Friday, November 30, 2007

Update - November 29, 2007 - Manchester Version

The house has gone up for sale at Jamie’s and he and his new houseguest discuss looking for new digs, but Leanne as usual has a plan in place. She has decided she is going to break into Janice’s flat (with her permission) and squat there while Janice is in France. She uses her Battersby skills by taking a credit card to slip the lock without success , all while wearing a lovely cocktail gown! Jamie watches her in action, or inaction when Liam walks by. He is formally introduced to Leanne and tells her she is doing it all wrong. He takes a step back and kicks the door down, like a proper gentleman. In the flat, after getting Jamie to do some heavy lifting - Leanne clearly smitten with Liam asks Jamie various questions about her potential new victim er sorry, friend . Does anyone else notice all female characters on Corrie with brown hair slowly become blonde?

Tracy tells David to back off after he gropes her leg under the table at Roy’s Rolls. She mentions he better stick and then get his reward or else he won’t get any action. Could someone tell David to lay off the carrot juice? He's glowing...

Claire gets another call from Casey the depressed woman from her counselling line. Does Claire know anything about healthy boundaries? I am quite sure that it is against policy for Casey to call her on her mobile. Soon she will be moving into an extra room at the house which seems fairly strange and dangerous.

Liam hears news that Steve thinks Sonny is gay. He goes to see Steve at Streetcars to investigate the rumours and asks exactly what he saw. After a shoddy attempt of down-playing the events, Steve tells him that he saw Sonny and Sean kissing on his night out with the lads. Back at Underworld, Paul and Liam have decided to take action and lets all the girls go early with full pay, but asks Sean to stay. He is summoned into the office were he is interrogated by the brothers on his relationship with Sonny. He admits he has known Sonny for years and yes, he admits he did fool around about with Sonny. They both roughly grab him and make their way to the Rovers to see Michelle.


Debbie said...

Is it me or do the Connors have "Human Right Tribunal" written all over them?

Anonymous said...

Given Liam's icky treatment of Jo, he almost deserves Leanne. As for Blanche's house, I'm still trying to remember how that sale went.

She sold it for her Polish hip, but I always thought she'd sold it to Danny.

Maybe it's the same consortium that bought Eileen's house from Steve "Sonny's Gay! Gay with Sean!" MacDonald.


pip said...

No kidding, Debbie. Sean should have just walked out. He sure doesn't hold up well under interrogation, does he? From Sonny's reaction when Paul and Liam were winding him up I get the feeling that he won't hold up too well, either. Ah Michelle, it's crying time.

So is Tracy's trial going to happen soon? I keep getting nauseous right after dinner having to watch the way David leers at Tracy. I almost feel sorry for her. Then I remember, she offed her boyfriend. How bad can it be to have to sleep with a not-quite-jailbait psychopath to get away with offing the boyfriend?

Kunzie said...

I guess I'm outnumbered today...but I wanted the Connors to give Sean a crack in the ear!! And I like Sean alot in general. But as Paul and Liam pointed out...this actually has nothing to do with Sean, and everything to do with their sister. Sean has been out of line from moment one.

I suspect I'm also the only person that would like to see Leanne and Jamie. :) I think these two have genuine chemistry and timing. I'm almost sorry to see Liam in the mix.

pip said...

If the Connors want to confront Sean on his own time, then they can do that. But they shouldn't be using their positions as his bosses to force him into their office and then intimidate him into staying when he doesn't want to. They're a couple of bullies, and from what Paul said about being too old to get really riled up anymore, I take it he was a bit of a thug in his younger years, too.

Leanne is completely self-centred and she knows it to. I think she's bad news for Jamie, but she and Liam are well-suited (in the same way Tracy and Charlie were well suited).

Jacqueline said...

don't worry Kunzie...I agree with you.

kunzie said...

No worries - variety of opinion is the spice of life. ;-)

Pip, you have a point about the Conners' poor choice of location to chat with Sean. They are mismanaging certain aspects of the factory and it's staff in ways the Baldwins never would have.

And yes, Leanne can manipulate with the very best...but she went up a notch in my books when she really tried (as best Leanne could) to help Danny with Mike. I do believe that she came to love Danny, and is capable of being a better person than she has been to date.

I don't think Liam's a sadistic guy; he's just a first class dork sometimes. Instead of preying on the twenty-somethings...he needs an independent older woman who can appreciate his "virtues" and has experience with first class dorks!