Friday, November 09, 2007

Update - November 8, 2007 - Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches

Rita looking completely smashed is awakened by the sound of someone ringing the bell down below. It's the newspaper boy who has arrived to find the shop closed. She tells him she has the flu and go to number three where he finds Norris. He is disbelief saying she must have caught it off a dirty glass.

Violet and Eileen are exhausted after taking care of Holly most of the night but when asked to make a cup of tea, Jason claims he is more tired than either of them. Eileen informs him she finds this rather doubtful seeing as he slept all night like the dead. Jason is miffed to come down from his shower and find his mother has gone to work, apparently suddenly called in by Steve on her day off. Violet hands him a note telling him that Holly needs to be taken to for a check up at the medical centre later on that day. He begs Violet to look after the baby for him but she tells him, she has made feeds, but she has to go to work. Eileen arrives at StreetCars and tells Steve has just had to go to the shops. Jason comes in later in search of her and says he wants to leave Holly at the office. Steve protests and tells him it is not a crèche.

Gutted Jason goes to the old bakery and runs into Jody who complains about the baby, workmanship, state of the economy, global warming… no really, says that if things don’t improve with the job he is fired. And wouldn’t you know it, Jason has to take Holly to the doctor, where at the medical centre the room is filled with mums and their babies and he looks terrified. After a hard days work, Jason is back at Number 13 with Holly beside him. He wakes from his slumber and warily gets to his feet and is about to go the kitchen when he suddenly realizes that Holly has disappeared. He rushes into the kitchen and finds the back door open. He rushes into the back yard shouting, 'Holly!'.

Steve leaves Tracy sleeping soundly upstairs and creeps down to retrieve his shoes. He jumps as Blanche switches on the light with stood there holding his shoes in her hand. Steve terrified like a deer in headlights, just wants to leave. Blanche adds, 'Of course, the good thing about shoes is that their tongues don't wag.' She hands them to him and he quickly puts them and escapes the Barlow household.

At StreetCars, Lloyd smiles and knows something is up as Steve has the same clothes on for the second day. Lloyd eggs him on and wants to know who the lady the night before was. He guesses, Violetolet, Sean…Steve gives in and admits it was Tracey. Lloyd gasps, 'Tracy? Tracy as in Tracy 'I Kill My Boyfriends' Barlow?' Steve replies, 'Yes, alright. It was a one off. Lloyd teases Steve, 'You know, this Tracy thing could be a win win situation. You can't have Michelle, Tracy's a fit looking bird, you get all the action you want and when you've had enough you don't have to chuck her, you just wait for her to get sent down. It's sort of a natural breaking point.' Steve says, 'Now is a natural breaking point.' What a gem Lloyd is.

At the breakfast table, Deirdre asks Blanche, 'Did you say yes to any more tea?' Blanche replies, 'What's that? Any more Steve?' Oh, I love Blanche. Tracey eyes her Gran, 'Not much gets past you, does it?' Deirdre asks if she is missing something and Tracy informs her, 'I'm not ashamed. Steve stayed over last night. Deirdre’s eyes pop out in their usual fashion. Later on the street, Deirdre sees Liz and informs her of last night’s goings on and tells her to hint to Steve maybe he would like to stay away, until everything settles down with Tracey, Liz concurs it would be best for everyone.

At the Rovers, Michelle and Liz are chatting at the bar when she starts talking about Steve and his evening. Michelle looks annoyed and asks if Tracey and Steve are getting back together. Michelle spots Steve and asks, 'On your own?' He replies yes and she smirks, 'Oh your mum 'will' pleased,' and walks off leaving him mystified. Michelle has another snipe at Steve and he asks Violet what's the matter with her. She replies, 'I don't know, she was fine earlier but she's in a right mood now. I wouldn't mind but I've kept a smile on my face even though I was up all night.' Michelle returns with his drink and asks Violet what she was saying. Violet tells her she was up all night. Michelle snipes again, 'Oh you're in good company then. So was Steve, rekindling his vows with his daughter's mother.' Steve replies, 'Me and Tracy haven't 'got' any vows. You seem rather interested in my sex life all of a sudden.' She retorts, 'I just question your taste, that's all.' Steve, realizing that she is jealous, smiles back, 'Are you sure that's all?' but she walks off with her nose in the air. Could these two just get together, already?

Fiz is busy enthusing to Joanne how she is going to cook Chesney a nice tea and then they can plan what activities they can do together that week. Joanne asks, 'Do you think he'll still be hungry after eating all them?' Fiz sees Chesney stuffing his face into a bag of chips in front of the shop. Cilla comes out of the chip shop him, 'Chez, you forgot your sausage.' He tells Fiz that they can have tea together tomorrow and goes back to his to his mother who smarms, 'I finish at three. Why don't you come round and have a bit of a slob out in front of the telly? I'll let you have the remote and I'll bring home the batter scraps.' Chesney smiles.

Song at the Rovers: The Kooks: Ooh, La, La -


pip said...

I love how Lloyd can suddenly 'reappear' on the Street without a single comment, after all these months (how many?) as if he's never been gone. It's bizarre, and must leave new watchers dumbfounded.

I'm guessing Eileen has snatched Holly from under Jason's nose so he'll realize how much he really loves her. Rotten trick.

The look on Michelle's face when she found out that Steve had spent the night with Tracy was priceless. Go on, Michelle, admit that you fancy him and do something about it (and by 'something', I don't mean parade your boyfriend-with-a-secret around the bar in front of him).

I predict that Michelle will complain to Sean that she didn't realize until now how much she likes Steve, but how can she dump Sunny for him when Sunny is so unassailably perfect. . . aaaannnddd over to you, Sean!

Anonymous said...

The thing about Lloyd is slightly odd. The actor was suspended and sent in rehab "They tried to make him to go to rehab, he said, 'ok, ok, ok.'".

They could have at least said he was in another city, taking care of his sick mother or something.

And are he and Kelly still an item?

Anonymous said...


Look in the dishwasher.


Anonymous said...

I know I keep saying it over and over but why in hell don't they hire a babysitter! I think Eileen who I usually like is being ridiculous taking a little baby to a construction site is so unsafe how can she be looked after properly? I think the baby is adorable but I am quickly tiring of this story line.