Monday, November 26, 2007

Update for Epiosde #6502 November 26, 2007


Holly seems to be winning over the hearts of all and sundry at the Grimshaw residence. Sean sings to her in the morning. Jason blows her a kiss good-bye. Eileen tells Claire that she would be lost without the wee bairn. Even Frumpy the social worker seems to be impressed with the state of affairs when she come by for a visit.

Jason and Eileen have a good chat about babies and how they compare to puppies and kittens. He even wonders what babies dream about. When Eileen goes out and leaves Jason alone with Holly for a bit he tries to sing her to sleep (not a great voice) and then tells Holly to keep his singing a secret. In the end he has a big goofy grin on his face - it looks as though Jason may be smitten with his child after all.

Jason and Bill

Jason is going to go through the book containing the list of clients and jobs that Charlie had kept, to see if there more work to be found. Bill and Jason have a pint in the pub and agree that they should continue working together on future jobs.


Claire gets a call from Casey, the woman she counselled over the phone the other night. It seems Casey wants to get together in person with Claire, she has something that she wants to talk about. Claire agrees to meet her later. Ashley comments that this is breaking the rules Claire was given about doing phone counselling, but she can make her own rules - after all she was born to be wild. (I knew it)

Claire and Casey meet up and have a bit of a chin wag, which seems to go well enough, but my spidey sense is telling me that is going to end badly.

The Factory

The girls are at work and nattering on about the boots. Sean is giving Kelly stick over her scabby budget rate night shift work for Carla, making snide remarks about how she would sell her internal organs for money if she could. Some of the girls notice that a few things have been changed since they were there last. Sal's chair has been adjusted and it has to be just right for her, or she might get a repetitive strain disorder injury and then have to file a claim. (you think her mouth would get a reptitive strain disorder injury from complaining all the time) Fiz notices that her googly eye doll has gone missing. Kelly tells the girls that it is the night shift women who are moving things around.

Later at tea, which Sal generously brings round to everyone except Kelly, the girls decide that they have to talk to the Connor brothers and make sure they aren't going to be replaced by cheap labour or forced to work for less wages. Hayley and Sal approach Liam with their issues and he tells Sal to sit and spin. She looks mortified until he explains that he is only talking about changing the seat height. Liam assures the girls that have nothing to worry about.

At the end of the shift the girls are off to The Rovers (what a surprise) but Hayley says she can't go, she has to go through her makeup and get rid of all the old stuff. Sal tells her that makeup is good forever, she has eye liner that is five years and still good. Fiz calls her a dirty mare and points out how many germs have accumulated on that makeup. Sal wonders if this why her eyes feel so heavy.

Liam gives Carla a bit of stick about the problems her night shift crew are causing him. Carla responds by putting Kelly in charge of the night shift, although there is no mention of any extra compensation for being the unofficial supervisor.

Tainted Love

Sonny stops by to invite Michelle for a posh lunch because they 'have to talk'. He gives her a kiss and goes off to work. Liam gives his sister a bit of a hard time for snogging Sonny in the street. Michelle tells her brother that Sonny wants to go for lunch 'to talk' and Liam figures that he wants to make an honest woman out of her.

Sean comes out of his house and sees Sonny being affectionate with Michelle so he scurries over to Jamie and has a panic attack.

When she gets to work Michelle asks Liz if she can have some time off for lunch the next day because Sonny has laid on a big lunch so they can 'talk'. Liz figures that Sonny is going to propose and grudgingly allows Michelle to leave work early.

Steve, petulant ponce that he is, lurks in the background making snide comments about Michelle and her love life, offering to make a wager that Sonny is taking her to lunch to dump her.

Sean hears all this and texts Jamie that they have to get together right away - it's an emergency. Jamie shows up and is none too impressed about what the emergency really is. Jamie tells Sean that he can sing 'It Should Have Been Me' and the wedding if he wants to but should really just leave it alone. Sean protests, saying that he and Sonny have a real connection, something dead special.

In the pub Steve, Liz and Vern are stood round watching Michelle work, all jealous of her in their own way. Liz tells Vern that he never takes her anywhere special for lunch. Vern responds by telling her that he doesn't have to go anywhere - every moment with her is special. Steve tells the rhythm rascal that he sounds like a greeting card. Steve then goes on with some more snide comments about Michlle and Sonny until Michelle eventually tells Steve that she pities him. Steve tells her to keep her pity for herself - she'll be needing it.

Original date this episode aired - February 28, 2007


Anonymous said...

Excellent update Papa Smurf! I have always really liked Sean up until this storyline. Right now I am finding him insufferable. You don't get it on with a mate's boyfriend, doesn't matter what sex you are! I am really disappointed in him.

Anonymous said...

Even the most honorable of Corrie characters have this huge deep flaws. Sean is like everyone else -- he has his weaknesses.

Here's a thought though. Why isn't he bunking at Jamie's? (Does Jamie still have a job? Or has he started at the cabbie?)

There are so many people at Irene's, one wonders if Jason sleeps in the oven while Holly is in the fridge?

Meanwhile, there are at least 2 bedrooms empty at Jamie's, and no wage coming in.

At Eileen's at the moment, there are 4 wages.


Anonymous said...

First off, I agree with you, Papa. Claire will come to rue this decision. There's a reason why helplines HAVE rules like this, and for some twinkie volunteer to decide (after a grand total of 2 days on the job) that she's going to "make up her own rules" is just a recipe for disaster. (As I have a funny feeling we're going to find out.)

Second, Sean is making me really mad, but not as mad as Sonny is making me. What a dirty dog! They ought to both dump him. Loser.

Third, last night I realized how much I missed the Baldwins in the factory. The ennui has set in, and my eyes just glaze over whenever there's a Connor on screen. I would pay money at this point to hear Danny call Sean Mincemeat again! Life was never this dull when Danny & Mike were running the factory. (Even listening to Norris complain isn't as boring as the Connors. He's a better actor.)

Fourth, so... Jason's just going to be allowed to take over the business of his dead boss. At no point is a lawyer or a cop going to intervene. Okeydokey then.

Fifth, Steve is doing irreperable harm to his chances with Michelle. She'd have to be brain dead to not make the connection that he knew. His hints are so obvious. As soon as she finds out about Sonny and Sean, she will figure this out. It's too bad, because if he played his cards right, she would have fallen into his arms.

Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...

MF - can I make a request?

Can you try to incorporate the word 'twinkie' into your comments at least once a week?

It makes me smile.

pip said...

missusmac, maybe Sean isn't bunking at Jamie's because he still has the hots for Jamie, and it would be just too awkward. Does anyone think that Jamie has gotten over Frankie way too fast, considering he was willing to tear his family apart, so deep was his love for her.

Oh, I miss the Baldwins, too, especially Danny's patter. There was a moment during the exchange between Sean and Jamie on the sidewalk last night when Jamie reminded me of Danny. He dipped his chin and opened his eyes wide, the way Danny would, when he was trying to convince someone he was right. Danny was sharp as a tack and had earned the right to bravado. The Baldwins both seem a bit dim and have no business savvy though they strut around as if they have plenty. I find that very annoying.

Loved the exchange between Jason and Bill in the Rovers. Jason has found a buddy to replace Charlie, and hopefully he'll be able to set a somewhat better example for the lad (though Bill has his flaws, oh yes).

Debbie said...

I loved Jason singing to Holly, and he has a dashing smile.

Jamie did kind of remind me of Danny last night. I think the writers, director and Rupert Hill have actually tried to cultivate that in him, but with more of a softness that he got from Frankie.

Also, I think Jamie's character was great with the advice and the tough talk. Not that Sean's listening.

The Claire thing really REALLY drives me crazy. The writers must want us to believe she is just plain stupid.

I also loved how dim Sally and Haily were when talking with Liam.

Anonymous said...

I really love the attention to detail in this show. Did anyone else notice the headline on the newspaper thing outside the kabin last night when michelle was talking with Sonny? It said 'German bomb discovered' or something like that. It's the small background things that I really like.

kunzie said...


Agree wholeheartedly with points 1 thru 5.

Sean reminds me of myself. IN GRADE 8!

Also, Sean had no problem lashing Jamie eight-ways-to-Sunday back when Jamie was having an emotional crisis re Frankie...lots of tough talk at THAT time, and now he doesn't want to hear it back.

I miss Baldwins too, like crazy. Danny was a diffferent class. Can we get Bradley Walsh to come back? Maybe offer him a Canuck bribe of some smoked salmon or maple syrup or something?

Anonymous said...


Well, I can try, but if the word gets used too often, it loses all meaning!


Anonymous said...


YES! I thought it was just me - Jamie got over Frankie way too fast.

Except for the fact that he seemed to have developed some kind of razor phobia there for a couple of weeks, it's like it never happened. (If only I could erase it from my memory that easily!)