Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Update November 5th 2007 – There have been better episodes

UK Time Wednesday February 7th 2007

The show opens with Sean. He is at home and begging Violet to call in sick for him … lovesick that is. Violet refuses and tells him that he is fit for work.

He goes to the pub for work and Sonny is there waiting for Michelle to be ready to go out. Sonny has been waiting for a while and is a bit nervous that Michelle will stand him up. He even asks Liam if Michelle has decided to chuck him.

Sean goes to where Sonny is sitting with his drinks. Sean tells him that Michelle will find out about Sonny’s past and even suggests that he will be the one to tell. Sonny seems to be getting tired of Sean and is kind of rude to him. Michelle finally shows up and they go out for the night.

If I were to write a letter to Sean, it would go like this:

Dear Sean,

I know you are hurting, baby. I get the sense that Sundip broke your heart into a million pieces. But, as you have been on Coronation Street for a few years now the Sundip episode must have happened years ago, and frankly in the world of love and loss, it was another lifetime.

I know that the urge to make Sundip’s life difficult must be overpowering. And I know in your mind you think you are protecting Michelle. But, let’s get real. This is about revenge. Would that really help to sooth the pain you feel? I doubt it. You are starting down a long road that leads to a place called misery.

Please, Sean, take this advice I am going to give you. Let go.

Yours in heartache,
Debbie, Corrie Canuk

Above the salon, Chezny’s presence is getting harder and harder on Fiz. Buttons need sewing, shoes need to be bought and the kid needs a nutritious meal. Fiz has fed him a proper breakfast (well, some cereal) and he says that he just used to eat sweets for his breakfast. Fiz vows to feed him properly for as long as she can afford it, and Maria tells her that she will make someone a lovely mother one day.

Later Kirk hands Fiz a note from Chezney’s school. They need a 5er for the theatre and 20 quid for a day out. Fiz can’t afford it and says that he can’t go unless Cilla and Lez pay. Kirk tells her that they are skint spending all their money on wallpaper and paint. Fiz thinks it is a waste but Kirk tells her that the house will look great once it is finished. Fiz is reluctant to believe it will happen.

If it weren’t for Fiz, I am pretty sure Chezney would have scurvy and fleas.

Catching up with the Platt-Grimshaws now, Sarah heads over the road to the builder’s yard to ask Jason to pick up Bethany from nursery. Jason doesn’t want to hear it, which is too bad because Sarah actually continues to talk sense as she has been for a few weeks now. Will this be short lived? She tells him that he is being selfish and that everyone is pitching in to help him, but he wont return the favour. Jason finally agrees to pick up Bethany.

At dinner time, Jody goes into the pub to drop off her odd grandfather. She then bee-lines it over to the builder’s yard to check on the progress. Jason, was on his way to get lunch but she puts a stop to that. She complains about the job and gets him to stay to fix it. Jody tells him that he isn’t the only builder in Weatherfield – I find this hard to believe. Also, while you may have trouble with one builder, it is rarely a good idea to switch builders in mid job. It will cost you WAY more to have someone fix and continue the work of another builder. But, I digress.

Later we find out, through a shrieking Sarah Platt that Jason did not go pick up Bethany. She tells Jason that he needs help, but not with Holly, with the yard. She insists that he call Bill Webster who is doing nowt but her gran. Jason refuses, which is just plain stupid. Something tells me that dealing with Jody will cause him to change his mind.

If I were to write a note to Jason it would go something like this:

Dear Jason,

I love you, I know this is sudden but I think it is best to make my feelings plain. I know you are in a tough spot right now. You got a baby for Christmas, you boss/best mate died, you are trying to make ends meet and your girlfriend is a nightmare.

I just want to tell you that I can take care of you. I can make you a bacon butty for your breakfast and a proper hot pot for your tea. I would encourage you to seek help at the builder’s yard, but I would not scream in your ear to get my point across.

When you come home after a long days work, I want you to tell me about your day, I want you to have a nice can of lager and I want to cuddle you up on the couch. Then, while we are all snug in front of the Matrix on DVD, I’d whisper in your ear, “Call Bill Webster, he’ll give you the help you need at work.” And that should do it.

Yours in construction,
Debbie, Corrie Canuk

Over at the
factory, Kelly is still delusional and thinks that Liam fancies her. She is making a fool out of herself, as is Joanne is a completely different way. As foolish as Kelly is she is not an easy push-over and stands up to Carla who is being a bit of a cow as she and Joanne work into the wee small hours of the morning on her dungarees. But that is later.

Earlier, Joanne is sat in the pub and trying not to look at Adam. Fiz makes a comment about it, but Joanne has no humour. Liam comes to talk to her mentioning that she is not sitting with her boyfriend and asks if he has binned her – charming. She says that she pitched him, and Liam hopes that it is not on his account. I mean, they are just having a laugh. Joanne agree – sort of.

If I could write her a little note, it would go something like this.

Dear Joanne,

Girl, I’m telling you this because I’m your friend. You are making a fool of yourself. That man doesn’t want you for more than he got already. It’s time to move on. Don’t even be surprised when he leaves you with nothing but a broken heart and an appointment at the clinic.

He says you are in it for a laugh, but mark my words, there will be no laughing at the end of this. You can tell yourself you’re having fun, you can tell yourself you can handle it. But you can’t. Trust me. There will be tears, and they will be yours.

I’ve been there, girl
Debbie of corrie canuk

At the Barlow’s Blanche is sitting at the table watching Tracy eat her breakfast and giving her stick about her recent behaviour and party lifestyle. Tracy tells them that she is going out again that night with Dom and not to wait up. Ken tells her that she is taking advantage of them taking care of Amy. Tracy doesn’t care.

In the Pub, Ken, Deirdry and Adam have a moan about Tracy but none of them consider just going out for the night before Tracy leaves the house so that she has to stay home with Amy.

Blanche proves to be the only one with balls in the house. She takes Tracy’s phone and with the help of some blackmail and Adam, finds Tracy’s date’s phone number and call to tell him what time it is.

Later Tracy goes to the bar where she is to meet Dom and he doesn’t show up. Tracy is well pissed and calls Dom only to find out that Blanche dropped a dime on her. She actually told Dom that Tracy is up for murder. Amazing. I love Blanche.

Tracy calls Streetcars to get a cab home and Steve comes to get her. They spend some time at the bar together, he drives her home, they kiss, I barf. Ok, Steve has issues. He kissed a killer. The amazing thing is that I am not even sure that Steve believes Tracy’s battered woman story. Anyway, they end up yelling at each other.

If I were to write a letter to Steve, it would go something like this:

To Mr. Steve MacDonald,

You are a danger to yourself and to those around you. Should you persist in your destructive behaviour, you will be forced by Her Majesty’s court to report directly to the Royal Idiot Farm.

While you do own two businesses and are largely a functioning member of society, you continue to make foolish choices in your love live. This latest bid to get into the pants of local murder, Tracy Barlow, is no exception.

Mr. MacDonald, while we understand that Tracy is well fit, she is also a nasty piece of work. Your attraction to unstable women is well documented. But, with this kiss, you have taken it to the ultimate conclusion.

Please pull yourself together or we will be forced to commit you.

Debbie, Corrie Canuk

That's all I got today.


Anonymous said...

debbie, the letters are awesome! especially joanne's, i understand that one all too well.

pip said...

Great update, Debbie. Thanks for posting the date it aired in the UK. Loved the letters, especially the one to Steve. Surely there is a pill for this kind of behavior by now, either that or electro-shock therapy will do.

Why, or why, is Jason being so pig-headed? I do think that Sarah was a bit out of line insisting that he pick up Bethany, though. What she should really do is put a bug in Bill's ear about Jason needing help, so he can go round to offer it himself.

Anonymous said...

Debbie what a brillant update! I LOVED the letters.

I thought Sarah was being a cow demanding Jason pick up Bethany at Nursery? Surely the child attends regular school she must at least 7 years old!

I love Blanche she is the only one in that family that Tracey can't push around. What's with Adam...he doesn't seem to do anything except hang around his grandparents - doesn't he have any mates?

Anonymous said...

I love love LOVE the letters - that was a brilliant stroke, Debbie!

Blanche rocks!!! I laughed out loud when she got Adam to "make the phone go" for her.

Here's the thing I don't get about Sarah. She freaking knows how busy he is, but she just decides that he can stop what he's doing to pick up Bethany? How's that work?

I don't for the life of me get how child care (doesn't) work on the Street. Beth is 7 - so picking her up from school isn't new. Who normally does it? If Audrey usually lets Sarah off to pick Beth up (and presumably take her home and not return to work, since a 7 YO should not be left alone), then she shouldn't, on a whim, say that Sarah can't leave because they're too busy.

Couldn't she pay Rosie a couple of bucks to pick Beth up? Rosie seems like a fairly responsible teenager (most of the time)...

Always confused,

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

And Steve. I mean, what do you say to a man who has not only danced with the devil, but has a child with her, and STILL allows his (ahem) to do his thinking for him???

Idiot! This makes Moley and her pyscho husband look like a walk in the park.


Anonymous said...

So far, the only positive thing I can say about Jody and her dipso grandpa is that, compared to them, I love the Connors. Which is saying something, because so far, I don't love the Connors.

And poor Joanne. Haven't we all been there, though? Some guy who we like way more than he likes us... we end up behaving in ways we might never do, except...

I like Joanne, now that they seem to be giving her a personality. And she's one of the best looking girls on the Street! Her and Maria... and Rosie is lovely as well. She could do way better.


Anonymous said...

I think I know why Jason is being pigheaded about Bill Webster. I think he doesn't have the slightest clue how he would be able to pay him. The conversation between Jody and him about him redoing the job and where would he get the money for more materials sounded to me like he doesn't have 2 cents to rub together - he probably can't get access to the business bank account. This isn't going to end well...


Anonymous said...

What I have never understood about Corrie is the child care thing? We have Michelle's son who looks about 15 needing a babysitter. Everyone else seems to run around looking for free child care. Like another poster said why can't Sophie, or Rosie do a bit of babysitting for pocket money. It amazes me that none of the kids (with the exception of Chesney) do part time work. My son has been working starting with a paper route since he was 11.

John said...

Ha! Tracy Barlow and I have the same phone. Except mine's black and the camera's busted.

Adam and Blanche make an oddly good team.

There's another good reason why Sophie and Rosie should be the default babysitters on the street: it gets them to interact with more characters. It seemed weird to see those two over at the Platts for Christmas dinner and yet it wouldn't seem so out of place if one of them was going over to look after Bethany.

Anonymous said...

Now onto Sean/Michelle/Sunny:

First of all, I am not liking Sunny very much at all. I was always worried that the "other shoe" was going to drop, so I have always been slightly suspicious and reserved about him, but the other day when Sean cornered him outside of Michelle's apt, he was almost a little threatening, and he seemed a little menacing last night too. That bothers me.

Yes, I think Sean is being needy and annoying, but I got a bad vibe from Sonny about the whole thing.

Now, onto the meat of my question: WHY is this supposed to be such a huge bombshell? I mean, no one would expect that Sunny is a virgin, so what's the big deal (assuming that he's STD-free)... am I missing something?

I'm trying to think about how I would feel if I were Michelle, and honestly, I'd be more upset if he had a criminal record, assuming he's capable of a monogamous, committed relationship.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


Anonymous said...

RE: The Kids on The Street

Rosie (16)
David (16, but pure evil, so wouldn't allow him to babysit)
Amber Man (14 or 15?)
Sophie (13?)
Chesney (12?)
Young Connor (14 or 15?)

then we have a big gap, and then Beth (7-ish), Joshua (3-ish) Freddie and Holly.

So why aren't the older kids earning pocket $$ babysitting the little ones? I sure did.

Granted, I wouldn't trust David Platt to babysit my ficus, and I'm not too sure about Misdemeanor Connor the Graffiti King, but any of the rest of them seem mature enough for an hour or two's worth of sitting.


kunzie said...

....Let's not forget our little marionette, Amy!

....Sorry guys, but I think Sarah has every right to ask Jason to help her sometimes. After all, it's not like her mother, oh, gave her a car for no reason...

...Sunny's past relationships would not have bothered me in the least; it's the lying (since meeting Sean) that would be the dealbreaker for me. How come guys never GET that?.....

Debbie said...

Kunzie, I totally agree with you on the Sarah point. She has every right to ask AND she has the right to be angry when he says no. She has helped him a lot with Holly. Even if Holly didn't exist, Jason wants to be a family with Sarah and Bethany. That means helping out when it isn't easy for him.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem to bother some people here that Sonny is bisexual and is keeping it quiet from Michele. I'd certainly want to know that the man I was dating went both ways, especially seen as I have a child in my care. I'm not saying he's a threat to Michele's son and that Sonny is going to jump on him when her back's turned, I just mean morally Sonny should be upfront with Michele and let her decide herself if it's a big deal or not.

Just knowing a man I was dating had been with another man ...ewwww....gotta wash that picture away.


Debbie said...

"...especially seen as I have a child in my care." What does that mean, exactly?

I understand that Michelle would want to know if Sonny is bisexual, but why is it important to know that for Ryan's sake?

What if Sonny had more than the average amount of sexual partners. Whould it be important for Ryan's sake for Michelle to know that?

Anonymous said...

Well, "keeping it quiet" is an interesting question, isn't it?

I don't think anyone wants to show up on the first couple of dates and provide the new flame a comprehensive list of everyone we have dated/ done the dirty with. So is he "keeping it quiet" or is he being a typical person in a new relationship?

Plus, I got the impression from one of the conversations he had with Sean that Sean was the first guy he'd been with (did anyone else get that, or am I making that up?) and therefore, this may have been something of an anomoly for him.

I mean, if he has an STD, I don't care where it came from, he needs to be up front about that, and if he is not interested in a monogamous relationship, that's something to be up front about as well (which, no matter what else you say about him, Liam has actually done with Joanne).

But so far, he appears to be interested in a serious relationship with Michelle, so I'm not sure why this is an issue.

Although, now that Sean and Sunny have recognized each other, there is a certain amount of secrecy which would be upsetting to me, in much the same way as I would be upset if any friend of mine had dated my current amour.... so honesty will be the best policy.


Anonymous said...

I'm not too bothered about it. I just assume everyone is practicing safe sex, regardless of orientation, or hoping anyway!

I do remember Sean's big breakup, and I don't think it was that long ago. Do you remember when Violet was trying to find out if Jamie was gay? Sean had just briefly been dating someone, whom no one had met, and had come home one night very upset that the guy had dumped him.

I remember that because Jamie was very supportive, and said he'd definitely date Sean if only he'd been born on the same team. Or something like that... and more witty.


Anonymous said...

The Sunny thing would definitely bug me if I was Michelle... not only is she under the impression that he's straight sexually, but he's also now practising deception with her regarding her buddy Sean. So... that would indicate the guy is more than capable of lying, no? And surely Michelle deserves to be with a guy who would choose to be truthful.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but Michelle wasn't exactly forthcoming about having a CHILD, remember?

I mean, there's first date info, and then there's later info...

Like my hump.


pip said...

In a perfect world Sean could have acknowledged Sunny as an old flame, and it would not have been any more of a deal than if Violet had acknowledged Sunny as an old flame. But he didn't, supposedly because he knew that Sunny would be upset if Michelle found out about him. I don't get the sense that Michelle is homophobic, she and Sean seem to be very comfortable with each other. So why is Sunny's relationship with Sean different from a relationship he might have had with a woman?

I think it's because if a guy plays for both teams, the woman he's with will always wonder if he wouldn't rather be playing for the other team, because another guy can give him something she can't, and maybe he can't live without that something. This means their relationship is inherently unstable in a way she can't address. Now that may be true for some heterosexual guys who can't be monogomous, and if Sunny were that type of guy and had had a relationship with Violet, then I think he'd be upset if Violet acknowledged him, because she might then let on that he likes to play the field, and she got played.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Michelle doens't seem to be homophobic because of her relationship with Sean... but surely there's a difference between being buddies with someone who's gay/bi and then discovering your lover is of that ilk? I don't know. I think it would bug most women... maybe I'm wrong tho... i know it would bug me! After all, there is such a thing as preference, right? Preference doesn't necessarily equate political incorrectness...

Anonymous said...

It would bug me because it would double the population that he could possibly leave me for.

And MF, I too am not loving the Connors. WHO cares about them? If Michelle and Steve didn't halfway have chemistry, I'd toss the lot of them.

I thought Liam was that scarce commodity on the street, a nice guy who happens to be really good looking. Lately, he's just Dev except at the knicker factory instead of behind the counter.

Whitehorse Fan said...

Some of the posts here show, I think, why Sunny would be worried about Michelle knowing he is bi. She might get grossed out, uncomfortable, or worried that he couldn't commit, or show some other biphobic trait.

And, I think that Sunny may have some of his own residual biphobia to deal with, never mind in someone that he really cares about.

Anonymous said...

Debbie, all that I meant by that comment was that relationships between adults are complicated enough for children to understand and I'm sure this secret is going to get out sooner or later which will hurt not only Michele (because Sonny kept the truth from her), but Ryan too who appears to really like Sonny.


Jacqueline said...

Anon says: "Preference doesn't necessarily equate political incorrectness..."


If I don't want to date someone who has kids, it doesn't mean that I hate children. It means that I might not want to take on the responsiblity of being 'auntie' or 'uncle' whatever - or possibly a stepparent.

Personally, I wouldn't have a problem dating someone who was bi - as long as they were monogomous. (But really, I'd love to date a cross dresser, because with my height I would probably get access to better clothes.) I can understand why someone might not want to - but I wouldn't consider them a homophobe. (I also don't think if you prefer to date within your own ethinicty/religion or whatever that you are a bigot. If you want your neighbourhood to be strictly of your own community - well, then you're a huge asshole.)

I think there are things about yourself that you kind of have to spill forth after the 3rd or 4th date - not just sexual preference.

1) I have 4 children at home.
2) I'm bisexual.
3) I dated Conrad Black.
4) I've had a sex change
5) Serial marriages.

The last category is one that I belong to, and trust me, it's difficult to say - but it's got to be done, because maybe that person doesn't wish to date someone that's had a bunch of ex's.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanwway, what is my point?

If Sonny is bi, he needed to be upfront with Michelle well before they started staying over at each other's places and making cocktails for the family.

If however, Sonny is for all intents and purposes straight but decided to experiment - I don't think that needs to be public info as much as I don't think 'how many people did you sleep with before me' has to be public info. However, however, now that Sean is there, Sonny needs to tell Michelle before Sean does.

Debbie said...

Guys ...

I dated Conrad Black.

Anonymous said...

But to be fair, the Connors barged in on Sonny and Michelle, so he got introduced to the whole famdamily before he may have wanted to, and I don't think they are spending the night yet.

I really, really don't see why this is different from him having ex-girlfriends. Although, now that he and Sean have realized their past connection, he needs to tell her, stat.

I think her having a child is a bigger deal, because if their relationship gets serious, he is a default dad, for the rest of his life.

Now, if he's a randy skunk who can't stay monogamous, that's a different story altogether. But, in my experience, those guys are never up front with you, regardless of who they are dogging around with.


Anonymous said...


I am shocked and appalled at you.

Have you no SHAME!!!

That's like me admitting I used to shag The Donald. Eeeeeewwwwww!


Anonymous said...

That's funny, what you said about the religion/ethnicity thing.

I can remember being in college and having a highly superior girl tell me I was horribly prejudiced because I said I wouldn't date non Christians. My point was, with my luck, I would fall head over heels with a raging atheist, and we would spend 50 years duking it out over every holiday.

She called me an anti-semite.

The subtle mind of a 19 YO, hard at work.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

It would bug me because it would double the population that he could possibly leave me for.


That is true. You're not just competing with every woman in the room, then, are you? And guys' butts hardly ever look fat in that outfit.


Whitehorse Fan said...

I agree with Jacqueline that there are certain things you do have to tell early on. Some, like kids, because if the relationship does become serious will deeply affect the other person. Some, like bisexuality, not because it is of any importance, but because society has made it important.

I tell people on the first date that I am bisexual. That is because I don't want to waste my time on someone who has issues about it. I guess that is my preference thing.

Anonymous said...

Well, honesty usually is the best policy.

But if someone shows up on the first date and discloses huge amounts of info about their life, I think that I will never be able to trust them with a secret, since they clearly have no "TMI" warning button.

But I'm old-fashioned. I don't think it's anybody's business who I sleep with, who I vote for, what I have pierced, what my medical history is or how much I earn.

Until they've earned my trust anyway.


Anonymous said...


So... can I ask a slightly inappropriate question?

What was the deal with Sean saying that there's no such thing as bi-sexuality???

That surprised me a little. I've heard it before, but never from a gay person...

I was a little offended to hear that, because I certainly know people who identify as Bi.


Whitehorse Fan said...


Not an inappropriate question. The idea that bisexuality doesn't exist was huge in the gay community. Partially it was fed my the many people who come out by first calling themselves bisexual, and then fully coming out as gay. Partially it was because people were worried that others were just trying to pass. And partially it was just prejudice. I think, in large part, that idea is not commonly held anymore.

The TMI stuff is interesting. I am actually a very private person, but I just don't think of that as something that is personal and private. It just is.

Jacqueline said...

I was actually worried that they were going to go with a 'Sonny is gay trying to fake being straight' storyline, so I was well pleased when he actually says he's bi.