Monday, November 26, 2007

Our Audrey

During the bomb
threat episode we got a really nice picture of Audrey, née Potter, Robert’s life. Born July 23rd 1936 (Wikipedia) 1940 ( she would have been housed in a bomb shelter with her mother, her auntie and whoever else during the Blitz as a child. Perhaps it was watching her auntie curl her hair that inspired Audrey to be a hairdresser, but from what I hear, Audrey’s life could curl anyone’s hair, no need for perm solution.

While her daughter Gail was on the street since 1974, Audrey didn’t make her memorable appearance until April 1979. Audrey showed up just in time for Gail’s big engagement party, wearing a slip, smoking cigarettes and ready to flirt with every man on two legs. Audrey maintained that she liked to have a good time and that Gail wanted her to sit around and knit. But, that was not for our Audrey.

Yes, our Grande Dame of the street has a past. She has two children, and guess what, we don’t know who their father is. In fact, the verdict is out on if she knows who their fathers are. We do know that the oldest, Stephen, was given up for adoption, as Audrey was 16 when she gave birth to him in 1956 (that’s why he lives in Canada). Then, she gave birth to Gail in 1957. Perhaps Sarah’s fast ways are genetic.

I have to say that she aged gracefully and in 1985 she married Alf Roberts. Nothing much happens until Alf becomes Mayor and Audrey clearly looses her mind in a frenzy of status. So, in an effort to rein her in, Alf makes Betty Mayoress. Oouch.

Alf up and dies over New Years Eve in 1998 and Audrey is left penniless. Men of Weatherfield beware! Well, Fred Elliot beware. He proposed to her a couple times. She knocked him back. Poor old Fred.

Now, we all know that Gail has made some interesting choices when it comes to the men in her life. Perhaps that is another trait that Audrey passed on. Because, how many of us remember that when Richard Hillman first hit the scene Audrey was smitten. Perhaps that is strong, but she was well jealous when he showed an interest in Gail.

The most interesting thing about Audrey, for me, is her slightly elevated opinion of herself. Sometimes, I wonder if she has forgotten that she was a wild child. She has made reference to being a very young mother a couple times. But, you no longer get the sense that she really was a good time girl in the past.

Also, she wasn’t really the picture of responsible parenting. Giving Stephen up for adoption was probably a very good decision at the time. Also, Gail is very patient when Audrey voices her opinion in Gail’s wayward children. She has only tossed Audrey’s lack of parenting skills in her face a couple times. But, really, when Audrey’s criticizes Gail, it is the pot calling the kettle black.

As Audrey gets older we can see her turning back to her wild woman days. Basically, I am waiting her and Rita to star in a “Girls Gone Wild” video. She stuck her foot in Fred and Beverly’s relationship and managed to wrestle another man, Bill Webster, away from his ditsy wife. Well, actually, as it turns out, she was the second place bird when the first decided to forfeit. Whatever, she is happy now. And I say, carry on Audrey.

Curious about what Wikipedia says about Audrey? My advice is to stay curious. There is a big spoiler on the site. Stay away.


kunzie said...

Audrey does add tons to the show. Her accent in particular has become part of our household speech - what better can you say when you spill your drink but "Honest-leh!"
I killed myself laughing a month or so ago when Sally pronounced Audrey and Bill a couple of "randy geriatrics"....however I think it's cool how Corrie shows that older people are still into relationships (love, sex, romance), too! Even though I did find her choice of Bill Webster pretty cold. (did she give a THOUGHT to Bill's wife?).
One of my favourite things about the show is the age range of interesting characters. Compared to North American soaps with their anorexic mannequins and aftershave-bobbleheads, Corrie is SO much more interesting!

Debbie said...

I go around calling people "Madame" or "Lady."

Jacqueline said...

Fab entry darling, but I have to ask about one thing.

She was left penniless? What? Sorry honey, where did you get that from?

That house alone is worth some $$ and that she inherited from Alf.

Maybe I missed something, but I was sure that Alf wouldn't have written her out of the will.

Isn't her inheritance why Richard tried to kill her?

Debbie said...

I can only report what my sources tell me. I think Richard wanted the house, but Alf left her no pension.

Jacqueline said...

I got you.

Definition of penniless.

No pension but fuck-off big house. Which is why she has to work hard for her money.

Debbie said...

Just think of the land taxes on that piece!

Anonymous said...

You know, as I was watching the show, I remember thinking that Audrey was awfully young to have been in the Blitz - I was trying to figure out if she would have been alive at all back then. The Blitz was really in the earlier part of the war. I figured Rita and Emily are old enough to have been there.

I'm glad to see that Audrey was not only old enough to be there, but that she had an aunt clever enough to distract her from what was going on by doing rag curls. Smart.

Kunzie: I totally agree with you regarding our soaps vs. Corrie. I won't tell you the nickname I have for the anorexic mannequins (!)

I also adore Audreh's accent!


Anonymous said...

Debbie said: "ready to flirt with every man on two legs"

My first thought: What, no love for the Hopalongs of the world?

My second thought: I prefer a man with three... never mind.



kunzie said...

MF...c'mon, spill! What do you call the anorexic mannequins? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely update on Aud-reh. I remember seeing the show when Alf died. I wasn't a fanatic then, just flicking through the channels.

It was New Year's Eve, Aud-reh was wittering on at Gail and Martin's, everyone wore party hats, and she said "isn't that right, Alfie?"

And Alf said, well, nothing. 'Cos he was dead in the chair.

You can see Audrey's first Corrie appearance on YouTube. She looks marvy in a slip and a smoke getting ready, I think, for Gail's wedding to Brian Tilsley.


Anonymous said...


T*ts on a stick.

Aren't I terrible?


George said...

Debbie: She did know who Gail's father was; she showed Gail a picture of him a few years ago, and neither of them seemed too bothered one way or the other. By the way, Stephen is coming back in a few months, according to, and the actor isn't even Canadian!

Anonymous said...

George regarding Stephen (Gail's half-brother) returning. I thought the actor was terrible, wooden, and had the worst Canadian accent I have ever heard. If they are going to have a Canadian character (yay) then why not hire a Canadian actor.

Jacqueline said...

Todd Boyce who plays Stephen is kind of an international cat. He was born in the states but was raised in Germany or some such thing. His dad was/is American and mom is British.

And what he has developed is sooooooo not a Canadian accent.

It used to grate on my nerves everytime he spoke. It always came off as a Brit trying to do a 'real 'merican accent'....which was retarded.

While some Americans and Canadians speak identically, I'd be hard pressed to know which part of Canada he came from.

I fully agree, hire a Canuck...or at least someone from Michigan.

Debbie said...

We wont see Stephen again for about a year. He isn't in the UK episodes as yet, and I think they just finished filming the episodes with him.

Yes, he is a terrible actor. I saw some of those episodes and I thought they should have hired one of the people from Digrassi.

Note taken, George, she does know who the father is. My sources said that she didn't.

kunzie said...


If you add "Twits" at the end, you get T.O.A.S.T.


Anonymous said...


TOAST is good shorthand, isn't it? That way I can attempt to not shock people too much.

I have a teeny bit of a potty mouth.


Anonymous said...


Well, they COULD hire a Canuck actor, but the commute would be awful!

It's much easier to hire a Brit who claims knowledge of Canadian accents. (Besides which, what part of Canada does this guy live in - cuz there's no mistaking a Newfie accent!)

RICK MERCER would SO ROCK as a celebrity guest spot (a la Ian McKellan) although Brits probably don't know who he is.

Which is their loss.


Jacqueline said...

Um...I was thinking about a Canadian who lives in the UK....

Stephen is supposed to be from Toronto. Again, no way that that was a Toronto accent.

Anonymous said...


I was kidding. Don't make me unleash the "T" word on you!


Anonymous said...

Although, reading my post again, it was a little... incoherent.

I was trying to garner info about where this supposed spawn o'Audrey lives, so I could suggest a reasonable actor to protray him.

But then I got really excited about the concept of Rick Mercer on Corrie, and pretty much lost touch with reality for a minute there. He's awesome! Plus dreamy, although I hear he plays for the other team.

Also, let THEM try to figure out an accent for a change!

'Kay. Feel better now. Mostly.


Anonymous said...

The Toronto accent is, to my ears, the old skool Degrassi Junior High accent with the drawn out A's:

"Daahhd! Thaht's soooo baahhd!"

But then, I'm from New Brunswick where we've added 2 extra syllables to the word "downtown," as in, "deyownteyown."

Anonymous said...


Actually, that sounds like whiny teens from anywhere in North America!

To me, the most fascinating thing about Toronto is that all the rest of us spell it incorrectly, because there actually isn't a second "T" in there. It's "Toronno"...

But then, don't get me started on how other people pronounce Detroit. Ignorant fools!


Whitehorse Fan said...

Nicholas Campbell's (Davinci's Inquest) manner of speaking/accent is pretty good too. He would not fit very well on Coronation Street, but get someone talking like him, and I would be happy.

Speaking of Davinci's Inquest, how about Ian Tracy? Again, not a great fit for Coronation Street, but I would love to see him 5 days a week.