Friday, November 02, 2007

Corrie History Lesson Samir's Kidney

You'll all need this for the episodes coming up.

Between her marriages to Ken, Deidre married a young Morracan man named Samir Rashid - who was I think 10 -15 years her junior.

Meanwhile in Tracey world (back when she was played by Dawn Acton and not yet EVIL)- the young 20 year old goes to a party and take some E. This has a very bad reaction on her and she ends up needing a new kidney for the one she blew out.

After an exhaustive search within the family, it turns out that Samir is a suitable donor for Tracey and he is willing to donate.

On his way to the hospital, he is attacked in the Viaduct by a gang in race related attack. In the emergency ward they are unable to save Samir, however, his kidneys are donated to Tracey.

Deidre views this as all Tracey's fault for taking drugs in the first place and refuses to go see her in the hospital. Ken comes but then slowly starts backing off as he doesn't really consider her his responsibility.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the 411, Glacia.

Interesting backstory, and that's some excellent parenting on the part of Ken & Deirdre.

Nice to see Cilla isn't the only crap parent on the block.


Jacqueline said...

I maintain that Ken and Deidre - especially Deidre - are reaping what they sewed.

Deidre knows she was a shit mom and is responsible for the monster she raised and that's why she's overcompensating by letting Tracey do whatever the hell she wants.

pip said...

Thanks very much for this. Sounds like Tracy does have a bit of an excuse for her behavior.

Anonymous said...

I had (kind of) forgotten all that. I think the writers have also. I have a friend with a kidney transpkant and although he is healthy he takes alot of medication to sustain the transplant and drinks absolutely no alcohol.

Tracy's medical response to her post-transplant shennaigans could make an interesting story line.


Anonymous said...

Jacqueline: I completely agree with your comments. If this were real life I would be really worried about Amy living in their home. She would be far better off being raised by Steve.

Anonymous said...

There have been a couple of references to Tracey having to take lots of medication, but I don't think anyone has ever seen it.

Can you drink that heavily and still keep a kidney? (Yes, I am setting Jacqueline up for a comment...!)