Friday, November 30, 2007

Who Wants to PARTY?

We have just started the holiday season and we are all getting set to eat, drink and vomit our way through the festivities. But, let’s be honest, the most exciting part of the season – for those of us older than 14 – is New Years Eve. I mean, that is the question for the holiday season. I’m curious as to what you are having for Christmas dinner. I may be interested in what was under your tree. But, mainly, I really want to know what you are doing for New Years. Is it too early to ask? Nope, it’s never too early, and those of us planning to head to the Big Apple, Montreal or Manchester, better start planning now.

Due to the CBC timeline our friends in Weatherfield celebrated new years 2007 about six hours ago. It will be MONTHS until we see what they do to ring in 2008. So, with that in mind, I am wondering which household the Corrie Canuksters would like to spend the big night with.

Let’s have a little poll. Chose your party from the list below and send me your choices. I will post the results and the fun comments.

The Battersby-Browns

The meal: cigarettes, lager, mince pies and Chinese takeaway.

To be honest, just add a martini and that is my kind of New Years meal. At this party, there would be Les, Cilla, Chezney, Fizz Bomb Brown, our Kirkey, Leanne and Yanna. Does that say “party” to you?

The Grimshaws

The meal: Lager, red wine, Indian takeaway, endless bags of crisps and chocolate bars from the corner shop.

Now I know most of us would rush to go party with Eileen and Sean, but you have to know that Violet will also be there. I like Violet but she seems to have the market on misery cornered. If she were to crack a smile, perhaps it would be better. Also, Jason – the party totty – would most likely be spending half his time there and the other half at the Platt’s. Jamie would probably be there too. But, I don’t know that he’d be the best party animal. Is Eileen and Sean enough? You be the judge.

The Platts

The meal: White wine, pizza, the last of the Christmas left-overs, Frescos pudding.

Now, this may be a nightmare, as you’d have to look at Gail all night and Bethany would terrify you. Will she choose this year to pee on the carpet? But, Bethany will probably retire to the dishwasher at 7:30 and Gail will most likely get drunk. Also, David being a wild card may do something very dramatic which would make your attendance worth it. Audrey may also kick it up a notch and bring two married boyfriends.

The Websters

The meal: White wine, lager, burned beef Wellington replaced by fish and chips from the chippy.

You would most likely end up watching movies on the couch. It could be the ultimate in low key, relaxed new years. You could make fun of Sally with Rosie and Sophie while Kevin keeps things light. Once the girls go to bed after midnight, you can sit around talking about how fortunate Sally and Kevin are and pretend that Sally isn’t prone to sleeping around and social climbing.

The House of Bishop

The meal: tea, midget gems, mince pies, tea biscuits, sherry, tuna sandwiches with the crusts cut off, cucumber sandwiches if they get really crazy, gin for Rita.

OK, on first glance you are thinking PASS!!! I know that the last thing I want to do in New Years in listen to Emily reminisce about the time she and Earnest spent new years watching the Queens address with some cookies and the blanket be bought her on a trip to Wales, but it may be good. Rita would get hammered, maybe she will bring new-found-old-pal Doreen with her. This could be the dark-horse New Years jam!

The McDonalds

The meal: left over hot pot, vodka, lager, cigarettes.

Liz and her breasts would be there. Nuf said.

The Peacocks

The meal: pork loin roast, new potatoes, fresh carrots and broccoli, home made apple pie from scratch with cream, cookies for later, white wine, tea

There is no way to dress this up. It will be a snore. Party gods help the poor soul who has to ring in the new year at this quilting bee of a celebration. The meal will most likely be fantastic, that you can count on. But then once Claire starts talking about crochet patterns you’ll be asking ‘how did it come to this?’

The Duckworths

The meal: lager, full English breakfast, dessert made by Molly.

Join Molly, Tyrone, Vera and Jack for dinner in their parlor. To follow, Jack will go outside to sit with his pigeons, Vera will go yell at Jack. Jack will come back inside to give you some words of wisdom. Vera will cal him an idiot. Molly will try to make them behave. Basically, get ready to laugh your head off.

The Barlows

The meal: Red wine – lots of it. Cigarettes, bitterness pie and sour cream.

Thankfully, Blanche will be there. Now, I don’t want to post any spoilers, so Tracy may, or may not be there. Since Amy is hideous, everyone can talk about what a shame it is that she didn’t get tweezers from Santa (he doesn’t deliver to dishwashers). Perhaps, if you fancy it, you could get drunk and make out with Adam, or Peter if he’s there too.

The Connors

The Meal: brought in from The Italian (or maybe Sonny will cook), red wine, white wine, vodka

Who cares, what happens? Just get Liam naked, or Michelle if you fancy it. Carla can tell you about the time she lost the role of Seabisquit to Hillary Swank, who eventually lost the role to an actual horse. It could be good. We know it will be posh.

So, those are your choices. Tell me how you like to party. In the comments section, I will make the first comment and choose all follow up comments to be emailed to me. This should be fun.

OK, I have a better idea, send me an email to (in the real email format) and I will deal with the responses that way. I can't get the blog to work like I want for this.


Debbie said...
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Debbie said...
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Debbie said...
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Jacqueline said...

Interesting trivia, the roll of Seabiscuit was originally supposed to go to Diane Krall, but she couldn't get her green card.

Get me drunk at the pub night and I'll tell you my Diane Krall story.

Debbie said...

OK, that was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I'd commit some illegal act with the hopes that DS Campbell would roll up, cuff me and we ring in the new year in the back of his police cruiser.

Debbie said...

That's hot

Anonymous said...

Thanks I try ;-) and when oh when are we going to get to see him again?? hurry up trial!