Saturday, November 17, 2007

Update- Friday, November 16, 2007- The Creep Continues

The scene opens with Tracy trying to get David to stick to his story. He says that he will not, cannot, tell a lie. Tracy tells him that perjury isn’t that bad, but he doesn’t buy it. She tells him she will do “anything” so that he will testify. But David doesn’t seem to bite. Tracy leaves disillusioned.

Later, at the Rover’s, Tracy sees her parents and tells them that David has decided not to testify. Her parents reason that he is young and the thought of testifying probably scared him. Tracy seems determined to have him testify. After all, he is a “young, innocent bystander”, and was her ace in the hole. As she is talking to them, David phones Tracy and tells her he has changed his mind. He will testify. He adds, though, that as he is taking a risk, she has to make it worth his while. He tells her he will be home all afternoon.

Tracy then goes to see Steve, who is in the back room of the Rover’s. When she walks in on him he is fortuitously counting the money from the pub’s earnings. She asks him for 100 pounds in order to take Amy out for the day. Steve coughs up and then, ever tactful, asks Tracy if she is using him so she will look good in court. To make matters better, Steve then asks her if she is pregnant or going to get pregnant to help her case. Tracy is simply stunned! and appalled! that Steve would think her capable of such a thing, and leaves -with the money.

She then heads over to the Platts’, and rings the doorbell. David comes down the stairs, and spritzes himself with cologne. When he answers the door, Tracy hands him the cash, and tells him that the amount is non-negotiable. David says that he doesn’t want money, but gets all “aw shucks” about the fact that he really wants sex. Tracy clues in and laughs at him. She tells him that she is 30 and he is 16, and so it would be disgusting. She then tells him that she is not the least bit attracted to him, and that she would rather be locked up, no, hanged, than go with him. She leaves, laughing all the while.

At this point, I had two thoughts: 1) thank God that tain wreck didn’t happen. 2) For someone who so desperately needed David’s help, Tracy did not let him down with much finesse.

Shopgirls, not Showgirls

Back at the Rover’s, Molly tells Tyrone about the “interview” at Dev’s shop. She is not put off by it, and says Amber just needs to be put in her place.

She then runs into Dev and tells him that he will not attract many employees by having Amber interview potential prospects. Dev is not too pleased that Amber took matters into her own hands.

Dev and Molly then proceed to the shop. Dev is cutting to Amber, and interviews Molly. In due course, Dev gives Molly the job. He asks if she can start tomorrow, and she asks if she can start Friday. He agrees, saying it will give him time to sack Amber.

Dev and Amber then proceed to argue in the back room. As always seems to happen with everyone on the street, they appear not to care that the subject of their argument is within earshot. It turns out that Amber has been consulting with John, because she too believes that Dev's loins are imperilled by hiring someone young and attractive. Molly takes some glee in hearing this.

Dev returns to the outer room, and he and Molly conclude the contract, just as Kirk walks in. Kirk looks a little mystified, and Molly concedes that she is taking a job at Dev’s. She then bashfully asks if they can stay friends. Kirk is a bit bewildered, but agrees.

In Other News

Hayley comes upon Roy just as he is finishing putting the curtains Becky made up in the car. Hayley seems to be going a bit around the bend with this guilt thing, because she concludes that the work Becky put into making the curtains proves that she is a good person. Roy mildly points out that that is nonsensical. Hayley continues on, guilt ridden.

Steve manages to make Michelle a little worried about Sonny’s past. She questions him about the girls he has gone out with, and he goes into a little detail before she decides that the information is only making her insecure, and puts a stop to it. Sonny questions Sean about his involvement, and Sean simply asks if he did fess up about the boys as well as the girls.

Claire makes Ashley role play a crisis call because she is going to an interview to volunteer for a “Women in Crisis” phone line. It does not go well.


pip said...

Excellent post, WHF!

You know, I think Tracy knew what David really wanted before she went over, and that's why she gave him the money as soon as she got in the door.

Tracy is really playing with fire convincing David to testify. If he cracks under cross examination and discloses that he's been blackmailing Tracy and she's known all along he didn't see a thing, she's gonna go down.

I love how Tracy and Steve are both using each other.

Ha ha, my verification word is 'spoohly'.

corrierules said...
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corrierules said...

Regarding David's request of Tracy:

I do not think this is what Gail had in mind when she said she wanted him to spend his time fiddling with an old banger!

(OMG! I have been waiting a long time to use that line. I feel much better now.)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! Good line, worth the wait!

Is it just me, or has the whole Peacock home been renovated? Have the stairs been moved? Or the couch? Have they been heisted?

I'm confused and disoriented... nothing new here!


Anonymous said...


1. Tracey & David. Did the fact that she is not supposed to be speaking to him completely escape Ken and Deirdre? Also, now that he has CALLED HER ON HER CELLPHONE, there is actually, like, proof that they have talked. Stupid!

2. Total aside, but the kid who plays David is actually pretty cute, now we can see his face. I guess I have spent most of my viewing time unfairly focusing on the fact that he is Lucifer's son... but he's going to be a heart throb when he grows up!

3. Can I offer my 2 cents (currently worth about 1.5 cents Canadian) and say that Claire does not have the makings of an excellent crisis phone line person. IMHO, she lacks sufficient detachment to be able to help other deal with crises.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

OTOH, the baby-com exchange between Ashley and Claire was pretty funny, and nice to see them have a fun scene for once.

And, if there are any Mirandas out there, as Nelson Muntz would say, "HA-Ha!"

MF (whose actual name is quite normal, thank you very much!)

Anonymous said...

OH! And, now the Sonny thing is officially bugging me.

We have now crossed the line from "TMI on the second date" to "actively keeping things from Michelle, and having Sean conspire with you to do so."

Not cool.

I have ever been of the opinion that it wouldn't (or shouldn't) bother her; however, now it's not just about being bi, it's about lying and covering up.

And Sean should know better... he's only just made up with Violet.


Anonymous said...

Corrie's Kate Ford 'expecting a baby'

Sunday, November 18 2007, 11:46 GMT

By Daniel Kilkelly
Corrie's Kate Ford 'expecting a baby'

Rex Features
Former Coronation Street actress Kate Ford is three months pregnant, according to a report.

Kate, who played twisted Tracy Barlow on the ITV1 soap, is believed to be "over the moon" after discovering that she and husband Jon Connerty are expecting a baby.

A family friend told The People: "Both Kate and Jon are so excited, neither can stop smiling. It has happened a lot quicker than they anticipated. They are looking forward to their new addition to the family."

Kate and Jon have been dating for a year. They tied the knot in the Lake District last month.

pip said...

Good point, MF, about David calling Tracy while she was in the bar with her parents. Dierdre might not give a hoot that Tracy is breaking a bail condition, but Ken should be up in arms!

Wherever the Sonny storyline is going I wish it would hurry up and get there. All these knowing exchanges between Sean and Sonny in the pub are beginning to irritate me.

kunzie said...

What's with the Tracey-baby post...former Coronation Street actress? Isn't that a bit of a spoiler, guys?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ken should be up in arms, and I would assume that it could affect Tracey's status pre-trial. Would Ken lose his $$?

But also, it will call David's credibility into question. I mean, if she would have had a quick word with him and left it alone, that might not have been noticed. But now they are having these regular exchanges in the Street, at least one in front of Gail, there are phone records showing conversations, plus the $100 (well, OK, pounds, but I can't make that mark) that Steve gave Tracey in good faith for "new shoes and a coat and all" for Amy which she won't have. (Will Steve even notice?) But if I'm not mistaken, 100 pounds is like 200 dollars, so that's a lot of money for a kid to all of a sudden have...

I don't know - this doesn't bode well for Tracey.

Just my 2 cents...


Anonymous said...

Former star? Uh,,,, yeah, bit of a spoiler....