Friday, November 30, 2007

Update- Friday, November 30, 2007- Bi Bi Sonny

The show opens with Sean being frog marched by Paul and Liam to the Rover's. The three run into Jamie, and Sean explains that he is looking deathly ill from nerves because he is about to undergo a job evaluation. Jamie looks confused, but accepts the explanation.

Sean, Paul and Liam then enter the Rover's. Michelle comes out to the front, wanting Sean's fashion opinion. They go to the back room, Sean somewhat reluctantly. Michelle prattles on a bit about her new dress, and then realizes Sean is looking a little glum. Sean confesses that he and Sean slept together. Michelle does not want to believe it. Sean confesses somemore. Not only have they slept together while Sonny was dating Michelle, but they have known each other for years.

Michelle runs out of the pub, with Liam and Paul trailing her. They try and stop her, and out on the street, tell her they found out, and made Sean tell her. Michelle not too politely asks them to butt out.

When she finally is alone in her flat, she sits at the table, and cries. She takes off the watch and ring. Michelle, honey, I know you are crushed right now, but, keep the swag. Okay, you probably have to return the ring, but the watch is yours. Don't let your emotions keep you from expensive jewellery.

Meanwhile, at the pub, Jamie comes in and learns the truth about Sean's "job evaluation". He looks a little too judgmental for a guy who slept with his mother. Sean also asks Liam if he should go by to Michelle's house, and Liam wisely tells him to keep out of it.

Sonny is oblivious to the drama and shows up at Michelle's bearing flowers. Michelle answers the door and silently lets him in. Clever Sonny knows something is wrong, and she does not keep him in suspense. When Michelle confronts him with the fact that their relationship has been all lies, Sonny says that had he told her the truth about his bisexuality she wouldn't have wanted him. She doesn't deny it, but says that she would then have had a choice.

In the next scene, Michelle is sitting at her kitchen table with a glass of wine in front of her. Sonny begs her to give him another chance. She says no, and in the process of doing so, refers to her dead partner and the effect his death had on her. She gives him the watch and the ring, and Sonny leaves.

Sean, who has nipped out of the Rover's, sees Sonny leaving. He runs over to try and explain. Of course Michelle comes out and sees them, gets angry at the both of them, and then slaps Sean in the face.

Another "Please God, let it End" Plotline

Adam, Deirdre and Tracy see that there is a "sold" sign, outside of Charlie's house. Tracy bemoans the loss of the house, but Deirdre tells her good riddance.

Later, at the Barlows', Tracy invites Deirdre out for a drink, only to receive a text message (I presume) from someone. She says she has to go out for a bit before the drink, and heads out without further explanation.

Of course the text message was from David, and they have a little sordid rendezvous in the back alley. David, the romantic, brings Tracy some chips, and suggests that they return to his house as his mum isn't home. Tracy says he has to wait until after the trial, but David has thought this through, and he says that she won't need him after the trial and will just ditch him. She starts laughing, and he tells her that if that's how she wants to play it, then he will simply see her at the trial. Tracy calls him back and says that what is really going on is that she wants to make the experience really special. She then kisses him and leaves.

In Other News

Rita invites Norris out to an Italian restaurant to celebrate his birthday. As they are having a pre-outing drink at the Rover's, Doreen comes in. First she invites Rita out for a curry. Rita tells her that she and Norris are going to a restaurant to celebrate Norris' birthday. Doreen invites herself along, but Rita says that it will be just the two of them. Norris is very pleased. Oh, and Norris is wearing a cravat. And not in the Sean-hipster kind of way.

Liam and Leanne flirt. Jason, who saw the flirting go down, suggests that Liam see a shrink over his taste in women.

Steve tries over and over again to call Vern on the cab radio. Vern, who is drumming the dashboard and listening to music, does not hear. Lloyd once again points out the obvious but uncomfortable truth to Steve. So long as Liz is saddled with a git, so is Steve.


pip said...

Great update WHF!

How on earth could Liam, who had just seen his only sister's heart broken (and he seems to truly love her), then go off and chat up Leanne. He is such a git.

Sean very deftly made it all about HIM again by asking Michelle not to hate him after he'd confessed to his sordid conduct. Way to be a pal, Sean.

Charlie's flat has been sold!!! The 'For Sale' sign was up for like, 17 nanoseconds! So who is administering his estate? Why haven't they been round to Jason to have a word with him about taking over Charlie's business? Makes no sense.

Tracy and David: all I can say is, please god, let it end, but not in the way David wants it to end.

Willie Lupin said...

Hi guys, just to let you know that Musings from Middle England is back in business with occasional pieces on Corrie.
Warning: storylines will sometimes be revealed, but I don't think there's too much in my recent post on David.
Best wishes to you all.

Anonymous said...

this is a little late. I should have posted it a couple of days ago, but, was anyone else surprised at how quick Roy's Rolls has been redone? The fire seemed to have done quite a bit of damage, yet when David was acosting Tracy's knee, the cafe seemed to be exactly how it was before. I presumed that the "kebob" place was going to be done first and attempt to steal Roy's customers from him...just wondered if i was the only one who went hmmmmm.

haili said...

How popular will Sean be now? Will he still be the trusted friend people turn to for those heart-to-heart chats? Or will they understand when they find out Sonny was an old flame? Can't wait to hear Eileen's comments.

That was an amazingly fast re-decorating job on Roy's Rolls. Jason must be improving; but now he has fast Bill to help.

Does anyone else wish Ken would get some gumption? He never used to be such a wimp - must be getting too tired to cope with the women in the house.

George said...

Pip: Tracy's trial will be over between Christmas and New Year's. Missusmac: Yes, an investor bought Jamie's house from Blanche; I'm pretty sure it's the same one who owns Eileen's.

Anonymous said...

In Corrie news: Just got an e-mail yesterday saying Ashley Peacock will be visiting Halifax in March!

So that must be who is heading TO way too.

We didn't get a Corrie person last year, as they deserted us for the wilds of Newfoundland instead.

I'm not sure if I'm excited about Ashley coming. Bit of a let down really after Sunita, Eileen, Les, Maria, Gina and her real life man Jez Quigley...


Anonymous said...

Charlie must probably had a mortgage and after he was bumped off, the bank sold it to the new owners. ? Maybe the weird kabob lady that has pestering Jason....I hate her already...Anyone know a good "KAh-BAHHB" place in Windsor?

PS Sean pisses me off...


Jacqueline said...

My feelings...Sean was hugely stupid on this helping someone screw around on your bosses's sister? Then you're going to call your other boss a liar?

I don't feel so bad about him being menaced into telling the truth by the Connor boys.

Anonymous said...

There are indeed a couple of terrific Kah-BAHHB joints in Windsor. Are you nearby in Michigan?

Anonymous said...

Yes I am in Michigan and I would love to find some good kebab places in Windsor...Can you provide addresses PLEASE....TAH!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Shawarma Kingdom
462 Ouellette

Mr. Shishkebab
900 Ottawa

Two of the finest....Enjoy.