Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tracey Barlow's Manchester - Lime Bar

In order to escape Weatherfield, Amy, her family and the possible thought of jail. Tracey flees to Lime Bar to meet her new possible beau/fling Don. This lounge in Manchester opened in 2001 as the "Northern sister" to the original London Lime Bar - which has since closed down. It is a popular cocktail bar located in the City Centre on 2 Booth Street. The main bar and restaurant are on the ground floor, offering food and drinks throughout the day and evening. The crowd usually consists of: suits, fashionistas and WAG wannabes.

The club downstairs is aptly named, Sublime - is a club space featuring a large bar area, dance floor playing pop and Manchester classics.


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papasmurf said...

Ah the Wag's. Bless them all.