Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Update - November 21st, 2007 - So What Happens Now?

Love Triangle

Sean got in late last night, singing "Another Suitcase in Another Hall," waking Holly and leaving Eileen and Violet to guess that he pulled. They demand details but he's staying mum.

Meanwhile, at the pub, Steve is about tell Michelle about Sonny when she makes some cracks about Tracy so he decides to clam up for now.

But not for long, as over at Streetcars, Steve blurts out the news to Lloyd that not only did he see Sonny snogging someone who's not Michelle, it was someone who's not female, and what's more, it was Sean.

"Our Sean?" Lloyd asks. "Gay Sean?"

Steve reckons when the news is broken to Michelle, she'll need a good, strong, kind of fat, heterosexual shoulder to cry on.

Later at the Rover's, Sean and Sonny find each other in the men's room* and Sonny makes it clear that last night was a drunken snog for old times' sake. Sean doesn't believe it. In any case, Mr. I-Really-Want-to-Make-This-Work-with-Michelle seems entirely unconcerned about the whole thing.

Outside at the bar, Michelle wants to hear all about Sean's "new boyfriend," whom she heard about from Violet. Sean doesn't want to talk about and say that he's sure that he'll just play with his head, all while looking directly at Sonny.

Later in the Rovers' back yard, Sean tells Jamie, whose own personal scandals pale in comparison, that it was Sonny that he snogged and that he won't be able to control himself if Sonny wants to pursue something. And Sean calls bisexuals selfish. Pot, meet kettle.

Later, Sonny goes out and runs six miles and then comes back to ... the Rovers? Anyway, Steve asks if Sonny lifts weights, raising his hands above his head in the same manner Lloyd did last night when referring to his intimate knowledge of the dancing techniques of gay men. At least I think that's what he was doing.

Michelle says Steve does "waits," too: 20 years if Tracy goes down for murder.

Michelle says that finding a relationship that works is just a matter of having faith.

"Faith," says Steve. "It'll be a miracle you need."

So now it's gone from a bit of info that Sonny should have made clear from the beginning to actively keeping something from his girlfriend, to a full-on love triangle.

Rita's Birthday

Norris is planning a little birthday party for Rita, except that Doreen is taking her off to brunch. Norris makes a snide remark when Doreen tells him that she thinks Rita would be hurt by what he said. Norris patronises that as business partners, they have a shorthand with each other that allows them to say such things. Doreen says she doesn't believe that's true.

Later in the Rovers, a small party consisting of Betty, Emily, and Norris, has assembled to give Rita her presents (she got a candle snuffer earlier). She is touched by the gesture and then goes off for cocktails with Doreen at Harvey Nicks.

I think I'd like to go out for drinks with Rita and Doreen. I bet they'd be a laugh and would have great stories from their singing days. Actually, I think my Corrie drinking buddies would be Rita, Eileen, Lloyd, Fizz, and Kevin.

The Metal Detector

Molly, Fizz, Tyrone, and Kirk are about to head off to search for gold. Jack comes by to tell them about all the best places for coinage. Fizz finds it all a bit pointless and sad. Fizz is one of those characters who, as awesome as she is, should probably have packed it in for a life deeper in the city or even another city. Her horizons are obviously broader than this little back street so right now, as long as she stays put, she will struggle to find her place. That said, I'd hate to see her leave as she's such a classic Corrie character.

Annnnyway, they find a few coins, including three quid Paul intentionally dropped on the ground for Chesney to find. They also find a "George Vee Eye" penny, which Kirk Googles to determine its worth. The gang seems to think it's rare and valuable. Kirk discovers it wouldn't buy a packet of crisps. He was the queen's dad.

"Ah, but which queen?" asks Molly. Oh, honestly. Even I know who George VI was. Apparently, it's the George V coin that's worth a bit. Just because someone is working class, it doesn't mean that they're automatically complete dolts. I know this scene was for a bit of comedy but it kind of bugged me.


Carla is still trying to figure out how to make her dungarees make money by writing her numbers on scraps on paper. Try running your figures through Excel, love. She considers cheaper denim and then gets Becky to come work for £2 less an hour. She also gets Becky to try recruiting the desperate ex-cons and druggies at the hostel.

In Other News

Chesney says the only time candles are used in his home is when the magnets on the metre don't work (and the power is shut off).

Claire took care of the kids over at Eileen's and said "shit" right in front of Joshua (off camera). I don't care if y'all find her boring. I think this is proof that she's a dirty, dirty minx.

*must ... resist ... Sen. Larry Craig jokes...


Anonymous said...

John's an Evita fan - who knew?

So I'm totally cheating because I haven't technically seen this episode yet - I'm out at the familial manse, preparing to partake in the sumptuous feast, and at 7 pm we were watching (wait for it)... Godfather Part 2. (A festive holiday movie for the whole family!) I'm taping the episodes, and will watch them Friday, so I'm caught up and ready for the Friday pm episode. However, since I'm addicted, this is proving to be tricky!

However, I must agree that my initial "so?" attitude towards Sonny's past has morphed into indignation that he and Sean were playing games and keeping secrets, to full blown anger at him (and Sean) now.

The thing is, if I were Michelle, by now I'd be so cheesed off by Steve's behavior that I wouldn't want to rebound to him. And if Steve doesn't hurry up and tell her, he'll will be indicted as a co-conspirator. We'll see.

The George V and George VI thing does sound pretty stupid. This isn't ancient history - it's WW2 era stuff.

Michigander Fan

papasmurf said...

The Smurfman always knew that Claire was a dirty, dirty minx.

I have noticed Cliare looking quite radiant these last few episodes. Of course I may just be love struck and delusional.

kunzie said...

I don't know what's been funnier the last 2 days - the episodes or your posts!! Thanks as always, they're great.

I'm with MF - Steve is NOT endearing himself to Michelle, and may be blowing his shot.....

,,,I've done a complete flip with Karla. Couldn't stand her initially but now I totally get her predicament and I'm rooting for her....

No David and Tracey tonsil hockey this evening, so dinner stayed down....

My word was that Cockney for "feel real?"

Jacqueline said...

Thank you! The 'Yeah but which queen?' comment drove me nuts too. I was bracing myself for some one to say Queen Elizabeth and then a further discussion of I or II.

I did think it was kind of sloppy writing for comedy's sake. But then I thought the ant farm was sloppy too.

Seriously, Kirk can't be that clueless.

Anonymous said...

John excellent update! I would also like to go for a drink with Rita, Doreen, Eileen, Lloyd and Fizz. I have always liked Sean but he is starting to show a really selfish side. I don't understand why he doesn't get his own place he works 2 jobs and has to be at least 30. As much as I love Eileen I wouldn't want to live in that tiny little house with Jason, Eileen, Violet and Holly. Especially if I were single and liked to mingle.

Jacqueline said...

Okay...confession time.

And I know I'm the worse with dumping on Clurr, vis-a-vis she's as dull as dishwater.

However, she'd be my pick for drinking buddy. Recently she hinted at her rave days and as I seem to recall....she was the one that got the party really rolling for Less's bachelor pad...and didn't Ashely and her play a wicked game of shooter chess?

I think those dopey crocheted hats cover up the wild red head within.

Debbie said...

"he's sure that he'll just play with his head"

Sean Tully, king of the double entendre.

papasmurf said...

It seems Debbie is a dirty, dirty minx as well.

The Smurfman gives two thumbs up and a double snap of the fingers to delightful Debbie!

pip said...

Yeah, I think Claire is one of those people who's two drinks short of a personality and she could really cut loose some time. She has such a cold, controlling mother you can see how she could be severely repressed.

I don't understand how Sonny can be so blase about what happened with Sean. Is it an act and is he really freaking, or does he sincerely believe that Sean will just let that kiss go? And if Sean intends to pursue the relationship then now is the time to tell Michelle what's going on. Of course, Michelle's not knowing gives Sean the power to manipulate Sonny into a relationship with him. Blackmail isn't pretty, but it can be effective. Frankly, I'm disappointed in Sean.

Anonymous said...


Larry Craig, George Michael... the list goes on and on...

The really ironic part is: men always give US crap for going to the bathroom together and spending time in there... all we're doing is talking, reapplying makeup, having a slight breakdown because so-and-so looked at us funny...


Debbie said...

Thanks Papa.

Debbie blows a kiss to Smurfman.

Jacqueline said...

I think Claire is one of those people who's two drinks short of a personality

PMSL! Good one Pip.

I think Sonny should have used better judgement. I love Sean three ways to sunday, but honestly, I could totally see him being the type to bring their suitcase over after 3 dates.

Sean is weak, Sonny on the other hand is just a dog.

Anonymous said...

Steve kind of hit the nail on the head when he said "I think Sonny thinks he got away with it."

That was the other shoe when it came to him. It wasn't his sexuality or the fact that he dated Sean. It's that he's just a plain ol' cheater with a twist.

Now, if Sean ends up as the other man, he's going to hurt his friend Michelle because he's just that selfish and gullible.

Whitehorse Fan said...

"Sean is weak, Sonny on the other hand is just a dog."

That is the perfect assessment of them.

And I agree that this information will not help Steve woo Michelle. Michelle will not take kindly to him, I think, when she finds he knew, and all he did was drop snide remarks and act gleeful about the situation.