Saturday, November 24, 2007

Update- Friday, November 23, 2007- Death of a Gnome

The show opens with Vernon standing alone in the pub, eating chips. Liz gives him a call on his cell phone, but he can't hear her, so he goes outside. The police see him, and start waving their arms and telling him to leave the pub. Having seen too many American movies in which someone is "surrounded", Vern puts his hands up. Finally, someone gets close enough to tell him that there is an unexploded bomb in the neighbourhood, and he heads off to the community centre.

Meanwhile, Sonny and Sean are figuring out how to get out of Jamie's house unseen. Sean comes up with the brilliant idea that Sonny go out the back way. As Sonny prepares to leave, he suggests that he and Sean can continue seeing each other so long as they are discreet about it. He leaves then, and promptly runs into a police officer, who gives him what for, and then asks if anyone else is at Jamie's. Sonny says there isn't. Sean stays in Jamie's house and ponders the situation. What a decision: have sex, or don't (further) betray a friend...

Back at the community centre, trauma victim Vern has a blanket wrapped around him and is drinking a hot drink. Liz seems to be annoyed with him, and not really that overjoyed to see him.

Hayley strolls in with a pair of new boots, and Roy gets upset because he didn't know where she was and couldn't reach her.

Paul wanders from boring conversation to boring conversation.

Tracey catches David's eye and, being so discreet herself, blows him a kiss.

The police blow up the bomb, and in the process, blow up Ashley and Claire's garden gnome.

After the Bomb

David follows Tracy to her home, only to have her shut the door on him.

Sean manages to get out of Jamie's house, and runs into Jamie and Michelle on the street. Michelle goes on alone, and Jamie stops to speak with Sean. He asks him if he met up with Sonny. Sean tells him that he wasn't able to, and leaves.

Later, Sean goes to the Rover's. Jamie is there, and tells him he knows that Sean used his bed because his duvet was on the wrong way round. He is none to pleased that Sean used his bed to have sex with Sonny.

Sonny then comes to the pub. What follows then are a bunch of double entendres between Sean and Sonny about what Sonny likes doing with whom. At then end of it all, when Sonny confirms that their afternoon was excellent, Sean, in a pleased sort of way, picks his teeth. I don't think we want to know what he was picking out of his teeth.

Steve has been lurking around during this Sonny and Sean routine, getting a jab in every once in a while, and managing to be rude to Tracy as well. When he uses the facilities, Tracy comes up behind him and accuses him of using her to make Michelle jealous. She warns him not to do so.

The seamstresses are angry that Kelly is working for Carla for less than minimum wage, as they are concerned that it will drive their wages down, too.

Claire phones a caller from the "Women in Crisis" phone line, and Ashley is worried that she is getting to involved with the client.

Ashley and Eileen mourn the loss of the garden gnome, Mr. Grumpsy, by kicking his head like a soccer ball.


Jacqueline said...

Good update deario!

Can't remember if it was this episode or last, but I really dug when Roy was explaining about the bomb, because I was wondering just how the hell a WW2 bomb ended up BURIED in the ground. I was thankful no one cut him off in mid explanation.

I'm also thankful that there wasn't a discussion between Kirk-eh, et al about which World War the bomb came from, who they were fighting and just who the heck this Hitler guy was.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading about this storyline just before it first aired, thinking it had something to do with terrorism. Glad it was the more run of the mill unexploded WW2 bomb.

Two Christmases ago when the missus and I visited her aunt and uncle in Liverpool, they also told me about how the Germans bombed the place in an attempt to disrupt their shipyards. It's not unreasonable to imagine that some bombs would have fallen on other Northern cities as well. When you read about the Blitz, they always focus on London but it's good to see the show acknowledge that the war affect many other parts of Britain as well.

And Doreen and Rita drunkenly singing Vera Lynn tunes was awesome.

As Kirkeh, I can just imagine:

"Hitler? Didn't he play for the Toronto Maple Leafs? Darryl Hitler? My cousin has his hockey card."

pip said...

I don't understand why Sean is wracked with guilt over what he's doing. After all he saw how shattered Violet was by Jason's infidelity, and here he's the 'other man' helping Sonny do the same thing to Michelle. It seems out of character for Sean, no matter how much he craves a relationship.

pip said...

whoops, should have said 'isn't wracked with guilt', not 'is'.

Debbie said...

How much did you love the conversation between Sally, Haily, Fiz and Joanne? Because I loved it. It made me laugh so hard. I really loved the bit when Sally said that she likes to think that she and the factory girls are all on the same wavelength, and Fiz can't really control her expression. I also loved the end when they were talking about Haily's boots. I think here, Sally Whittaker (she plays Sally) is hilarious "Oh I live a compfy boot!" Boy did it make me laugh. he timing and tone was excellent.

Debbie said...

P.S. I also loved that Norris started singing with Rita and Doreen.

Jacqueline said...

Rita and Doreen are goddesses!

I too loved the compfy boot discussion.

I think again, Sean is just weak when it comes to matters of the heart. I actually like that the characters are so black and white. That the 'good uns' do bad things every so often and vis-a-versa.

haili said...

Glad to have found a forum where you discuss current episodes.

LOL a lot last night: at Rita and Doreen, Vernon getting a beer all by himself, then handing the glass to the cop, Audrey and her memories of hairdos in the air raid shelter, bored looking Paul and best of all was Ashley kicking the broken gnome into the bomb hole. I'll bet he doesn't get many laughs living with Claire!

I was a bit disgusted with the double entendres at the bar by Sean and Sonny with Michelle standing right there. She will be so hurt when she finds out about them. But it's only a soap!

Anonymous said...

I think Sean's deal is that he has a need to make everything about him. His-ex and Michelle are dating. Michelle is unaware of Sonny's past. This is Michelle's issue. Instead, he gives and starts having an affair with her friend's boyfriend, making it about him.

Loved the little conversation among Sally, Fizz, Hayley and Joanne. I actually found myself in agreement with Sally over Kelly's taking less than minimum wage under the wage. It does debase their skills and it opens the door for management to take even more concessions.

But the way the discussion drifted from workers' rights to child labour to how nice a comfy pair boots can be was just great.

This may also be the first time that I decided I like Vern as a character. He's the show's professional layabout.

Jacqueline said...

Darryl Hilter....John....I have no words.

Rob Swizzle said...

I saw Sophie Webster in an episode of season 3 of The League of Gentlemen. She was a few years younger, but I still couldn't understand much of what she said.

Anonymous said...

Eileen made me laugh alot in the omibus....Her facial expressions are so on cue and hilarious....

I hate the character of Carla before and now I hate her even more that she used the words "slave labor" about her machinists. I think she will turn out to be a baddy as well as her husband.

Norris-Doris seems sooo it!


Anonymous said...

Not to harp on this -- which means I am-- but Ashley said something in the garden about having just finished renovations, and now the windows are blown out.

Renovations? They moved the freakin' staircase!

There. I am done.


pip said...

Well, there's renovations, and then there's renovations. :P I wonder what's coming up in their story line that made it necessary to move the staircase?