Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Update - November 13th, 2007 - The Go-Between

Gretna Green Getaway

It's early morning and Norris is sweeping the sidewalk in front of the Kabin. Becky, after being unceremoniously snubbed by Hayley, walks inside and asks if he plans to come if she should just help herself.

"You most certainly cannot!" declares Norris as he scurries inside.

Becky asks for wrapping paper. Norris asks if it's for a baby, a birthday, or First Day Out of Jail.

Sally comes in and suddenly Norris starts flirting with her. He asks if she's had her hair done (she hasn't), and remarks that "some men" never notice such things and "some men" are only interested in that what has a crankshaft.

Sally just wants a bag of bon-bons and Norris tells that that particular brand are his favourite as well. Sally, a bit taken aback by all this, says she'll see him later.

"Oh, I look forward to it," Norris says. Oh, Norris, if only you owned a luxury car dealership instead of being part-owner of the local confectionery shop, then you may have had a chance.

Later, Sally comes back saying she forgot stamps. Norris notes that some letters don't need stamps. Then he starts referring to the The Go-Between, a novel from the 1950's about secret notes and illicit lovers.

The novel also begins with the line:

"The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there."

That line was once spoken by Fred Elliot to Audrey Roberts. Someone on the show must love that book.

"I find passionate women are drawn to deep thoughtful men when they tire of shallow sons of toil," he continues. He then assures her that he is the very soul of discretion.

Sally then goes over to Kevin to tell him about Norris' odd behaviour. Kevin goes over and asks Norris if he always talks that way to other men's wives.

Norris, shows his soul of discretion, and presents the secret Valentine card from "Hot Lips." Norris says it seems Sally prefers a more mature man.

It doesn't take long before Kevin and Sally figure out that the card was a prank from Sophie, whom they make apologise to Norris before he starts wanting to take Sally off to Gretna Green to get married. Sally asks if they can all be friends again and Norris agrees, despite looking just a little humiliated.

Anyone else picturing Loretta Swit during this whole "Hot Lips" business?
Burning Down the House

Becky needed that wrapping for a present for Roy and Hayley. She tries to give it to Hayley but she says to stuff her present. Hayley later mention this to Roy who says from now on, the only mugs in their café will be used to serve beverages.

"Oh, Roy!" Hayley exclaims. "You're such a wit. Sometimes I think you're wasted here."

Later, Lloyd (remember him?) sees the café is on fire and yells to Steve to dial 999. Steve delegates that task to Eileen. Steve runs into the café to fetch Roy and Hayley to tell them. They arrive to find Lloyd pulling Becky out, her nice new white coat covered in soot (symbolism!).

Becky claims she say the fire and went in to find Roy and Hayley. Nobody believes her.

"This is our home!" Roy is furious. "You wretched, wretched, woman!"

Coughing on smoke, Becky slinks away in tears.

13 Year Old Decides Nightly Diet of Fish n' Chips Better than Jamie Oliver's Poncy School Lunches

Ches has been sneaking over the Les and Cilla's to help with the painting and eat junk food. He asks Kirk not to tell Fizz but Kirk warns that he's a terrible liar.

Later, Les asks the boys if they want chicken or burgers for their tea. They can't decide so they ask Michelle to make the decision for them. She says 'chicken.'

Later in the Rovers, Michelle asks Kirk, while Fizz is next to him, if he and Ches and Less enjoyed their tea. Fizz realises what's been going on, what with her also finding out that Ches has been fibbing about going to the Websters for his tea.

She finally decides to let him go over to his parents'. It's a little bit tearful.

In Other News

Eileen and Claire decided they're going to job share the dispatching and the babies. That means Steve doesn't have to hire Fat Brenda (a role that needs to be cast, IMHO) or Cilla.

Michelle warns Steve that Tracy may be using him to look good in front of the court.

Vernon left Liz to go bet on dogs for Valentine's Day.

Original airdate: February 15, 2007


Debbie said...

'The novel also begins with the line:
"The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there."
That line was once spoken by Fred Elliot to Audrey Roberts. Someone on the show must love that book.'

Excellent bit of information here, John.

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia is my friend.

pip said...

I was a bit disappointed that that Hot Lips story line ended so quickly. I was rather enjoying Norris making a fool of himself, especially since he's such a self-important little man, so quick to judge others, and here he is, flirting with a married woman (whom he had no interest in previously) because he thought she'd sent him a card. Of course, if Sally had responded to Norris he probably would have run for the hills. Remember how he reacted when his internet date gave some veiled suggestion that they might have sex?

OMG, do you think Tracy is trying to get pregnant by Steve (I think that might have been the previous episode, but whatever). Do unmarried men normally carry condoms around with them all the time on the off chance they'll get lucky? I live a sheltered life so have no idea.

Anonymous said...

"Vernon left Liz to go bet on dogs for Valentine's Day."

Is that Corrie Code for "in rehab"?

We haven't seen Vern recently - has he been spending too much time with Lloyd?


Anonymous said...


That is an interesting theory, isn't it? Counting on a pregnancy to help her win friends and influence jurors...

I absolutely wouldn't put it past her.


papasmurf said...

FYI Pip:

The smurfman carries at least two dozen latex party hats with him at all times - just in case.

Of course the smurfman is no average bachelor...

pip said...

My goodness, papasmurf (how on earth did you get that name if you're so careful?), do you have a little purse thingy that you keep them in, or do you just stuff them in your pockets?

Vern's one of those characters that if I don't see him, I don't miss him. Maybe he's off kidnapping dalmation puppies to make a coat to complete Liz's look.

Debbie said...

OK, the idea that papa walks around with his pockets stuffed full of condoms is HILARIOUS!

Had some fun in the big smoke?

Anonymous said...

Pip, You know I wouldn't put it past Tracey at all to try and get pregnant.

Papa Smurf you kill me! I almost spit tea all over my computer screen LOL!

I can't get over how much Liz sticks her nose in her grown son's business. If I tried half what she does I'd get a huge MOM!!

papasmurf said...

We had a good time considering we were out on Dixie Road in the middle of nowhere. Managed to ride the TTC downtown Friday evening to have a look at the big city folk and spend some money at Nicholas Hoare Books. Had some good Mexican food along the way as well.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice Steve was wearing Danny Baldwin's baby blue v-neck sweater??? Yes - I notice these things - it's one of the many things I love about Corrie - that characters re-wear their outfits! I'm sure I've noticed Danny wearing that exact same sweater many, many times.

pip said...

Danny's quite a bit smaller than Steve, isn't he? He's not going to be happy if Steve stretches it all out of shape. How did he get the sweater anyway? I'm confused.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed Cilla wearing quite a few things that Shelly used to wear too. There is that necklace with the piece of metal that sticks through the hoop (looks like a dog chain.)

Also, there's almost a cow print kind of shirt she was wearing recently. She seems slightly bigger than Shelly, but thena gain, Cilla wears tight clothes.

So, did Becky do it? Or not? What are the betting odds?