Saturday, November 03, 2007

Update- Friday, November 2, 2007- Not a Drug Lord, but a Heartbreaker

At the Rover's, Sean tries to corner Sonny and talk to him. First, he makes the pretense of needing to collect glasses so he can go to Sonny's table. Sonny has nothing to say to him. Interrupted by Norris, Sean leaves. However, he later follows Sonny into the washroom. Again Sean wants to talk, again Sonny puts him off.

After hanging out for a while at the Rover's, Sonny decides to go back to Michelle's to start the supper. Sean makes some suggestive remarks about Sonny's sexual abilities. Michelle is surprised, but laughs. After Sonny leaves, Violet remarks that Sean went out with an Asian, and asks him his name. Sean's bravado disappears, and he says he has so many boyfriends, he can't remember.

Later, Sean goes to the hallway and finds Michelle's cell phone. He calls Sonny, and wants to once again sort things out. Sonny once more puts him off, saying that Ryan is there, and hangs up.

Sean's stalking finally pays off. When Sonny leaves Michelle's apartment, Sean is there, waiting for him. They have the conversation Sean has been wanting to have all night. It turns out that Sonny is bisexual, and as far as we know, not a drug lord. The issue is that Sonny broke Sean's heart, and Sean thinks Michelle should know about it. Sean basically says that Sonny lead him on, making him think the relationship was meaningful, and then dumped him. Sonny reminds Sean that he went too fast, bringing the moving van with him on their first date. Sonny does not think that Michelle needs to know his entire past history of dating, including Sean. He asks Sean not to bring Michelle into it, as she is one of the good guys. He leaves.

Sean returns to the pub. Steve is sitting at the bar, wasted. He asks Sean what does Sonny have that Steve does not have? To prove his point, he lifts his shirt to show his beer belly, and says, "I'm having twins". Sean tells him that he is better for Michelle than Sonny. He continues on that Steve should bide his time and things may turn around. Sean regrets saying this, though, as he continues, "Oh, what am I saying? What do I know".

Mommy Dearest

Cilla stops by Fiz' to give Chesney a DVD she bought. Chesney is excited, until she informs him it has been dubbed in Mandarin, but has English subtitles. She then makes a date with a reluctant Fiz to go to the Rover's to discuss things.

Cilla and Fiz do go to the Rover's, and talk about Chesney. Cilla maintains that living with Fiz is not a proper place for Ches, and Fiz asks if there is anywhere better for him to live. Cilla then admits that she messed things up with Fiz, and she has, at times, messed things up with Chesney, but there is still time, she says, to make things better for him. And she wants to do it.

Kirk comes home to find Less wallpapering. Kirk is baffled at Less' transformation into the working class Martha Stewart. Less acts as though this is all part of everyday life at the Battersby-Brown's, and sends him away.

The Lady is a Tramp

Tracy is standing on the street, staring, it appears, at Charlie's house. Cilla comes by and the two look at each other a bit, then Tracy asks Cilla what she is looking at. "Eight years, hopefully four with good behaviour," Cillas replies, and then says, "oh no, that's you, isn't it?" At least she didn't hand her a pamphlet.

Tracy then sees Blanche- this bit was cut out of the episode. She asks Blanche to baby sit. Blanche wanted to read a book, but in the end, of course, Tracy wins, and Blanche is set to baby sit while Tracy goes out on a bit of a date.

Next Tracy runs into Steve and they discuss the possibility of Steve taking Amy on if she goes to prison. They go back to the Barlows. Tracy once again daydreams about the two of them staying together, and they have a bit of a bonding moment.

The next time we see Tracy she is all set to go out on the town. Claire comes by, and wants to have a sleepover, and do each other's hair, and talk about boys, or the adult version of that. Tracy apologizes to Claire and says she is going out with an old friend, but she and Claire can chat some other time. Claire grown up that she is, and understanding that people have lives, gets annoyed and leaves. Blanche, who is present throughout, lays into Tracy as soon as Claire leaves. She calls Tracy a liar, and, I believe a slut or a slag (or both). Tracy looks at her and says that she knows where she got her personality from. That serves only to wind up Blanche even more. She says it looks terrible for Tracy to go traipsing about with some fella when her common law husband is hardly dead and she was the one to kill him. Sure, it sounds bad when you put it that way. Tracy is not dissuaded.

In Other News

Doreen does not endear herself to Norris or Emily. Although they are at the Rover's with Rita, she dominates the conversation by reminiscing with Rita about their dancing days.


pip said...

Great update WHF!

I get the feeling that either Sean and Sunny (I think that's the right spelling since his real name is Sundip) are going to start up a relationship, or Sunny's going to be accused of somethine untoward with Ryan, whom he seems quite fond of. But maybe that's just my mind being sick.

Steve's a silly drunk. It's too bad he doesn't see that one of his biggest liabilities is his mom. Hey, I got my hair cut today and one of the stylists had the same Cruella De Vil colour job that Liz has. Didn't look very good on her either.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED the way Blanche told Tracey off she said what we at home were all thinking!!

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I LOVE Blanche!

WHF, Great update - I especially loved the "sure when you put it that way" bit about Tracey. For someone who put a huge amount of effort into creating this fantasy, she sure is ruining it quickly.

Hmmm. Re: Sonny & Sean & Michelle. Not entirely sure what to make of that. I have yet to see where this is going...

I do feel a little bit sorry for Steve, but not a huge amount.

RE: Doreen & Rita... see, here's the thing. They haven't seen each other in 30+ years. It's only natural that they should want to reminisce, and that's automatically exclude anyone else from the conversation, unless they were around back in the day as well. The larger question is: once they stop reliving the past, will that have anything to say to each other?

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


I don't think that dye job would be attractive on anyone - even Marilyn!

It just goes to prove that there IS a sucker born every minute.

And stay away from that stylist - anyone that willing to become a fashion victim will take you down with her.

Then in 10 years you'll come across a picture of yourself and say "What was I thinking?"

A word to the wise.


Anonymous said...

I watched the omni on Calgary this morning (satellite is a boon - I can rewatch or catch up) and saw more than one bit that had been cut on Winnipeg during the week. Does each station have leeway to cut what they will?
Long time lurker here. Love the witty and droll comments. You're a talented bunch.
Did anyone else just want to rub Steve's tummy? He's annoying but sweet in his own way.

Anonymous said... tape started too early and it went blank right when the letters went through the mail slot. Did the omibus start early this morning? I had it set for 7 am!I wonder if csvu has got their visuals caught up yet??
Steve and Jamie looked kinda sad and

CorrieLover USA

Anonymous said...


Not sure - I watch it on CBC Windsor (ONT) and it goes from 7:30 to 10:00 Sundays.

My assumption is that it's the same throughout, but we all know about assumptions!!!

Michigander Fan

Debbie said...

"Sure, it sounds bad when you put it that way. " HA!