Friday, November 02, 2007

The Ghost of Christmas Future


I hummed and hawed about posting these youtube because they are from upcoming episodes - probably in the very near future. They are of Tracey and Deidre talking the night before her trial.

Now, there's no big spoiler (i.e. is she guilty or innocent), only a bit of one about David and Tracey, but other than that I don't think there's anything in here that we don't know.

Why am I posting it when you will all see it on TV? Because I was blown away when iI saw it this morning.

#1 - They have that talk that they should have had years ago and issues about Tracey's kidney, Samir, Deidre as a mom, etc all come out.

#2 - The writing is superb.

#3 - It's the best acting I've seen on the show in years and I have to take back everything I said about Anne Kirkbride's declining acting skills.

#4 - Possibly one of the best Corries I've seen.

So the choice is yours, you can either indulge now or wait for it to air in Canada.

The comments section will be open to all discussion of this particular episode, but please don't comment on the trial verdict if you know.

Once the episode airs in Canada, I'll link back to this entry.

So for those of you who are indugling...enjoy!

Part I

Part II

Part III


Jacqueline said...

I love that the whole Samir/kidney thing came up. It showed what I believe all along that Deidre was a shit mother to Tracey and now she is overcompensating.

Ken and Deidre treated her like an after thought and it all climaxed during her kidney operation when the only people visiting her were Percy Sugden and Emily. Ken was of a 'she's not my daughter' attitude and Deidre was angry at her because Samir ended up dead.

I can even forgive Deidre for being upset at the time, but this episode shows that she blames Tracey for Samir's death.

Tracey taking esctacy did not kill Samir. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time killed Samir. Actually, skinheads killed Samir, but you know what I mean. This could have happened at anytime - it was just taht it happened while he was on his way to donate his kidney.

Now, if Samir died on the operating table, I think I could see the blame connection.

Tracey did something stupid and ended up paying for it with her kidneys. Deidre needs to work past that.

I also dig the way Tracey went on a tirade about the glasses and necklines and the smoking. Oh that needed to be said!

pip said...

I am totally ignorant of the Samir/kidney storyline. Can someone please fill me in. I'm getting a bit of the gist from Jacquline's post, but inquiring minds want to know!

Also I take it this wasn't the Kate Ford Tracy but the previous incarnation of Tracy.

Debbie said...

That episode will air in about 7 weeks which is about a week before the verdict in Tracy's trial. It is kind of too bad that you saw it because the episode is so intense and the tension during the episodes running up to this is pretty high.

Mark. Daye said...

This was excellent! One of the best. My other favorite episode is Charlie Stubbs death scene.