Monday, November 12, 2007

Update for Episode #6492 November 12, 2007

The Websters

The postman drops the mail through the letter slot at the Websters and Rosie (looking quite fetching in her new do) is quick to look through the mail to see if anything has arrived for her from Der Vaterland. Sadly, there is no card from Craig. Sophie has a card to give her to special sweetheart - who shall remain nameless - but wants someone to write the card for her so they won't be able to guess who it is - based on the handwriting. Sal agrees to help Sophie out, after pointing out the obvious fact that the card is for her 'boyfriend' Chesney. Sal writes something mildly saucy in the card and then Sophie delivers it by hand.

Michelle and Sonny

The two love birds are having some playful banter about coffee in the kitchen after a night of doing the horizontal limbo. Carla, her usual sunny self, stops to drop off Ryan after his sleep over. Michelle hopes her son if he enjoyed a night with his uncles and tells Ryan she would only behave the way she is with Sonny beacuse she really cares about him. Ryan seems to be alright with the relationship .

Later in the pub Michelle and Sonny, obviously enjoying being with each other, have a bit of a snog at the bar. Steve is sitting with Tracey across the room and when he sees what Michelle is up to leans across the table and gives Tracey a kiss as well. Steve then gets the bright idea of pretending to 'leave' with Tracey, a fool proof way of getting his skull caved in - I mean a way to make Michelle jealous.

Deirdre and Liz are sat in a booth watching this little demonstration and are suitably horrified by this recent turn of events.

Steve and Tracey get outside. Our accused killer seems quite keen to play hide the salami with Steve, but he suddenly remembers that he has to check something in the office. He gives Tracey a chaste peck on the check and slinks off. Tracey starts scheming how she can best do Steve in.

Norris and Rita

The news agents are carrying on with their usual banter in The Kabin. Rita is giving Norris some stick about how many Valetine's Day cards he received so far. He pops home for a minute and discovers - much to the surprise of everyone - that he has received a hand delivered card, that contains a phrase referring to Norris as 'hot lips'.

Yes, it seems unlikely to me as well.

Norris, paranoid busybody that he is, is besdie himself trying to figure out who it was who sent him the card. Was it Rita? She seems a little overzealous in her denials. Suspicious. When Deirdre comes in to get her paper she engages in a bit of playful banter which makes Norris suspect that she is the mystery woman behind the card - after all she has been with Ken for so long it must be a bit jaded between them, and she is a rampant highly sexed woman. Rita puts paid to this particular delusion.

Sal then comes in to pay for her paper bill and gives Norris a cheque for the money they owe. When Norris looks at the cheque he realizes that the handwriting is a match for the writing on his card! It would appear that Sal is the mystery author.

Or maybe the card ended up in the wrong mail slot. Stay tuned.

Chesney and the so-called adults in his life

Ches stops round his old digs so he can take Schmeichel for a walk. Cilla and Les tempt him with all sorts of unhealthy menu choices to get Ches to stop there for his dinner. He tells them that Fiz is trying to get him to eat healthy food - you know vegetables and the like. Cilla points that chips are actually a vegetable, just a particularily crispy and delicious one. Ches is unable to resist the siren song of the deep fryer - and really, who can blame him?

Later back at the flat with Fiz Ches makes up a few clever lies involvoing the Websters to explain the paint on his hand and his lack of hunger.

Cilla and Fiz have an odd encounter later in The Rovers.

Jason and Eileen

Jason continues to struggle to balance all the different things going in his life. He somehow manages to forget that it is Valentine's Day, which leaves Sarah unimpressed to say the least.

After getting the anonymous call about Holly, the social worker stops round the Grimshaw flat looking for Jason, Eileen and Holly. She gets directed to the shop where Jason is working and eventually they round up Eileen and Holly for a meeting at their flat. The social worker explains about the call their agency received regarding the care - or lack thereof - that Holly has been receiving of late. Eileen is quite upset by this turn of events and admits to being terrified at the prospect of losing Holly. After some discussion the case worker agrees that Eileen and Jason are doing a good job under difficult circumstances.

After the social worker has left Eileen starts to go on a bit of a rampage trying to determine who it was that made the phone call to social services. She accuses Gail in the street. Then she blames Steve when she sees him. Later she wonders if it might have Norris or Blanche, they are always sticking their noses in where they don't belong. Jason tries to get his mom to give it up, but she continues to bang on about it until Jason finally admits that it was him who made the call.

The two of them have a bit of a row about the baby. Jason points out that Eileen and Sarah have been using guilt to manipulate him the whole time, and that by keeping the baby Eileen gets the life that she had hoped for, and Jason is losing the life that he had been enjoying, and did not want to give up. In the end Jason tells his mom that she can keep the baby, but he isn't having anyting to do with her.

Original date this epiosde aired - February 14, 2007


Anonymous said...

Excellent update, I loved the hearts! Is anyone else tiring of the Holly story? I feel sorry for Jason and as much as I like Eileen I think she is behaving unreasonably concerning the baby. They should have tests done before they took the baby in. I have a son and if some young woman came to the door and said he was the baby's father I think I would do some checking before I took the child in.

Anonymous said...

Why, you suspicious woman! Surely no one would FIB about who the father of a baby is! I'm shocked at you!!!

Yeah. Anyway.

I love Eileen too, but (cannot believe I am saying this) I too am siding with Jason on this one. Sarah's having this Brady Bunch Perfect Blended Family Fantasy, and Eileen's having some sort of broody hen episode, and poor Jason's stuck in the middle.

And, it's not like it's Violet saying the baby is Jason's. We don't know this chick, and the fact that she didn't lay eyes on Jason makes me wonder if she's got the wrong guy...


Debbie said...

Does everyonbe love Sophie Webster as much as I do. Because that kid is funny!

Anonymous said...


I do love Sophie - when I can understand what she is saying...


Whitehorse Fan said...

I feel for Jason, but I do think that if you have a kid, whether a mistake or not, you are responsible for them (and while we all question who really is the father- Charlie- they don't).

Does anyone think we will get an explanation as to why noone has phoned the child minders the social worker talked about? It drove me a bit bonkers that they acknowledged that such a thing exists, but gave no reason as to why they haven't used those services.

And re: Sophie. As MF said, when I can actually understand her, I do like her.

Debbie said...

Are you serious? The social worker suggested a child minder and that was he last we heard about it? They didn't even have a conversation about costs? Like Eileen didn't say "You should get a child minder" and Jason didn't respond with "Maam, how am I going to afford a child minder?"

Do you guys think that Social Services would help to pay for child care expenses?

Whitehorse Fan said...

Social services wouldn't help the biological family with child care costs here. They only pay for those kinds of things for foster families.

Anonymous said...

...and speaking of Rosie - she is going to be absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Whiny, and dumb as a stick, mind you.