Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Update - November 14, 2007 - Who by Fire

Fire in the Café

The fire department has arrived at Roy and Hayley's café to clear the damage and assess the cause. Hayley is convinced that Becky set the fire but Roy is wavering. He does agree that that everyone is upset by yesterday's events.

Lloyd arrives to remind them of how Kelly got sent down on account of Becky and it seems just about everyone is convinced of her guilt. Roy and Hayley agree that it was foolish to trust her in the first place.

Later in the Rovers, Vera is telling Roy and Hayley how she never trusted her, what with her fingers in the till and all. Just then, Becky comes in, back in her denim jacket as the new coat is now ruined, with a present and tries to explain. Vera calls her a cheeky cow, Hayley says every word she has said is a lie, and Carla, having just learned of her criminal past, fires her.

Becky slinks back out, knowing that everyone hates her.

When Hayley gets back to the café, the fire fighter tells her it wasn't arson but a faulty deep fryer. You'll recall a few months ago, Roy proudly telling Hayley how he installed it himself, saving himself a bundle.

Hayley realises that Becky was telling the truth. She finds her at the bus stop and apologises. Becky says she thought she and Roy were different, that they believed in her but it turns out they wanted her to fail, just like all the others.

She hands Hayley the present she intended and, despite Hayley's protests, gets on the bus and leaves. Hayley opens the present to find a pair of curtains, with "R" and "H" fancifully embroidered that Becky had made specially for them.

Star Witness

In Dev's shop, Amber is asking David if he saw any blood when he witnessed Tracy murdering Charlie. Acting nonchalant, but clearly enjoying the attention, David attempts to give a few details (much to Dev's displeasure) as Tracy comes in. It breaks up and he leaves.

Later, Tracy finds David by his car and gives him some CD's, including Razorlight.

"I thought the Killers would be more your speed," says David.

They weren't Charlie's, but Tracy's and this is her continuing to attempt to be "nice" to him. David is scheduled to meet with Tracy's solicitor, Cynthia Dale, tomorrow so Tracy wants him to make sure everything goes well.

When is David going to make it clear that by "be nice to me," he means "lay underneath me for 63 seconds"?

Tots Should Not Be Trendy

Michelle is making a chicken dinner for Sonny, Paul and Carla. Carla, of course, turns her nose up at it while Paul and Sonny are hogging Ryan's X-Box (or whatever it is). Carla gets a call from Trendy Tots who ask her to double her order but keep the same delivery date.

(Carla, by the way, has a pink Motorola PEBL, the same as Tracy Barlow. Just thought I'd note that as it's been mentioned that characters tend to recycle clothes from one another, now they recycle props.)

Carla is excited and tells Paul, who is too engrossed in his game to notice. She accuses him of not taking her trendy dungarees seriously and storms out to the Rovers. He follows and tells her that he's very proud of the work she has done with these trendy dungarees and they seem to reconcile.

Now she has twice the order to complete and, after having fired Becky, half her workforce.

The Hole in Fizz' Life

Fizz is missing Chesney as he gave her life purpose. She complains to Maria that all she does is work, eat, watch TV, sleep, repeat. Maria says, "You forgot pub."

Over the Battersby's, Cilla is preparing a welcome home kind of a meal for Chesney. He asks if they can all sit around the table like a proper family.

Cilla says, of course. He asks if they should turn the TV off (as they probably had to do at Fizz's).

"Well, let's not go too far now," Cilla.

Later in the street, Cilla taunts Fizz about how he prefers his mum to her and her broccoli. They're even going bowling later. Cilla tells Fizz if she wants to play mummy, she can have her own children, as Kirk overhears.

Later at Fizz's flat, she and Kirk are cuddling as she complains that her life has no meaning. She suggests she and Kirk retire to the boudoir for deep snuggling but Kirk says he's not ready for that yet.

"It's not like we haven't done it before," says a confused Fizz.

"I mean I don't want to have a baby yet," he explains, noting that he thought that's what she wants now.

"Oh, by 'eck Kirk! Neither do I! I just have a hole in my life right now."

Kirk asks if they should do it before Maria gets home but Fizz isn't in the mood right now.

In Other News

Dev offers a job to Molly, noting her excellent customer service skills. Either that, or he's looking to impregnate a whole new generation of shop girls.


pip said...

Excellent update, John, and per usual it's up before the show even airs here on the west coast.

I must say David looks much better now that he's lost that weird haircut, but there's something else different about him, too, that I can't put my finger on.

Loved Cilla's line to Fizz that Chesney had been chasing Schmeichal around the yard all morning. That dog is bigger than a horse. It seems bigger every time it's on the show (or are they using a different dog now?) How could you chase that thing around the postage stamp yard those flats have?

Nice to see Molly and Tyrone back on the show.

Anonymous said...

David got a new haircut! Hurray! Let the joyous news be spread!

Now if he would only give his barber's phone number to Adam Barlow and Jamie Baldwin...

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

What's different about David? Judging from his tan, it appears he's taken a vacation in sunny Spain. Tracy must really want that testimony.

pip said...

Thank-you, John, that was it! All that time Gail thought David was out in his car listening to music and he was really in sunny Spain, courtesy of Tracy. Tracy gave him a chummy little arm squeeze along with those CDs I noticed.

You know who else needs a new style: Kirk. I would love to see him with longer hair.

Hayley and Roy could both use a better look, too.

corrierules said...

Great update. Thank you. And I enjoyed the video. It's obvious corrie-canuckers are a cultured lot!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Molly is getting more lines. I like her character's brashness, a bit like Fizz used to be.

Molly and Amber would be great fun, man.

-missusmac, who for a minute thought the new and horrid restaurant lady had set the fire at Roy's.