Saturday, November 17, 2007

Update: November 15, 2007 - Technical Difficulties Update

Due to technical difficulties, our normal Thursday update got a wee bit scuttled. Here then, is a quickie summary of that episode's events:

David Platt vs. Cynthia Dale

David puts on his best death metal t-shirt for the meeting with Tracy's lawyer. Gail makes him on his school uniform.

Tracy meets him in the street and asks him to stick to the truth. He asks if he should mention the bribes.

At Cynthia Dale's office, David seems rather smug and unconcerned about the testimony he's about to give. Then Cynthia says she doesn't believe a word of it. He almost cracks under her questioning until she admits she wanted him to have a taste of what the prosecution will do.

Rattled by this, David tells Tracy that he doesn't want to testify and admits what she already knows: that he saw nothing and he can't lie in court.

The Kebab Shop

Jodie Morton comes in to the café to offer commiserations to Roy and Hayley and asks how long Roy will be out of business. He says ten days to two weeks. He thinks it's nice that a competitor would be so friendly. Jodie then marches over to Jason and Bill and tells them she wants the shop ready in a week. Bill tells her it can't be done but she warns that she'll get someone else to do the job. I think she knows she can't. Builders are busy people and even if she could get one to start tomorrow, they'll just tell her the same thing Bill and Jason are telling her.

Molly's Interview

Amber pretends that Dev has asked her to interview Molly and starts giving her a hard time. Molly gets a little fed up and leaves, saying she doesn't want the job that much.

Other News

Liz tells Steve she thinks Tracy is using him.

Lloyd got a bunch of VIP tickets to a new club, courtesy of a famous dj he had in his cab. Claire demonstrates a knowledge of rave "music." Yes, I am old.

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