Friday, November 30, 2007

Corrie Sightings on Telly

Last night on Vison TV, I caught a show called 'Dinner Ladies' a Brit-com about a canteen set in a factory.

Who stars in this show? 3 Corrie faces!

Thelma Barlow - aka Mavis
Shobna Gulati - Sunita
Robet Dunn - the gent who plays 'Roger', Janice's new plumber beau

Add to this the goddess Julie Walters, who is brilliant on it.

I think it was on at 8:30, so well worth catching if you can.

Little Help
I volunteer for Out of the Cold, a shelter program in Toronto.

Each year they try to get Christmas packages together for all the guests and one of the items that are very much appreciated are wee soups, shampoos, lotions, etc. The kind of things you pick up at hotels.

I'm wondering if anyone who is coming to the pub night in Toronto can look around and see if they have any unopened bottles, etc around their house to consider donating them. I just went through my bathroom last night and found about a million (some from Paris no less!).

The small size makes them very easy for transporting and I hear that especially with the lady guests they are very popular.

I'm at the shelter on Thursday night and can drop them off then. Many thanks in advance

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Anonymous said...

Dinnerladies is great!
You'll also see these other Corrie faces:
Sue Cleaver (Eileen)-plays Glenda
Anne Reid (Val Barlow, Ken's wife)-plays Jean
Duncan Preston was the man that arranged the Thai bride for Fred-plays Stan
The lady that orders the 12 rounds of toast was also in Corrie years ago, she played Kevin Webster's sister Debbie.
Also remember Zoe that joined the cult, she is in one episode.

Isn't it great seeing Thelma Barlow playing such a different character than Mavis.