Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Just In Time - UK airing Feb 9, 2007

I've Been Threatening....

To call in Justin and Colin for the longest time, but it seems that the situation may have resolved itself. It's true, gentle readers, the most important part of last night's episode was the new wallpaper over at the Battersby's. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

It's not that the rest of the stories were boring, it's just that...well, if I had to look at that water stained crap that's been on the wall for well over a year, a minute longer I was going to have to go over to Eastenders.

Fiz is telling everyone and sundry at the factory how hard it is to take care of Chesney (especially money wise)- she even forgot to give him some dinner money and Ches has to go over to Maria's to see if she can lend him some.

As Fizz complains to her work mates, Sally lets her know that there is a government cheque that Cilla is getting for Chesney's upkeep. Fizz is shocked to hear this and is sure that Cilla is spending it on Bingo and beer.

(BTW - did I hear correctly, did Kelly call her 'German Sally'? German? What the hell does that mean?)

Fizz goes over to Cilla's house - where we see a not entirely unattractive wallpaper being put up - to demand the cheque. Fizz reads Cilla the riot act explaining that our favorite waif needs clothes, books and omega 3 fatty acids. In the end Cilla says that if Ches needs anything, Fizz should send him over to her.

Why It's Really Stupid To Sleep With Your Boss
Kelly goes on and on about how much Liam likes her and decides that she is just going to straight out ask him on a date.

Jo says, 'Oh don't. I wish you wouldn't'

Sean, eager for a train wreck, says, 'Oh do it! Do it!'

Jo continues to try and persuade Kelly to not do it and finally Kelly says something about how Jo is jealous and if she can't have him she doesn't want anyone to have him. Jo loses it and says, 'I have had him!'

Insert girly factory worker cat fight.

The Connors come out to break it up and at that point Kelly runs out of the factory with Jo following behind her. She tries to make it up with Kelly, but Kelly won't hear of it. (Meanwhile in the background, Becky smokes a cigarette.) (Also, Dev tries to intervene in a very creepy way until Kelly threatens him with a vodka shampoo. Glacia is pleased to hear of even more uses for the blessed holy water).

Karla comes in and tells them they still have to work that night, but Kelly refuses to work with Jo. Forced to make decision, Karla tells Jo that she is out of a job and that she better get her ass over to the factory before she loses her day job.

And THAT ladies and gentlemen is why you do not sleep with your boss, especially when you are non-unionized labour.

Back at the factory, Jo tries to get Liam to get her job back but he is all, 'whatever' and that she should avoid agro in the future. He then accuses her of bragging in the factory, which she denies, saying that it just slipped out. She asks him if they are going to see each other that night, but he says something about watching footy.

Karla is now without a second seamstress, for about 3 minutes, as Becky convinces her to hire her. Kelly loses it when she finds out who her midnight shift partner will be, but at this point Karla tells Kelly she has to just suck it up.

News Flash: Secret Corrie Plot lines Written By Mark Twain Appear in an Attic in Yorkshire
Audrey tells Sarah that she has got to get Bill over to help Jason and tells her to have a quick word with Bill.

Apparently she does because Bill comes over to see how Jason is doing and says, 'Hey, I noticed you're out of water.' Jason explains that he doesn't have time to go get water so Bill offers to get him some plus lunch.

When he comes back, he tells Jason to sit down and eat and while he does that, Bill will work on the wall. Then Jason comes up with a cunning plan...'Why don't you come work for me?' he asks Bill.

That Huckleberry Jason, nothing gets past him.

I Think Bethany Has a Hijab You Can Borrow Tracey
Tracey is up at the crack of dawn to take Amy out to the park. When she returns home a multi generational discussion ensues when Tracey tells Deidre that Blanche phoned Dom to tell him that his girlfriend is an ax murderer.

Blanche tells Tracey that she shouldn't be tom catting around town. Tracey defends herself, Blanche gives her a dressing down and Deidre remains impotent.

Tracey heads over to the Rovers and asks for Steve. He and mom seem apprehensive about why she's there so early and I swear to God I thought she said, 'Relax, I'm not here with my 'back in bowl'***' In reality she said, 'begging bowl' and is there just to remind Steve about Amy's birthday.

Once she leaves, Liz warns Steve about getting too involved with her, but Steve tells her that she may be in the slammer shortly and that it won't cost them anything to be nice to her. Liz thinks about it and agrees.

Later that day, a red-nosed Steve drops off a pinata and other party supplies to the Barlows. He and Tracey joke around and she offers him a tea which he accepts....until....he sees Blanche glaring at him from the kitchen. He wisely decides to get back to work.

When he leaves Blanche tells Tracey not to ruin Steve's life too. Methinks Blanche no longer believes the Burning Bed story about Charlie.

And My Senior Years
Back at the Kabin, Norris makes a joke. Dev offers him a choice of two sandwiches and Norris chooses the tuna, saying, "Pickle repeats on me something rotten. Tuna. Pickle repeats on me something rotten."

Then the Gilmour Girls (aka Rita and Doreen) waltz into the store and when Norris tries to give Rita hell for being late, she responds, 'Whatever arcane point you are trying to make is wasted on me. I'm going to lie down.' Then I think she gooses Norris as she makes her way to the back.

Doreen in the meanwhile, hits on Dev who tries to make it out that he has a wife.

So many, many role models for Glacia.

*** Who can tell me the movie that has the line 'back in bowl'. Actually, I think that line is the best part of the movie.


Anonymous said...

Edwina back in bowl.....Steve Martin & Lily Tomlin in All of Me?? is that right? do i win a prize?? lol oh and its been said before by lots of peeps..but i absolutely love Blanches cutting wit.


Jacqueline said...

BINGO!!!! You win the title of Queen Smartypants of the month.

I lvoe that line.

backinbowl, backinbowl, backinbowl.

Debbie said...

Great update, Madame.

Yes, that is why you should not engage in a casual fling with your boss. It will only end badly.

However, I do really like the storyline because it is such a common mistake. All of us could look at that and think "oh girl ... no!"

I love Rita's new knees up lifestyle. It's gonna drive Norris crazy and that is gonna be great to watch.