custody battle after the trial!

As far as you helping your (pretend) ex with trial costs - you are a much nicer person than I am! I'd tell him he's already bleeding his family dry (after telling the legal aid lawyer to stuff it) and to leave me out of his dramas...


kunzie said...

It sucks to be Ken. I'm waiting for him to do something insane. Maybe he can use Roy's woody to run cannabis to the coast...it has curtains....

Anonymous said...

Wait! Altogether now (in your best Kevin Kline "A Fish Called Wanda" voice):

K-k-k-k-ken's gonna c-c-c-c-crack!