Friday, November 09, 2007

Update- Friday, November 9, 2007- If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say...

The episode could be summarised as: Michelle is bitchy about Tracy. Steve is bitchy about Sunny. Sean is bitchy to Sunny. Cilla is bitchy about Fiz. Eileen and Sarah are bitchy about Jason. Jason, Gail and Sarah are bitchy about Eileen. Norris is bitchy about Rita. The Connors are bitchy about each other. The end.

But, here are the gorey details:

The Grimshaws and Platts Bitch

Jason is panicked looking for Holly. He goes to Sarah's, just as Sarah is complaining about his inability to take care of Holly. When he tells Sarah and Gail that Holly has disappeared, they go with him to his house, and tell him to phone 999. As he is dialling the number, Eileen strolls in, with Holly in her arms. Gail and Sarah are annoyed that she left without a note. She justifies herself by saying that Jason should have not fallen asleep with Holly there. Really, that is just silly. Holly was in her stroller and nothing could happen to her. Eileen is, as Steve said, getting revenge. Gail and Sarah leave, annoyed. Jason too is annoyed, but Eileen is not apologetic, and gives him a lecture about taking care of his daughter.

Later, Jason tells Violet what Eileen did and Violet is unimpressed. Again, Eileen says that Jason has to become more responsible, and that she did the right thing. After she leaves, Violet says to Jason that he must have been petrified but he says no, he was hoping that something had happened to Holly.

In the evening, when Eileen has gone off to the Rover's, Jason phones Social Services, and wants to report a neglected child. He gives Holly's name, and his own address. It appears Eileen's little revenge plot will bite her in the butt.

Cilla's Bitchiness (A.KA. Cilla's Natural State)

Cilla complains about the colour Less is painting the door, though she picked out the colour herself. Chesney comes in for a some telly, and a pizza.

Later, Fiz comes by looking for Chesney. Cilla says that Chesney is not there. When Fiz leaves, Chesney emerges from his hiding place. Oh Chesney, bought off with a cheese and tomato pizza.

After Chesney finishes the pizza, he goes back to Fiz', and reluctantly eats the good meal she has made for him.

Michelle and Steve Bitch

Steve runs into Tracy and suddenly is sweet on her, asking her out. Tracy falls for it.

Meanwhile, Michelle decides she wants to give Sunny an extra-special night in.

Later, at the Rover's, Steve and Michelle spend their time taking swipes at Sunny and Tracy, respectively. Michelle is more successful in her nastiness, but then, Tracy is an easier target. After much catiness, Michelle asks Sean if he can cover for her. He agrees, but tells her to tell Sunny that the only person Sean would do this for is Sunny. Michelle is puzzled, but agrees. Sunny pretends to be puzzled. They leave arm in arm.

Steve and Tracy stay behind at the Rover's, and Tracy realizes that Steve may not be genuine in his professed affection for her. She asks him if he is trying to make Michelle jealous. He denies it. She suggests going out on the town, and he reluctantly agrees.

Michelle and Sunny are back at her flat, kissing, when Michelle decides to talk about Tracy. Perhaps Sunny is not all that clever, as he doesn't clue in that maybe Michelle is jealous. Michelle puts everyone out of her mind, and they continue to kiss.

Norris bitches

Norris is annoyed at Rita for drinking so much, and even more irate when Doreen breezes into the Rover's and gets him to get drinks for she and Rita.

Carla and Paul bitch at each other

Enough said.


pip said...

Great update, WHF.

Someone else said earlier they are getting tired of the Holly storyline, it makes no sense. I have to agree. I mean, did Eileen raise Jason and Todd, while working full time with no daycare. That's what she seems to be suggesting Jason should do. How can the topic of daycare not be coming up?? Amy goes to a nursery, has done since she was an infant, and Tracy doesn't even work, for pete's sake.

Steve should never try to manipulate Tracy, she caught on to him in about 10 seconds flat. It's not like he hasn't done it to her before.

Anonymous said...

Loved Carla and Paul's flat. Sort of 70-ish Austin Powers, with worst taste.

The Holly plot line is full of holes. As a single mother, Eileen knows all the problems that await. And she has been nothing if not supportive of her sons no matter what kind of idiots they are being. She may not agree, but she loves them and does her best.

Which is why her stealing Holly, from a son who is working his face off, not drinking his face off -- is not in character.

Lloyd was gone? Really? hahaha, joke. I love that people can disappear, then reappear, without a word of explanation. (Adam, where are you?)


Anonymous said...

Here is a story about Kim Ryder....keep clicking and you will the actress who plays Sarah.
Spoiler alert of the Sarah story though!


Radmila said...

All I can say is:

Cilla & Les redecorate.

Anonymous said...

I normally love Eileen, but this is pretty ridic. First off, there is no reason on earth to justify taking a baby to a building site. Construction workers have dangerous jobs, and while it's unlikely that Baby Holly will fall 80 stories to her death, there's plaster dust and all kinds of power tools and etc.

It's stupid for her to be sending her along with Jason to work. I mean, if Jason were a cop, would she buy Holly a kangaroo carrier sack so Jason could strap her to his chest while he chases after bad guys?

And I'm sorry, but this is NOT the way to get him to bond with her. He pretty much just resents her at this point.

Bad story line.


Anonymous said...

Also thought Lloyd's magical reappearance was pretty funny.

I mean, they could have explained his absence rather than pretending he's been there all along, just invisible. Sick uncle, like Hayley a few months ago. Trip to Spain, like Sean. Something.

I played a little game with myself as I watched Thursday and Friday's shows: I tried to remember when he disappeared, and how many things have transpired since then:

I don't think he should know the Connors... He doesn't know Fred's dead... or Charlie... or about Jamie and Frankie and their freak storm of a relationship...

It was making my head hurt, as reality crashed against the complete inability of the writers to even pretend to care about the big gaping hole in the continuity.